Neural therapy huneke
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Neural Therapy- Huneke. A truly wholistic method since 80 years. Dr. Ferdinand Huneke 1928. 1925 Ferdinand Huneke’s sister with severe migraine

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Neural therapy huneke

Neural Therapy- Huneke

A truly wholistic method since 80 years

Dr ferdinand huneke 1928
Dr. Ferdinand Huneke 1928

  • 1925 Ferdinand Huneke’s sister with severe migraine

  • Accidental (or was he just desperate ?) injection of Procaine/Novocaine (local anaesthetic) intravenous - sudden improvement of migraine and other symptoms - a “wonder drug” ?

  • Ferdinand and Walter Huneke - research

Huneke flash phaenomen
Huneke/Flash Phaenomen

  • 1940 Huneke - or “Flash” phaenomen - shoulder injected - flare up and reddening of osteomyelitic leg scar - amputate ? - local injection - shoulder pain immediately gone !

  • “Stoerfeld” /Interference zone theory - any scar or traumatised/dysfunctional tissue may cause symptoms, distant from site of pain

Interference zone stoerfeld spina irritativa
Interference zone/Stoerfeld/Spina Irritativa

  • ~50 % in ENT region, usually teeth

Stoerfeld interference zone
Stoerfeld/Interference Zone

  • Ernesto Adler * 1906 - German expatriate dental technician then dentist in Lloret del Mar/Barcelona ~1926

  • “miracoulous” improvements after extractions

  • relation cervical spine problems and teeth noted - Vogler pressure points

  • ~1950ies close cooperation with and many visits by Ferdinand Huneke

Two minds same problem
Two minds - same problem

  • Two doctors , a dentist and a GP/surgeon, in two countries are working about the same phaenomenon for many years before and after WW II

  • Huneke/Flash Phaenomen

  • Dr. Adler, a dentist who cooperates with a local GP in Loret del Mar

Definition of huneke or flash phaenomenon
Definition of Huneke or Flash Phaenomenon

  • Suspected Interference Zone (scar, tooth, tonsil..) is injected with local anaesthetic, usually Procaine 1%, short acting - gone after ~20 minutes

  • if symptoms improve at least 8 hours after tooth injection, 20 hours elsewhere and repeat injection gives the same response, e.g. tonsils - hip pain, then the underlying cause is identified

Flash phaenomen
Flash phaenomen

  • Response sometimes delayed by one or several days

  • provocation of secondary Interference zone is possible - ”initial worsening” and emergence of new symptoms

  • “Drainage” symptoms may occur, e.g. chronic sinusitis/”stuffy nose” changes to runny nose

Flash phaenomen responses
Flash phaenomen - responses

  • If infected/dead tooth is extracted often allergic symptoms, Urticaria, rheumatoid symptoms, hormonal problems vanish

  • from a NT point of view there isn’t any chronic condition that is not due to a Interference zone - Exzema- Arthritis - period problems - unexplained infertility...

Somato psychic conditions
Somato-psychic conditions

  • The term psycho-somatic or “functional” illness is misleading - mental health often improves after Interference Zone sanitation; severe mental conditions and trauma have somatic effects - Lymphoc. downregulated

  • emotional and autonomous responses (weeping, laughing, fainting, sweating) often accompany Flash phaenomaenon


  • Pischinger “Grundsystem” - complex interaction of micro-currents in interstitial space - ends of autonomous nerves

  • Autonomous nervous system - Gate control theory- fibres accompany blood vessels and motoric nerves - all connects to all

  • Acupuncture meridians ?


  • NT is empiric and individual but experience from >80 years shows where to look first

  • see also Head’s zones, e.g. gall bladder-shoulder pain; Simmons and Travell’s work about trigger points and pain projections

  • = referred pain; myofascial pain concept

  • simple “Where does it hurt” ? approach


  • Doctor only complex set of injection skills:

  • intracutanous blebs around painful areas, e.g. arthritic knees, often followed by intramuscular injection

  • segmental approach in Dermatome or Myotome, e.g. bladder symptoms, menorrhagia, delayed delivery - Laimer triangle/bladder meridian

  • specific nerve blocks, e.g. Trigeminal ends


  • Autonomous ganglia e.g. local anaesthetic depot around pterygo-palatine ganglion for trigeminal neuralgia

  • Stellate Ganglion block for asthma and CNS conditions

  • trigger point intra - muscular injections for musculo-skeletal conditions

Indications for neural therapy
Indications for Neural Therapy

  • 1.: Prophylactic - e.g. intra - operative infiltration of wound layers helps to limit post-op oedema and pain; fracture cleft anaesthesia limits need for tablets

  • 2.: Diagnostic in neurologic and musculo-skeletal medicine - radicular or pseudo-radicular pain ? Trigger point or lumbar disk ? Trigeminal Neuralgia or tooth ?


  • Most effective for head, neck, shoulder, spine conditions, migraine and its differential diagnose; often related to pelvic area/female problems

  • “Osteopathy helped, but only for a short time” - “Interference Zone” ? Vascular migraine or migraine cervicale - difference is clearer in text books than in reality, often multi causal


  • Therapeutic Local Anaesthesia - Neuralgias, musculo - skeletal conditions - no limit for repeats, unlike Cortisone injections

  • “Depression/Anxiety” - thyroid and I.v. injection of Procaine 1 %

  • Difficult wounds: Procaine helps, antiinflammatory effects - Vit C…, nutrition


  • Key indication is search for Interference zone/underlying problem of a condition

  • Complimentary to standard therapy and e.g. osteopathy…!?

  • Orthomolecular Medicine/Micro-nutrients -constipation ?

  • Limited response if immuno-suppressant Rx


  • Neural Therapist/Odontologist should be consulted first and referrals made from there instead of “odyssee” to “-ology” one problem specialists

  • Wholistic approach first - good old family GP’s in the UK are replaced by “nurse practitioners !”

Could it be done without needles
Could it be done without needles ?

  • Many measuring devices - best is probably Thermography (Rost); Electro-Acupuncture (Voll) - expense and time ?

  • I rely on my finger tips/palpation skills and intuition plus clinical findings and history

  • sometimes I use Acupuncture/dry needling or Reflexology but NT is more effective

Amalgam toxicity
Amalgam-Toxicity ?

  • One of the indications for those tests - first avoid different metals in the mouth

  • OPG Xray always helpful

  • bottom line: a sensitive doctor has very fine natural senses and ultra-fine 0,4mm needles are almost painless !

Needles or not
Needles or not

  • A motivated patient with distressing symptoms will accept a needling approach - patient selection !


  • Patient unable to consent/cooperate

  • active psychotic illness

  • advanced Dementia

  • Hyperthyroid/uncontrolled thyroid disease

  • Bleeding disorders and blood thinning medicines

  • Myasthenia Gravis


  • Severe cardio-vascular conditions - uncontrolled hypertension, congestive cardiac failure stage III-IV; end stage COPD; any end-stage organ failure - sometimes surprises with e.g. arthrotic hip pain - “Interference zone”

  • Cancer other than palliative/pain management

Not a cure all
NOT a “Cure all”

  • Neural Therapy is not a “cure all miracle therapy” - there are limits in the doctor’s ability , resources and set up as well as within the method

  • However:

  • Who has experienced a “Flash Phaenomaenon” often will call it a miracle ! Very rewarding for patient and doctor

How long how often
How long - how often

  • Usually some response in first session, but 3 to 8 may be needed, mostly, if no response at all after 3 sessions - re-assess = limited cost and time; top-ups in increasing intervals

  • the more acute the condition the easier it is

  • beware of “shopping lists” with 25 symptoms and long years history

Key to success
Key to success

  • Careful history by experienced physician, focusing on key physical and mental traumas, injuries, infections; conventional general exam, work up of bloods with inflammatory markers, BM, Urine, Xrays

  • Manual exam - lay hands on patient !

  • Patient to take responsibility and keep diary of symptoms -pain - sleep - mood...

Ideal setting
Ideal setting

  • Written consent

  • open minded fellow doctors/dentists

  • Dentist in clinic to talk to

  • psycho-therapist

  • nutritionist


  • Allergic reaction - rare - reddening and itch ~1cm is normal with Procaine as vaso-dilating, possibly more pronounced in scars etc., some allergy 1:3000

  • severe allergic reaction (shock, asthma) very rare, probably < 1:10 000

  • infection - very rare - ultra-thin needles 0,25-0.4mm, Procaine is bacteriostatic


  • Nerve irritation may persist for a few days, permanent nerve damage is very rare as very thin single use needles are used

  • Bleed - a few drops from injection site is normal, severe bleed very rare

  • injury of organs e.g. lungs, blood vessels

  • We train all techniques on fellow doctors !

Professional bodies and training
Professional bodies and training

  • Training as of now in German or Spanish only

  • 120 hours of lectures and hands-on training with fellow practitioners as “Guinea pigs”- case studies - final exam

  • English language Textbooks by Dosch and Barop

  • But:

Any doctor can do it
Any doctor can do it

  • .. So long as a patient consents and the doctor feels confident about anatomy and injection skills - “Do not underestimate a I.c. bleb” - try it - primum nil nocere !

  • vastly popular in Germany, only a minority undergo formal training, so lots of unreported cases since it is part of daily practice, sometimes job description in rehab clinics

Evidence for efficiency
Evidence for efficiency

  • Randomised double blind not possible as individual approach

  • Huneke/Flash phaenomenon must be reproducible; countless case reports since 80 years, growing rapidly - societies in most Spanish speaking all German speaking countries

The future
The Future

  • Now Drs. Maik, Hagen, Holger and Juergen Huneke continue, 2 German societies, Austria, CH, ~ 3500 members, vets in Austria, independent societies in Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Columbia...

  • Acupuncture most recently was Chinese only, then French and German, English since Nixon’s 1972 visit in China

Beware of i m diclofenac
Beware of I.M. Diclofenac !

  • I.M. Diclofenac/Voltarol causes sterile necrosis in injection canal and may cause abscess - try at least I.c. blebs first !

  • Oral NSAID’s: gastric erosion/bleed, renal failure, CCF - switch to safer methods ?

  • -triptans for migraine may provoke heart attack...

Rainer kumm
Rainer Kumm

  • [email protected]

  • 079 500 333 61

  • communication most welcome, further literature on request


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