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Grammar Toolkit. Possessive nouns. What are possessive nouns?. Grammar Toolkit. Possessive nouns. A possessive noun names the owner of something . Sophia’s skateboard. Sophia. Sophia owns the skateboard . Grammar Toolkit. Possessive nouns.

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Grammar Toolkit

Possessive nouns

What are

possessive nouns?

Grammar Toolkit

Possessive nouns

A possessive noun names the owner of something.

Sophia’s skateboard


Sophia owns the skateboard.

Grammar Toolkit

Possessive nouns

To make a singular noun show possession, add an apostrophe (’) and s.

the lizard’stail

Emily’s problem

James’s coach

the tail of the lizard

Emily has a problem

the coach of James

To make a plural noun show possession, also add an apostrophe (’) and s. But if the plural already ends in s, just add an apostrophe.

the children’sroom

the ladies’cars


the room belonging to the children

the cars owned by the ladies

the eyes of the crocodiles

Grammar Toolkit

Possessive nouns

Where should apostrophes go to make the nouns possessive?

The mechanics toolbox is very heavy.

The womens work was applauded.

The teachers offices had great views.

Finns little brother is called Jake.

All the runners times were recorded.

The bosss desk was neat and tidy.







Grammar Toolkit

Possessive nouns

If two people own the same thing, add an apostrophe and s for only the second person.

Jack and Jill’s big adventure

Jack and Jill share the adventure.

If the two people don’t own the same thing, add an apostrophe and s for both people.

Jack’s and Jill’sshoes

Jack and Jill obviously own different shoes.

Grammar Toolkit

Possessive nouns

  • A noun is a naming word. A possessive noun names the owner of something.

  • Possessive nouns are formed by adding either an apostrophe (’) and s or just an apostrophe.

  • In the following sentence, the possessive nouns are red. The children’s room was messy and Mum’s patience was running out.

Grammar Toolkit

Possessive nouns

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