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The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International

The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International. D-1420 PETS in Estonia 17.-18.2.2012 Rapla. The Presentation. Why the Rotary Foundation ? The mission of TRF How does it work The different Funds Paid contributions to TRF The administration of TRF

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The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International

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  1. The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International D-1420 PETS in Estonia 17.-18.2.2012 Rapla

  2. The Presentation. Why the Rotary Foundation ? The mission of TRF How does it work The different Funds Paid contributions to TRF The administration of TRF Polio Plus Program

  3. 1905 Rotary was started 1917 Arch C Klumph started the Foundation 1928 The Rotary Foundation? The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International

  4. Why The Rotary Foundation ? TRF separates irrecoverably the donations made for charity away from the operative funds of Rotary . The Mission of The Rotary Foundation is to enable Rotarians to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through the improvement of health, the support of education, and the alleviation of poverty. The Foundation is a non-profit corporation supported solely by voluntary contributions from Rotarians and friends of the Foundation who share its vision of a better world. TRF works through the donations to its funds which are, Annual Fund consisting of SHARE, World Fund and Areas of focus Polio Plus Fund Permanent Fund (endowments)(equities 62%, hedge funds 7%,real estate 7%, real assets 9%, fixed income 15%) Restricted Funds

  5. World Fund finances Ambassadorial Scholarships Rotary World Peace Fellowships ( Group Study Exchange Health, Hunger and Humanity (3-h) Grants Matching Grants (implements in Areas of Focus) Volunteer Service Grants

  6. Areas of Focus Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution Disease Prevention and Treatment Water and Sanitation Maternal and Child Health Basic Education and Literacy Economic and Community Development

  7. Investments to the Foundation (06/2011)(from the year 1947) Annual Programs Fund 1.809milj. $ Permanent Fund 191milj. $ PolioPlus Fund 792milj. $ Other 51 milj. $ 1947-2011 total 2.587 milj. $ 2010-2011 total investments 178 milj. $

  8. Global Contribution to The Foundation 2010-2011 1.000 $ Annual Programs Fund 106.744 (all-time high) PolioPlus 38.858 Permanent Fund 13.799 Restricted 18.654 Total 178.055

  9. D-1420 Contributions from 1947 2,03milj. $ PHF honor 1.727 pc Sustaining Members 93 Rotarian Donors per 11.1.2012 300 Scholars sponsored 77 GSE groups27 Matching Grants sponsored 83 (as primary host or international partner) Non-contributing clubs 2009-2010 46

  10. All time giving of Estonian clubs(per 17.11.2011) Foundation supported with 145.000,61 $ Appointed PHF members 70 persons Unused PHF points for 34 PHF

  11. Administration of the Foundation 15 - members – Trustees RI:n President appoints the trustees for four year periods Secretary General John Hewco carrys throuhg the decisions of the trustees John Osterlund MD of the foundation

  12. Zone 15 Foundation Cordinators Matti Wall RRFC – Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinator Tauno Loven ARRFC – Assistant Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinator D 1380, 1410, 1420 Kaapo Pulkkinen ARRFC D 1390, 1400, 1430, 2220 Elisabeth Zander ARRFC D 2320, 2330, 2340, 2350, 2370, 2380, 2400, 2410 Eero Piipponen RRFAC – Regional Rotary Foundation Alumni Coordinator Thord Söderlund ZCC – Polio 200 milj. Challange Coordinator

  13. TRF D-1420 Tapani Peltonen DRFCC – District Rotary Foundation Comity Chair (Member 2009-2010, DRFCC 2010-2013) Kari Tallberg DMGCC till 30.6.2012 – District Matching Grant Comity Chair (DRFCC 2004-2010, DMGCC 2010-2012?) Peter Flander MG projects after Kari T (Member 2010-2013) Seeli ToivioDSG projects (Member 2012-2014) Erkki Ilus (member 2012-2014) Markus Lindström (member 2012-2014) Timo Kauppinen (member 2012-2014) Jaanus Kriisk - D-1420 EstoniaTRF Cordinator (1.7.2011>)

  14. Rotary starts the fight against polio in 1985

  15. Great Progress Against Polio 2010 • 1292 cases • 4 endemic countries: Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Nigeria 1985 • 350,000 cases • 125 countries

  16. Wild Poliovirus, Previous 6 Months Wild virus type 1 Wild virus type 3 27 Jan – 26 Jul 2011 Endemic country (no case in India during previous 6 months) Country with case in previous 6 months

  17. Funding Requirements 1985 to 2012: US$ 9.11 billion committed Domestic Resources 15% G8 43% Multilateral Sector 13% Other Donor Countries 4% Private Sector 22% 2011-12 Funding Gap: Up to $590 m of $1.95 b budget

  18. Rotary’s US$200 Million Challenge Rotary is matching US$200 million by 30 June 2012. To date, Rotary has raised over US$ 200 Million towards this challenge grant. • Bill & Melinda Gates US$355 Million Challenge Grant

  19. We are this close …

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