monday oct 3 elit 46 beowulf n.
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Monday, Oct. 3 – ELIT 46 Beowulf PowerPoint Presentation
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Monday, Oct. 3 – ELIT 46 Beowulf

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Monday, Oct. 3 – ELIT 46 Beowulf - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Monday, Oct. 3 – ELIT 46 Beowulf. Themes Structure Ways of Looking at Beowulf. Old style quiz. ______ 1. The name of the great hall Hrothgar builds is a. Heorot b. Eadgils c. Eofor d. Thames ______ 2. The demon who attacks the Spear-Danes in their great hall is

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Monday, Oct. 3 – ELIT 46 Beowulf

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monday oct 3 elit 46 beowulf

Monday, Oct. 3 – ELIT 46Beowulf



Ways of Looking at Beowulf

old style quiz
Old style quiz
  • ______ 1. The name of the great hall Hrothgar builds is
  • a. Heorot b. Eadgils c. Eofor d. Thames
  • ______ 2. The demon who attacks the Spear-Danes in their great hall is
  • a. Horrendor b. Heardred c. Grendel d. Mordred

___________ 3. The demon is descended from what Biblical character?

  • a. Abel b. Cain c. Jacob d. Satan
  • _ 4. The character who is jealous of Beowulf and accuses him of vanity is
  • a. Uglif b. Unferth c. Hrethric d. Wealtheow
end of old quiz
End of old quiz
  • ______ 5. According to Beowulf, the reason Breca beat Beowulf in a swimming race was because
  • a. Beowulf was attacked by nine sea monsters that he eventually destroyed.
  • b. He had inadvertently drunk too much mead.
  • c. He stopped in the middle of the race to save a ship floundering at sea
actual quiz answer 2
Actual quiz – answer 2
  • Describe the battle between Grendel and Beowulf, including what Beowulf did to prepare for the battle.
  • Describe the battle between Beowulf and Grendel’s mother. Why is Beowulf successful?
  • What is Wealhtheow‘s main worry – the promise that she seeks to get Beowulf to make?
review from last week
Review from last week
  • Themes:
  • Transitoriness of all things
  • Significance of generosity
  • Significance of loyalty
  • Question of immortality
  • Ideal King – walks his talk – but Kings frequently boasted under influence of alcohol and didn’t always fulfill the boasts
  • Insiders and outsiders
  • The decline of hope, the impossibility of community
  • The future will come and it will mean loss, death, and weakness
why start with shield
Why start with Shield?
  • Parallel to Beowulf, who is going to win fame himself
  • Funeral – so the shape of the epic is clear
        • Funeral
  • Feast
  • Battle
  • Feast
  • Battle
  • Feast
  • 50 years
  • Dragon Battle
  • Funeral
  • Heorot (civilization) vs. Barbarism (Hrothgar vs. Grendel) and Barbarism is winning
beowulf kenning of
Beowulf (kenning of ____?)
  • Beowulf represents _______________ What lines tell you this?
  • 196-8
  • His style of fighting Grendel
  • His response to Unferth
  • His response to Unferth’s offer of the sword
  • Spoils from the cave
  • How is Beowulf the opposite of Hrothgar?
  • Compare what we have seen to usual ideas about the epic
  • 1.
  • 2.
  • 3.
  • 4.
  • 5.
  • and the 3 on the next page
different ways of looking at beowulf
Different ways of looking at Beowulf
  • Anthropological
  • Psychological = every enemy is a mirror for Beowulf to see himself
  • Performance = focus on the scop and why the story is being told and how it is being told
  • Political – about identity and nation formation
  • Didactic - Teaching
  • Literary – Irony, poetry of the language, synecdoche, metonymy, litotes, etc.
connections to christianity
Connections to Christianity
      • Or Metaphoric – what does the arm of Grendel represent?
      • What does the whole day’s journey down into the cave, the fight with Grendel’s mother, and the day to return remind you of?
      • Why does he return only with Grendel’s head and the hilt of the sword?
  • Theory of types
theme of gold according to patricia silber
Theme of Gold according to Patricia Silber
  • Gold can have a positive moral value: adorning people, places, and weapons – to give to deserving warriors
  • Plundering, cursing, hoarding and refusing to give gold
  • Beowulf achieves moral ascendency when he ____?
  • How does Wealhtheow use gold? (pages 60-1)
  • Compare to Sigurd the Volsung and the story of the gold taken from the Rhine Maidens, gold which made the river beautiful. Also RINGS (Ring of the Niebelung)
  • See the treasures actually used in England around the time of the composition of Beowulf (750)

Sutton Hoo

Anglo-Saxon ship burial

Find out more about the Sutton Hoo ship burial

Visit the main Museum website

Use Explore to look at objects from Sutton Hoo

Learn more about Sutton Hoo and the Anglo-Saxons

things to do
Things to do
  • Success/ Survival/ Support Groups
  • Does a group want to begin tomorrow by asking questions?
  • People in Honors need to choose a time to meet