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Drinking, singing, and loud banging were main staples at the Herot mead hall. However not everyone was enjoying the nightly festivities. Grendel, a demon forever cursed by god was not pleased with the change from his quiet life style in a cave directly under the mead hall. Therefore he begins to terrorize the Danes above coming in the night and eating everyone in the hall. Herot became deserted and it seemed that not even the king Hrothgar could bring Grendel down.

By: Michael Miller

christian influence
Christian Influence

lines 19-23

He was spawned in that slime,

conceived by a pair of those monsters born

of Cain, murderous creatures banished

by God, punished forever for the crime

of Able’s death

A reference to the biblical story of Cain and Able, sons of Adam and Eve. After God favored Able’s sacrifice over Cain’s; Cain became jealous and killed Able. He was the first murderer and it was said that Cain’s offspring will forever be cursed. This passage suggests that Grendel is a distant relative of Cain.

By: Michael Miller


line 57

distance was safety; the only survivors

this line has a pause near the middle and two stressed syllables on either side of the pause.

By: Michael Miller

anglo saxon value leslie diehl
Anglo-Saxon Value Leslie Diehl

Some Anglo-Saxon values were strength and courage.

the kenning leslie diehl
The Kenning Leslie Diehl

Line 74: “That shadow of death…”

It’s a Kenning for Grendel.

synonyms leslie diehl
Synonyms Leslie Diehl

Affliction: Misery (

Livid: Discolored (

Gorge: Filling (

Loathsome: Horrible (

Infamous: Disgraceful (

Purge: Suppression (

Lair: Hideaway (

Talon: Nail (

characteristics of an epic
Characteristics Of An Epic

In an epic story there is always an antagonist. Right away in the story it establishes Grendel as an antagonist. The first line reads “A powerful monster, living down in the darkness…”.

By: Alec Ashley

group slide
Group Slide

This passage is the beginning of our story. This passage introduces us to the antagonist. The poet included it because like already stated it introduces us to the antagonist.


Alliteration is the repeated beginning sound of words near each other. “Grendel went up to Herot, wondering what the warriors would do in the hall…” (lines 30-31) is a good example of alliteration.

By: Alec Ashley

figures of speech in the reading
Figures of Speech In the Reading

“...sorrow heaped at his door by hell-forged hands.” is a figure of speech because the sorrow wasn’t literally heaping at the door and it is saying that Hrothgar has become very sorrowful because of Grendel.

By: Alec Ashley