Wildfires are the worlds biggest bullies. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

wildfires are the worlds biggest bullies n.
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Wildfires are the worlds biggest bullies. PowerPoint Presentation
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Wildfires are the worlds biggest bullies.

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Wildfires are the worlds biggest bullies.
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Wildfires are the worlds biggest bullies.

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  1. Wildfires are the worlds biggest bullies. By: Jordan Y. March 10, 2014

  2. I disagree with the wildfires policy and think it has to be put out.

  3. If you let them burn they can kill all living things that live there • In the Yellowstone park fires, hundreds of elk died as well as some black bears, deer, moose, and some other animals. • Since most plants need water and sunlight to survive, the fire is pretty much soaking up the water and is blocking sunlight so the plants will die from lack of water and sunlight because the fire burnt the plants. • For the animals who did survive the fires likes birds and insects, all their homes are gone and they would have nowhere to live if they went back.

  4. They can spread to buildings and homes. • If you don’t put them out in time they can move to buildings and possibly homes and burn them. • If they do spread to houses and buildings and if there are people still inside them those people could get trapped and possibly die. • After the fire destroyed the buildings they would have to clean up the mess and rebuild the structure.

  5. Since people always litter, the fire can catch the trash on fire and the smoke fumes could be harmful. • Nowadays a lot of teenagers hang out in the woods and leave trash around and leave bonfires lit. • Since they leave the trash the bonfire can spread to the trash and if it catches a can the smoke fumes can be toxic to animals and plants. • If the trash catches fire it can start more little fires.

  6. In conclusion, I disagree with the policy of letting wildfires burn. If we do let them burn then they can do some serious damage to the environment and to the wildlife. As more of the fires conjoin one another the fires will soon become bigger and bigger and almost to big to put out. There are many risks we could take by letting the wildfires burn. I personally would not like to take any of those risks and find out how bad those risks can become. So why don’t we put the fires out for the sake of the world.

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