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Treasurer’s Information

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Treasurer’s Information - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Treasurer’s Information. GSA 2013-2014 Sayali Limaye. Treasurer’s Report. GSA Annual Budget. Annual Total Budget Allocation Disbursed between two GSA Budgets GSA Club Activities Budget - $19,000 GSA Organizational Budget - $63,000

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Treasurer’s Information

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treasurer s information

Treasurer’s Information

GSA 2013-2014

Sayali Limaye

treasurer s report
Treasurer’s Report

GSA Annual Budget

  • Annual Total Budget Allocation
    • Disbursed between two GSA Budgets
  • GSA Club Activities Budget - $19,000
  • GSA Organizational Budget - $63,000
    • Allocation of $36,000 plus rollover monies from Academic Year 2013
    • This Budget covers all other expenses, PDA and GRGA Awards, Holiday Party, Spring Awards Banquet, etc…
new club budget information
New Club Budget Information
  • Each club/organization will receive $100.00 seed money.
  • Budget Proposal- Must be in 1 week before meeting date. (Form is on GSA Website)
  • Fundraising-Raised funds should be put into a organization account through the Student Activities office
    • This money can be spent by your organization however seen fit in accordance with university guidelines
budget proposal process
Budget Proposal Process
  • Budget proposals are accepted throughout the year.
  • Budget proposals are for events and programming.
  • The GSO can request any amount of money, and may present a budget proposal for multiple events. Any funds approved and not spent for a specific event will go back into the general fund (They do not carry over.)
  • The GSO must be a recognized organization officially registered with the GSA and the event must be open for all graduate students and not just a particular program/club.
  • The budget proposal must be presented by the GSO at the GSA meeting, the budget proposal will not be voted on if a member of the GSO is not there to present the information and answer questions. GSO member will a few minutes to present followed by any questions the GSA might have.
budget process cont
Budget Process Cont.
  • After the GSO presents and questions are asked, the GSA will discuss the budget proposal and determine if it should be funded with the GSA budget and how much money should be granted if any.
  • Every budget proposal must be submitted two weeks before the next GSA meeting for it to be added to the agenda and copies made for GSA review during the meeting.
  • An official motion must be made to approve the budget or any portion thereof. Any member of the GSA may make the motion.
  • The president will ask the floor for a second to the motion.
  • If there is a second to the motion, the president will ask for all those in favor say “Aye” and raise their hands, and all those opposed to say “Nay” and raise their hands.
  • A simple majority is needed to pass the motion.
  • The GSA treasurer Sayali Lamaye and the Graduate Administrator Business Manager (Tim Corcoran) will notify student activities of the funding allowance approved.
  • Please have someone in your organization keep track of your budget
  • Check with me - better records help find mistakes.
  • Budget for big events in the future. Plan ahead!
pro card
  • A pro-card is a University credit card. It may be used to make club purchases
  • Signed out in the Student Activities Office before you make purchases.
  • Contact: Ruben Sanca
    • 978-934-5001 
    • SA office, McGauvran Student Center, South Campus

-Alcoholic Beverages

-Animals (live) and animal related purchases(including feed, bedding)

-Cash Advances of any type

-Computer Systems, i.e. any type of configurable device: pc, network server, laptop, netbook, and, IPad.

-Construction and Renovations

-Contributions and Donations

-Debit Cards/Gift Cards/Phone Cards

-EBay and other Internet Auction Site Purchases

-Employment Ads

-Entertainment Related Expenses*

-Firearms of any type

-Flowers, Gifts and Cards

-Gifts showing gratitude to another employee, awards, or gifts in recognition of service


-Leases and Lease-Purchases

  • Long term Equipment Rentals

-Maintenance agreements for > 1 yr period

-Personal Purchases of any Type

  • -Personal Violations or Fines
  • -Prescription drugs and controlled substances

-Professional Services that require a UML Contract for Services Form

-Radioactive Materials, Hazardous Materials, all Chemicals, all

-Biological Materials (including media and enzymes), and Radiological Products

- Reimbursements of any Type

-Time Payments of any Type

- Travel Expenses of any Type (including, airline, hotel, gasoline, meals, etc.)

  • Must be submitted no later then 1 month following the purchase
    • Reimbursements for receipts which used a credit or debit card for payment must include a copy of the credit or debit card statement
  • Must include the original receipt (copies are not allowed)
    • Receipt must state what items were purchased and there individual prices
    • Debit or credit card receipts with just the total will not be accepted
  • No single reimbursement can be more than $250 (split up reimbursements if more expensive)
  • Cannot overcharge what is in your account (cannot perform a “credit” function)
  • Must get signatures of all persons present if food is served/purchased
non reimbursable items
Non-Reimbursable Items
  • GSA will not reimburse permanent equipment
  • Permanent equipment includes anything that is not “used up.” E.g. metal tongs, rice cooker, permanent baking pans, bowls
  • So for the sake of your personal budget (and the environment) find people in your organization with these items if you need them
tax exemption
Tax Exemption
  • GSA and UMass are tax exempt organizations, therefore we will not reimburse tax or tips
  • Tax exemption forms can be procured from me or in the SA office on South Campus
office supplies for an event
Office Supplies for an Event
  • Office supplies must be ordered through W.B. Mason. If using club funds, order through Student Activities as UMass Lowell receives a discount
  • Order forms can be found on the GSA website
  • Submit to me or Ruben Sanca
  • Organizations should be ordering office supplies for EVENTS ONLY!!
contact information
Contact Information
  • Sayali Limaye
    • Please contact me via e-mail to set up meeting time.
    • Any forms can be dropped off at the GSA Office on North Campus- Kitson 300
  • Ruben Sanca
    • 978-934-5001 
    • SA office, McGauvran Student Center, South Campus
  • Tim Corcoran
    • 978-934-2162
    • Graduate Administration, 820 Broadway, South Campus