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Student Activity Presentation. by your Central Treasurer Ann Bedard. ?. Student Activities seem very confusing!. ?. ?. ?. ?. ?. ?. Dances. Field Trips. Sales Tax. Deposits. Student Sales Report. Check Requests. Inventory Report. Transfer of Funds. Club Officers.

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by your

Central Treasurer

Ann Bedard



Student Activities seem very confusing!








Field Trips

Sales Tax


Student Sales Report

Check Requests

Inventory Report

Transfer of Funds

Club Officers

Board Policies


There is much confusion, misconception and inaccurate information that you may have heard regarding Sales Tax and Student Activity Clubs


Clubs are not

tax exempt!


*Excerpt from NYSED The Safeguarding, Accounting, and Auditing of Extraclassroom Activity Funds Finance Pamphlet 2 Revised 2008


Schools that are buying tangible goods to be used at school

are tax exempt.

For example

text books.


All Student Activity Clubs

are not tax exempt.

This is a NYS law.

If we did not claim

Sales Tax it would be a




You can use a Resale Certificate

to save money and

not pay sales tax on what you buy.


For example, if you were buying gummy bears from Price Chopper to sell at a dance, you can give

Price Chopper a Resale Certificate and you would just pay for the item.


Then you would not pay tax on the item that you are buying but would charge tax on the item you are reselling. Instead of paying tax on the item you bought and sold.

Which is not the same

as being tax exempt!


I have a ready supply of Resale Certificates, for any of the Clubs to use. 

I just need the name and address of the company where you are going to buy items.

I will fill out the Resale Certificate, keep a copy on file and give you a copy.


Take the Resale Certificate to the store, go to the Courtesy Desk and submit.

You may have to check out at the Courtesy Desk.

Each store is different so ask before you check out.

The Resale Certificate only needs to be submitted once.

If you are not sure if one is on file, check with me and I will look it up for you.


If an outside vendor will not except the resale certificate, you must pay tax to the vendor and pay tax on your profit or pay the tax on the total that you collect.

On each deposit slip I would need to know how much you are paying for each item, how much you are charging for each and how many were sold.


For example-

A club is buying key chains

The vendor Keys Are Us will not except the resale certificate as they are an out of state company.

The key chains cost $2.00 each plus tax for a total of $2.16.

The club wants to make a profit of $3.00 each.

If they charge $5.16 each their profit would seem to be $3.00, but the tax on the profit would be $.22 making their total profit $2.78.

You would need to charge $3.24 plus the $2.16 for a total of $5.40.

You are still paying the tax on the total amount just partially to the vendor and partially to NYS tax.

If the vendor does not collect sales tax then you will need to pay the tax on the total amount.


The general rules on taxes are - taxes need only be paid once, at the value of the end user - and, if you or I would have to pay tax on the item/service at the local store, it's taxable to the student organization.

Regarding tax on club T-shirts.  If the club is buying the T-shirts for its own use (end user and not as a fund raiser), the club would pay the tax on the purchase (clothing), so the tax obligation has been met.



If you are paying to an outside vendor (for example Franklin Plaza/Dutch Apple) they are collecting the sales tax and you do not have to pay sales tax. As long as you are not making a profit.

Please contact me before you start collecting money for your event.


How do I know

what is taxable?


Please refer to the Taxable/ Non-Table Chart.

If there are any updates, I will email a new chart to you.


A good rule of thumb is-

If you pay tax for an item at a store, you will have to charge tax when you are selling it.


Please remember that if you have any questions regarding Sales Tax after looking at the Sales Tax chart, please contact me.

We can go over whether your activity is taxable before an event to eliminate surprises.


Sometimes the Sales Tax

does not seem to be the

correct amount.

Why is that?


It is assumed you collected sales tax and that it is included in the total of the deposit.


Therefore on a $100.00 deposit you need to calculate the tax collected

$92.59 in Sales

X .08 Sales Tax Rate

$ 7.41 Total Sales Tax Collected

$92.59 in Sales

+ 7.41 Sales Tax

$100.00 Total of Deposit


Club Voting

& Minutes


Clubs must meet and take minutes.

They must vote on how to spend money from their account, (a check or a transfer of funds) even if the profits are going to charity.

Please use the following voting form. Fill it out, keep a copy and send a copy to me.


Student Activity Proposal and Voting

___________________________________ ________________________ Name of Club Club Number


Date of Meeting


Number of Votes:

______ Yes

______ No

______ Abstained

__________________________________ ________________

Class President Date

__________________________________ ________________

Class Treasurer Date

__________________________________ ________________

Class Advisor Date


Clubs must have a

full slate of officers




Vice President


At the beginning of the year

fill out your Charter

and Brenda will

send a copy to me.


If there are two faculty advisors for a club, let me know which person should receive the paperwork.


HS Principal can

sign paperwork

if an officer is unavailable



The following must be completed by the advisor

Please refer to the corresponding policy for more information.

All requests for field trips must be submitted to the building principal. (Policy 3.180-07)

If trip is over 100 miles it must be Board approved, 60 days in advance. (Policy 3.180-07)

Written parental permission must be obtained for each student (Policy 3.180-07)

If using non district buses, you need to contact the Head of Transportation so the buses can be inspected (Policy 9.185-05)

Any chaperones that are not employees must have reference checks

You will need to let the Secondary Principal’s office know in advance so that they can send out reference packets.


All chaperones that are not current employees and have not been fingerprinted by NYS Education must be fingerprinted. (Policy3.180-07)


If a trip is not part of the approved curriculum, if not all students are going, if the district is not paying for the trip with ordinary revenues (state aid or tax money) it is not a district event.  If it is not a district event the district's tax exempt status can not be used.




All Foods and Beverages Available on School Campuses during the School Day:

Students’ lifelong eating habits are greatly influenced by the types of foods and beverages available in their daily environment. In addition to ensuring that reimbursable school meals meet program requirements and nutrition standards, the Brunswick (Brittonkill) Central School District believes it must also establish standards or guidelines to address all foods and beverages sold or served to students, including those available outside of the school meal programs.

Foods and beverages sold as part of school sponsored fundraising activities shall be nutritious and meet federal recommended guidelines. (see list below)

Foods and beverages sold in snack bars and school stores shall be nutritious and meet federal recommended guidelines. (see list below)


A choice of at least two fruits and/or non-fried vegetables will be offered for sale at any location on the school site where foods are sold. (This will include any concession stand at dances, athletic events, etc.) Such items could include, but are not limited to, fresh fruits and vegetables, 100% fruit or vegetable juice; fruit- based drinks that are at least 50% fruit juice and that do not contain additional caloric sweeteners; cooked, dried or canned fruits (canned in fruit juice or light syrup); and cooked, dried or canned vegetables (that meet the above fat and sodium guidelines).


Steps to complete a

Student Activity Event


Fill out an

Activity Fund Raising

Activity Form


October 22, 2008

Monopoly Club


Dog Washing





Washing 50 dogs at $8.00 each


23.00 29.00

Dog Soap Towels


Bring it to the Secondary Office for Principal’s signature

Tammy Teacher


Ms. Money Bags

Mr. Prez



Polly Principal 10/23/08

Step 1

Fill out a Fund Raising Activity Request Form

Ms. Money Bags



Your event will be put on the Fund Raising Calendar by the Secondary Office.

The Request Form is then sent to me.


You will need to put in your actual amounts of how much money you took in (including the sales tax) and your actual expenses.


October 22, 2008

Monopoly Club


Dog Washing





Washing 50 dogs at $8.00 each



23.00 29.00

Dog Soap Towels





Tammy Teacher


Ms. Money Bags

Mr. Prez



Polly Principal 10/23/08


Steps to follow

when making

a deposit


How to send

cash down

with your



Please remember to have all of the bills face up and in the same direction

Only use coin and money wrappers if you have the full amount in the stack.


How To Keep

Track Of Checks


If you have more than 6 checks to deposit you will need to use the check listing form.

You can type right on the form and it will add up the total for you.

Or you can print out a hard copy and hand write on it.

Keep a copy for yourself and send the original down with the deposit slip.


REMEMBER to keep a copy. It is an easy way to look up if there is an issue whether a student has paid or not.

You will also need to give a receipt which is another way of keeping track of payments.


The Advisor is responsible for the safe keeping of the deposit until it is turned in to the Central Treasurer.

The money must be kept in the Secondary Safe until it is given to the Central Treasurer.


All money must be kept in a safe.

Any money lost or stolen must be repaid by the Advisor.


Never leave a deposit at the Central Treasurer’s desk, if she is not there.

Have someone in the District Office put it in the safe.

Then email the Central Treasurer that there is a deposit in the safe.


Board Policy 4.190-00

II. Money Overnight in School Building Prohibited

No District money except petty cash funds shall be kept in any school building or facility overnight. It shall be the responsibility of the Superintendent to inform all District employees of this prohibition, and to enforce this requirement.

III. Employees Personally Responsible for Collected Funds

The District shall hold each employee personally responsible for any and all funds she/he collects in the course of that employee’s assigned duties and responsibilities


Monopoly Club


Dance on 11/15/09


Tammy Teacher

Fill out the slip completely


Suzy Student

460 00

12 00


6 00


6 00


6 00

490 00


Deposit Slips

Keep the pink copy in your book


I will send you the yellow copy of your deposit slip.

Remember when you are filling out your Ledger Book and Fund Raising Activity Form to mark down the sales tax.


As the Club Advisor you are responsible for keeping a ledger of your accounts.

You should have a ledger book.

If you do not let me know and I will give you one.

You can be audited!


If the auditors pick your club to audit you will need to show them your ledger and all back up materials.


The Class Advisor and the Class Treasurer should work together to maintain the ledger book.


I would suggest using a pencil to fill out your ledger.

The sample ledger on the next page might be helpful in setting up your ledger.



Monopoly Club

Check No.

Retu. check

Sales Tax



100 00

Candy Sale-Fund Raiser


First fill out the register pages

214 00

306 59

92 59 7 41

Add this amount to get the running total

to get the running total

263 95


42 64

Subtract this amount

10/22 Invoice for Candy



10/31 Interest from Bank St.

15 00

249 31

11/1 Returned Check

When you make out a deposit write down the total collected under TOTAL RECEIPTS. When you get your yellow copy of the deposit slip write down the Club and Sales Tax amounts above. Use the Club amount for adding to get your running total.


In your Ledger Book you need to write down every Deposit amount, Check Request amount, and Interest.

Many items are taxable so remember to subtract the tax from your deposit.


You will be using pre-numbered forms Payment Orders

Purchase Orders

    • Deposit Slips (in book form)
    • Receipts (in book form)
  • If you make a mistake on a form-DO NOT THROW IT AWAY! Send one copy with VOID written on it to me and keep one for your records.
  • I will keep a list of what number forms each club has and at the end of the year you will have to turn in all left over forms.
  • The auditors will be checking to see that all forms are accounted for.


September 28, 09

Stephanie Salesperson

50 00

15 T-shirts

Italian Club


Tony Treasurer

A receipt will be issued for all monies received.

White copy is to be given out as a receipt.

Pink copy is kept in the book for your receipt.

Yellow copy will be attached to the deposit. There may be multiple slips attached to the deposit. Put in receipts in numerical order.


Allinvoices must be signed.

Any Payment Orders without a signed invoice will be returned to you.

I can not write the check until the signed invoice is returned.

This will delay when the check is made out.





You will need to fill out a payment order, made out to the Class Advisor.

On the form put down:

Cash Advance to buy supplies for _________________________.

type of event.

And the amount of money.

Get the payment order signed and send down to me.

You must save all of your receipts.

Afterwards turn in all of your receipts and make out a deposit slip with the cash that was not spent.

Deposit should say Unused funds from Advance.

The receipts and cash should add up to the

total of the advance.


Borrowing money

from another club


Information to be included on Proposal Form attached to your Payment Order.

  • name of your club
  • how much money you are requesting to borrow
  • what the money is for
  • when the money would be repaid,
  • name of club you are borrowing money from
  • Please use the following form

Student Activity Proposal and Voting

___________________________________ ________________________ Name of Club Club Number


Date of Meeting


Number of Votes:

______ Yes

______ No

______ Abstained

__________________________________ ________________

Class President Date

__________________________________ ________________

Class Treasurer Date

__________________________________ ________________

Class Advisor Date


The club would have to vote on it and then submit it to the club you are requesting to borrow the money from. 

That club would need to vote on it and the Advisor, President and Treasurer would need to sign it and return a copy to you. 


You would fill out a check request asking for a transfer of funds.

You would need to attach the vote from each club.  


You must attach

an original invoice

or receipt(s)

to your check request

for processing.


If you have

an invoice for products,

you and your treasurer need

to sign the invoice,

in addition to

the check request.


If it is a donation

for a family in need.

please list the family's name

& the reason for the donation.

If there was an article in the

newspaper please attach it.


If you are donating

to a cause and there

is no invoice,

attach something from

their web site.

Usually the Donate Here

or the Contact Us part.


Checks can not be written out to students.

If the student needs to be reimbursed, please get the name of the custodial parent and their address.

See next slide for an example of a correctly filled out Check Request form.


Tamarac Secondary School

  • Dance “To Do” List - Revised 4-3-08
  • These are the people you need to see when scheduling and planning a dance.
  • Principal – check with the building principal for approval. Fill out and turn in Fund Raising Activity Fund request form for signature
  • Buildings and Grounds – check with the Building and Grounds secretary to be sure there are no other events scheduled
  • Building Use Form – fill out building use form and give to principal for approval; it will then go to the Superintendent for signature, and then to Buildings and Grounds.
  • ISS Monitor – let the ISS monitor know the date of the dance and ask to have the list of students who cannot attend prior to the day of the dance. (Middle School only)
  • Security – Call Tony D’Agostino at 376-5305 to arrange for security. Check to be sure the officer is CPR/AED certified.
  • Chaperones – let the principal’s secretary know the date of the dance to post for chaperones.
  • Permission Slips – let the principal’s secretary know that you need permission slips. Check the permission slip to be sure the date, time and price is accurate. The slips are placed in homeroom folders two (2) days before the dance. (Middle School only)
  • Absentees / Early Dismissals – see Karen Bulson in Health Office for list of absentees and students with an early dismissal; these students cannot attend.
  • Academic Ineligibility List – get list from office
  • Referral / OSS / ISS List – get list from suspension room (at least three days before dance)
  • Points List – get list from suspension room (three days before dance) (Middle School only)
  • Disc Jockey -responsibility of person organizing dance
    • get check request one (1) week before dance
    • inform disc jockey of need for appropriate music and no smoke machines
  • - obtain insurance certificate and submit with check request. Check to see if on file in the Business Office-Central Treasurer, first.
  • Food – responsibility of person organizing dance (peanut free)
  • Cash box – (staff have borrowed one from V. Dechene in the past); get rolls of coins and $1.00 bills for change (bring your own and repay yourself); you can get coin rolls/bill wrappers from the Central Treasurer.
  • Sales Report Forms, Tickets, and Sales Tax – pick up sales report forms and tickets in MS Office; sales tax must be paid for each paid admission
  • Chaperone Bag - Chaperones must pick up a Chaperone Bag to bring to the dance (located in Assistant Principal’s office). Bag includes dance rules, flashlight, and ‘staff’ armband or employee ID.
  • Epi-pen – The advisor is responsible for contacting Terri Kaschak (before she leaves for the day) in the Health Office for the Epi-pen kit for students with Peanut Allergies.
  • The procedures listed above have been carried out by me, the Team Leader or Club Advisor.
  • ___________________________________ _____________ _____________________________
  • Team Leader or Club Advisor Date Building Principal

If you are planning on holding a dance you will need to make sure that the DJ you are using has insurance, for $1,000,000.00 for each occurrence. 


Please do this ahead of time.  If they have one on file with me, you are all set to go. 

If not, you will need to contact them and have them send it directly to me.


I keep the certificates on file, so you can check with me and see if I already have an up to date insurance certificate.


You are also responsible for obtaining security for the dance.

Make out the Check Request form before the dance and have the Security person sign and date the form.



to get dance tickets from the office secretary. Keep the first one and the last ticket to attach to the Statement of Admission


You will need to fill out the Statement of Admission for Dances and return it with your deposit


You will need to keep a list of students attending the dance.

You should also note date they paid and if it is cash or check number.


Student Sales



The Internal Auditors have requested that the Class Advisors keep track what is given to students to sell.

This will help in keeping track of who has what and what is returned.


The Internal Auditors have requested that the Class Advisors keep track of their inventory.

At the end of year you should know how much inventory you have and where it went or is going.

For example if you buy 300 pieces of candy for a dance and only sell 150 pieces, where are the other 150 pieces?

Are they being kept for another dance?

Did you sell them to another club?

Please use the following form to keep track of your inventory.


If you have a surplus inventory after a activity you could ask another club if they are interested in buying your leftovers.

Your club will need to vote on it and so would the club that was going to buy it.

Your club would fill out a Payment Order, but would ask for a transfer of funds.


At the end of the school year, you must turn your Financial Ledger into the Central Treasurer.

All Deposit/Receipt books should be returned at the same time in the provided manila envelope.



Request a hard copy to review in early spring before you book.

The Director of Operations will need to review any contracts and sign.







366 Deposits were made

$147,518.70 Total of deposits

241 Checks were written

$139,151.43 Total of checks






The Board of Education of the Brunswick Central School recognizes the importance of the extracurricular life of the school and supports the concept of a diverse extracurricular program to enable each student to achieve full potential. The control and safety of Extraclassroom Activity Funds by students, under the direction of school staff, provides valuable learning experiences in business management. The Board supports the assignment of staff for the formation of student groups for any of the following purposes:

Developing academic interests.

Developing athletic interests.

Providing for social interaction and the development of positive social relationships.

Developing understanding of the responsibilities and characteristics of good citizenship.

Fund Personnel – At its Reorganization Meeting, or as needed, the Board shall appoint the following managers, counselors, and advisers of extraclassroom activities and Extraclassroom Activity Funds to work at the administrative direction of the Superintendent of Schools:

          Central Treasurer

          Faculty Advisor(s)

          District Treasurer

          Independent Auditor


To view the

NYS Education


use the link below


I hope this presentation

was helpful.

Please contact me

if you have any questions