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New Jersey 2010 Census Activities and Promotions Leonard Preston New Jersey State Data Center PowerPoint Presentation
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New Jersey 2010 Census Activities and Promotions Leonard Preston New Jersey State Data Center

New Jersey 2010 Census Activities and Promotions Leonard Preston New Jersey State Data Center

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New Jersey 2010 Census Activities and Promotions Leonard Preston New Jersey State Data Center

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  1. New Jersey 2010 Census Activities and Promotions Leonard Preston New Jersey State Data Center Network Meeting Tuesday June 2, 2009

  2. A Major Challenge Must Count Everyone… More than 306 million people in the U.S. who speak more than 50 languages 8.7 million New Jersey residents 3.4 million households …In The Right Place!

  3. What is at Stake? We need an accurate count: Fair share of funds for New Jersey In the next decade over $3 trillion ($300 billion per year) in federal funds will be allocated via formula to State, local, and tribal governments. Utilizing State dollars more effectively In FY2007 alone New Jersey received over $10 billion in federal formula-based grants (approx $1, 200 per person)

  4. What is at Stake? We need an accurate count: Representation The Census determines New Jersey’s representation in the House of Representatives. New Jersey may loose one of its seats based on the 2010 Census count. Redistricting Political boundaries are drawn based on Census

  5. NJSDC Census Preparations

  6. NJSDC 2010 Census Preparations Must Count Everyone… Local Update of Census Addresses (LUCA) Municipal, County, and State Review of Census Master Address File Assist Regional Offices with finding Training Locations (when called upon) Attend Promotional and Technical Trainings Statewide Encourage County and Municipal participation in program NJSDC performed statewide review of Master Address File against NJ Department of Treasury’s Mod4 Property Tax Database using GIS software. Recommended 88,000 address additions 2.5% of NJ Total

  7. NJSDC 2010 Census Preparations Must Count Everyone… Group Quarters Enumeration LWD Demographics Unit Performed Group Quarters Address Update by municipality for Census Bureau

  8. NJSDC 2010 Census Preparations In The Right Place… Geography Preparation Programs Boundary and Annexation Survey – check municipal and county boundaries for changes Assist Census Bureau annually with follow up of non responding jurisdictions Phase II Census Bureau’s PL 94-171 Program Work with Division of Elections to ensure voting district boundaries are current. NJSDC and LPA Field Analyst Staff reviewed and updated boundaries for all municipalities

  9. NJSDC 2010 Census Preparations In The Right Place… Geography Preparation Programs Participant Statistical Areas Project – allows for creation of Statistical Areas known as Census Designated Places (CDP’s) NJSDC worked with regions to follow up on non responding participants

  10. NJSDC 2010 Census Promotions With assistance from LWD Communications and Marketing Departments Developed NJ 2010 Census Logo Created 2010 Census Web-pages Census 2010 Logo on Stationery Prepared April 1st Kickoff Press Release Organized and Formed Two Complete Count Committees State Data Center Network CCC State Agency CCC Partnered with NJ State League of Municipalities, NJ Conference of Mayors and NJ Association of Counties to enhance communications with county and municipal governments . Support Local Governments and organizations with their 2010 Census Kickoff Efforts

  11. NJSDC 2010 Census Promotions Jobs Jobs Jobs 2010 Census will create 12,000 temporary jobs for New Jersey NJSDC promoting job openings through its NJSDC Network LWD promoting job openings through its One Stop Career Centers NJSDC promoting job openings through website

  12. Two Complete Count Committees State Agency CCC Enhance Statewide 2010 promotional campaign Maximize each agency’s unique outreach capabilities Target multiple segments of NJ’s population Enhance NJSDC Network CCC State Agencies also part of NJSDC Network Affiliates

  13. Two Complete Count Committees NJ State Data Center Network CCC Work with Network contacts at county level to increase CCC participation among county and municipal government. Work with State Library contact to ensure a Census promotion presence (Information Displays/Brochures) at all public and county libraries. Many Libraries will be asked to act as Questionnaire Assistance Centers (QAC) to answer questions and help public complete and return Census form. Work with Rutgers and Princeton University Library Contacts to devise strategy for University and College Libraries Keep University/College Students and Faculty Informed about 2010 Census on select key dates.

  14. What Is Our Message ?

  15. IT’S IN OUR HANDS THE 2010 CENSUS…. IT’S EASY… IT’S SAFE… IT’S IMPORTANT! SAVE THE DATE CENSUS DAY IS COMING… APRIL 1, 2010 For more information: Call: 212-584-3400 215-717-1800 EASY:Every residence will receive a short questionnaire that is simple and fast to complete and return. SAFE: By law, the Census Bureau cannot share an individual’s answers with anyone including federal, state, and local agencies. IMPORTANT:Over $300 billion in federal funds awarded to states and communities for new hospitals, schools, better transportation and social services.

  16. Who are we trying to reach?

  17. Our Audience General Public Including Hard to Count State Workforce Business Community County and Municipal Government Faith Based, Cultural Based Organizations Schools

  18. State Agency OutreachOur Audience(Those Served by State Government) Unemployment Insurance Claimants Disability Insurance Claimants Taxpayers Homeowners Automobile Registrants Senior Citizens Veterans Social Assistance Recipients Registered Licenses Rebate Program Recipients

  19. Government Critical logistical component in outreach effort Encourage and support formation of County & Municipal Complete Count Committees Goal: all counties and municipalities to form CCC’s All government CCC’s utilizing local resources for maximum outreach benefit Forms geographical backbone of promotional campaign

  20. Special Populations Non-English Speaking Residents Hard To Count Areas Geography Based Physically Difficult to Access Terrain Secured Building Access Linguistic Isolation Group Quarters Dormitories, Prisons, Barracks, Nursing Homes, Shelters Homeless shelters, soup kitchens, Other Community Service Organizations that shelter to the hard to count

  21. How can Network Members Help?

  22. BasicsOutreach and Awareness Place Census Logos on Stationery Internal Memos Letterhead to Public and Businesses Place Census Buttons on Website Links Back to LWD 2010 Census Page Talk about the 2010 Census Meetings, Conferences & Staff Events Have SDC and Census Partnership Staffat conferences & events – information table

  23. BasicsOutreach and Awareness Articles in Department Newsletters Monthly feature with fun Census facts Posters and Pamphlets Place Information in High Traffic Areas Break Rooms, Bulletin Boards, Lobby Satellite Offices that Serve the Public Letters or E-Mails to Staff Request from Highest Official in Organization Encourage Census Participation Sent Twice: Late March & Early May

  24. Government Letter to all County Freeholders and Mayors Informing them of NJ’s promotional campaign and website. Letter will encourage formation of Complete Count Committees at the local level. NJSDC and SDC Complete Count Committee NJSDC network will encourage County and Municipal Governments to form Complete Count Committees. Enlisting Support County and Municipal Governments will be asked to adopt NJ promotional campaign web buttons on their websites with link back to NJ’s 2010 Census website. NJ’s 2010 Census Website Website will be a source of information, ideas and content to help CCC formation. Additional Communications Support NJ League of Municipalities, NJ Association of Counties and the NJ Conference of Mayors

  25. 2010 CENSUS

  26. Questions? Contact Leonard Preston New Jersey State Data Center New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development Phone: (609) 984-2216 Fax: (609)-984-6833 E-mail: Internet: