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Technology 4

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Unit 6. Pneumatics and hydraulics. Technology 4. What do we know?. Pneumatic and hydraulic circuits. Which of these circuits is hydraulic, pneumatic and electric?. How are these circuits similar and how do they differ?. Compressors in pneumatic circuits.

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technology 4
Unit 6

Pneumatics and hydraulics

Technology 4
pneumatic and hydraulic circuits
Pneumatic and hydraulic circuits

Which of these circuits is hydraulic, pneumatic and electric?

How are these circuits similar and how do they differ?

compressors in pneumatic circuits
Compressors in pneumatic circuits

What function do compressors carry out in pneumatic circuits?

How are reciprocating and rotary compressors different?

compressors in pneumatic circuits1
Compressors in pneumatic circuits

What function do actuators carry out in pneumatic circuits?

Which actuator above is single-acting and which is double-acting?

control elements in pneumatic circuits
Control elements in pneumatic circuits

What is the function of a valve in a pneumatic circuit?

With what type of cylinder do we normally use a 4/2 valve?

control elements shut off valves
Control elements: shut-off valves

How do the above shut-off valves work?

Which valve carries out the logic function AND and which carries out OR?

hydraulic circuits pumps
Hydraulic circuits: pumps

What is the function of the pump in hydraulic circuits?

What two types of pumps can you see above?

what have we learned
What have we learned?

Pneumatic and hydraulic


Energy-generatingelements , transportelements, actuators, control elements


what have we learned1
What have we learned?

Pneumatic circuits are used in can-crushing machines, door open/close systems and pneumatic drills.

Provides the circuit with compressed air. There are two types: reciprocatingcompressors and rotarycompressors.


Usually made of steel or brass, soldered together or connected by steel orplasticconnectors


Elements of



Rotary actuators produce the rotating movement of an axle.


Single-acting cylinders move a piston in one direction.



Double-acting cylinders move the piston back and forward.

Directional control valves: 2/2 valves and 4/2 valves

Control elements


Flow control valves

Shut-off valves: non-return valves, dual-pressure valves and shuttle valves

Protection and

maintenance elements

Air dryers, filters, lubricators, pressurereliefvalves, conditioningunits, silencers

what have we learned2
What have we learned?

Hydraulic circuits use a pump instead of a compressor. They can be used in platform lifts, forklift trucksand hydraulicpresses.

Elements of





Protection and maintenance elements

Filter, reliefvalve, and reservoir