why your business needs a good web hosting service
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Why Your Business Needs A Good Web Hosting Service?

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Why Your Business Needs A Good Web Hosting Service? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Check out the reasons why your business needs a good web hosting service. Brought to you by Premium Hosting, one of the leading providers of fully managed Australian hosting. Check it out: www.premiumhosting.co for more details. \n

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Presentation Transcript
web host
Web Host
  • Business, nowadays, use the Internet to tap potential customers and stay in touch with existing clients.
  • Your website, therefore, plays a crucial role in the process.
  • This is where you introduce and deliver your products and services to your audience.
  • While you’re making sure that your content is awesome, you may be setting aside another critical component to your website that is the web host.
files in your website
Files in Your Website
  • All files in your website are stored in a remote server, which is the ‘host.’
  • And you need an effective web host to keep your site working any time of the day. Downtime does not only negatively affect your business.
  • According to SEO experts, poor web hosting could also hurt your ranking.
  • You don’t want to annoy your audience with a slow website nor do you want your site at the bottom of search engine ranking list.
The challenge is that there are several web hosting service providers out there. How do you find the right one? Here are a few tips.
know your needs
Know Your Needs
  • Before you shop around, first step is to assess your needs. You don’t want to pay for something you will not be able to use and you don’t want to get less of what your business requires to run efficiently.
  • What type of website are you building? How big can the visitor traffic go? How many websites would you run in all?
  • Once you’ve identified your needs, you can more or less make an informed decision about your web hosting choice.
check customer service support
Check Customer Service Support
  • Customers visit your website 24-7. You want every issue resolved immediately, otherwise it could result to revenue loss.
  • Your potential customers go to your site to know more about your products and services and finally to engage in business transactions with you.
  • Test the customer support staff of the web hosting provider if they really provide fast service.
go over reviews
Go Over Reviews
  • Don’t settle for less. Make sure to conduct a background check.
  • How long have the web hosting service provider been in the industry?
  • What do users say about them? Are they happy? Would they recommend their web host to other businesses?
factor in cost but don t let it be your top consideration
Factor in Cost, but Don’t Let It Be Your Top Consideration
  • Affordable is good but if your revenue loss exceeds the savings you made from going to the cheap choice, then that is not smart at all.
  • For a start, you can try shared web hosting service.
  • But if your website traffic is high and your business is into e-commerce, you might as well look into dedicated hosting options for a roster of more powerful features.
web hosting service
Web Hosting Service
  • Overall, you want a fast and reliable web hosting service.
  • That said, use this list as your guide to narrowing down your list and choosing the right web host service provider for your business.
check these out
Check these Out!
  • Check out the reasons why your business needs a good web hosting service.
  • Brought to you by Premium Hosting, one of the leading providers of fully managed Australian hosting.
  • For more info, click here: www.premiumhosting.co for more details.