15 most important events in wwii n.
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15 Most Important Events in WWII

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15 Most Important Events in WWII - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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15 Most Important Events in WWII. Jamie Bennett, Randy Orak , Keith Moucha , Kiarah Cookhorne. 1. WWI. Most important because it is the reason that Germany was left vulnerable for a leader such as Hitler to rise up and create such a communist threat to the US. 2. G.I’s and Soldiers.

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15 most important events in wwii

15 Most Important Events in WWII

Jamie Bennett, Randy Orak, Keith Moucha, KiarahCookhorne

1 wwi
1. WWI
  • Most important because it is the reason that Germany was left vulnerable for a leader such as Hitler to rise up and create such a communist threat to the US.
2 g i s and soldiers
2. G.I’s and Soldiers
  • The GI’s and soldiers are most important because without them we would not have been able to fight this war. They had to fight to stay alive and fight for us to have the freedoms we desire.
3 hitler
3. Hitler
  • Hitler was one of the biggest parts of WWII because he is the reason for the war. He united a people against all nations and tried to conquer lands for more living space. His anger towards other nation commenced the beginning of many bloody battles to come and what not.
4 germany surrenders
4. Germany Surrenders
  • The surrender of Germany was one of the biggest events for the U.S. because as the starters of the war, Germany was our biggest threat and the strength of German forces was hard to overcome. Their surrender was our biggest victory.
5 pearl harbor
5. Pearl Harbor
  • The bombing of Pearl Harbor was one of the most important events because it was the final push that got the United States into WWII. It got us determined to help the Allies against the Axis powers.
6 allied air war
6. Allied Air War
  • Sixth important because through the use of air war, the Allies were able to win many battles. Besides the tactics of Japanese suicide planes, we were able to destroy land forces and weaken Germany’s aircraft factories, railways, bridges, and cities.
7 manhattan project
7. Manhattan Project
  • The Manhattan Project is important because if we didn’t drop the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan most likely would not have surrendered and they were a major threat to us.
8 mobilization wpb
8. Mobilization (WPB)
  • One of the most important parts of the war because the halt to production of consumer goods allowed for the development of war supplies. Nation united to help our soldiers by rationing products and recycling.
10 invasion of italy
10. Invasion of Italy
  • This was the beginning of our steps to winning the war in Europe. It was important because it was our first victory for the U.S. and it weakened the German forces. It got rid of the Fascist party when Mussolini died.
12 battle of the atlantic
12. Battle of the Atlantic
  • The Battle of the Atlantic was 12th important because it was hard for Britain and the U.S. had to protect British routes where they received their resources. This victory of this battle was important because we had to protect our trade routes.
14 holocaust
14. Holocaust
  • The Holocaust was one of the least important concerns of the U.S. because we were not aware of how bad things were in Germany. However, it’s important because it showed the cruelty of Hitler’s views and orders and how we have to stop him.
15 anti semitism
15. Anti-Semitism
  • Anti-Semitism, in the war, was the racial prejudice of the Jews by the Germans. This oppression was