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Fanuc And Amada Lasers - New Automation System

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Fanuc And Amada Lasers - New Automation System - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Most laser cutting systems now available in the market now include an automation system.

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Fanuc And Amada Lasers - New Automation System

Thanks to the availability of more flexible laser technology with Ethernet field bus options and newly supported guided

simulation software for Amada or Fanuc Laser – fabricatorscan now use these high speed laser controls for increased

productivity and streamlined efficiency. Integration of CNC Press Brakeand robots to cell controllers has also made the

fabricators able to better manage their operations across different equipments those are controlled by various

systems. As a result of this and also due to the utilization of newly standardized field bus architecture it is now possible

to streamline both system integration and data sharing. At the same time fabricators do also enjoy improved overall

productivity with better cost efficiency, reduced setup requirement, superior manufacturing intelligence and also a

safe work environment.

These high-speed Fanuc or Amada lasercontrols those come with an embedded Ethernet interface now also allow

integration of the CNC system with the company network for high speed transfer of part programs and data collection.

At the same time now it is also possible to establish world-wide links for seamless and efficient remote diagnosis and

maintenance services. Another great advantage is that as no public operating system is required for integration of this

Ethernet interface it is also completely immune to viruses and hacking attacks that ensure a completely safe and

trouble free connection for the business networks. The new simulation software compatible with Fanuc Laser controls

also contribute to additional gains in productivity by providing a part programming environment for realistic

operations at a fraction of its initial cost. At the same time it also makes it easy for the operators, designers and

maintenance personnel to work with better development efficiency with uninterrupted production for increased


Some of the most important features of the new simulation software used in CNC Press Brakes and laser controls are:

Automatic creation of robotic programs for calibrating the simulation with the real robot system

Generation of visual warning for any possible detected collision during the robot simulation process

Reduced system and accelerated system startup with application software packages

Easy and user friendly interface allowing powerful programming

Ability of offline testing cell layout and Cycle Time

High speed system integration and reduction in setup cost with offline programming

Graphical and AVI video output results display of robot programs for quick and comprehensive system

operation evaluation

The new laser cutting system developed for Amada laserand CNC press brakes now provide the fabricators the

flexibility of cutting both thick and thin metals by changing the configuration of the laser beam electronically. The

newly introduced fiber laser system has now eliminated the need of manually changing the cutting lens and allows


high speed cutting of the material. This new technology has not only improved speed of cutting and cut quality but

also allowed the fabricators to produce tight corners and small holes in thick metals. Most laser cutting systems now

available in the market now include an automation system.