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Home Automation System PowerPoint Presentation
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Home Automation System

Home Automation System

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Home Automation System

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  1. Home Automation System Jacob Singleton Eastern Kentucky University Dept. of Technology EET 399 CET Capstone Project

  2. OUTLINE • Home automation • Research of Home automation • File back-ups • My project experience • The future of home automation

  3. MOTIVATION • To help my parents implement better security in their home • Data backup • File storage systems

  4. MOTIVATION • The price of electricity and the importance of data backup is what encouraged me to take on this project • This will expand my knowledge base of how to set up file servers • Helping my parents become more organized with their music, movies, pictures, and games • Bring a more enjoyable home entertainment experience.

  5. INTRODUCTION • "A smart home is one that uses: electronic networking technology to integrate the various devices and appliances found in almost all homes, plus building environment systems more common in factories and offices, so that an entire home can be controlled centrally - or remotely - as a single machine. Therefore in a smart home (also known as automated homes or intelligent homes) a command arises from a control unit, rather than a physical switch" (Swann, 2008).

  6. INTRODUCTION • Help people with disabilities, elderly and in general, make people’s lives easier. • Important to know your consumer because the smart home is tailored to fit each individual’s needs. • Set devices to work automatically

  7. INTRODUCTION • Another major topic is sensor networks • Used to remotely control various devices such as security systems, appliances and monitor health. • Home sensor market is currently fragmented with the use of different systems being used and overlapping each other. • Important for devices to be compatible with various systems. Image from the following location:

  8. INTRODUCTION • Approach results in additional cost to the end user for deployment of redundant functionality. • The end user has to manage each of these paid services separately, because of separate billing and customer service. • Needs to be a standard for home automation software and hardware so that all devices will be able to be used with the technology.

  9. INTRODUCTION • Most home networking is wireless • Increasing the usage time of your wireless devices is a major concern. • Apossible solution to the constant problem of battery limits on wireless devices is using a network hosted avatar which would manage your uploads and downloads of files. • Make the network more efficient so that all of the stuff in your house is not constantly sending information to the server that is full.

  10. INTRODUCTION Image from the following location:

  11. PROBLEM STATEMENT • Solve the problem of disorganization with my parent's video, music, and text files. • To solve these problems I set up Windows Home Server • Have easy access to their files anywhere • My design is supposed to function in a home setting • It is intended for a small scale function

  12. PROPOSED SOLUTION • Brainstorming • File sharing • Data backup • Organized files • Home networking

  13. PROPOSED SOLUTION • Proposed solution with justification • To solve these problems I set up Windows Home Server • Home server would be a centralized location of backup for all of the files • It is easy for me to log into when I am away from my parents’ home • I need a secure internet to surf on

  14. PROPOSED SOLUTION • Arranging for software/hardware • Windows home server • Windows 7 ultimate • AnyDVD • Hamachi • Windows Media Center

  15. PROPOSED SOLUTION • Hamachi • Windows Media Center • Any DVD

  16. PROPOSED SOLUTION • Assembly • Built computer • Installed windows home server to the Dell • Installed Windows home 7 ultimate to desktop and laptop

  17. PROPOSED SOLUTION • Set up Hamachi on both of those computers and on my home computer • Set up file sharing • Remote login • File backups and organization

  18. PROPOSED SOLUTION • Testing & troubleshooting • Blue ray player • The software that came with it would not allow me to play DVDs • AnyDVD

  19. PROPOSED SOLUTION • Time to work on my project • My personal computer had the motherboard burn out • Finding the proper drivers for some of the older equipment my parents have

  20. RESULTS • I have set up home server, it is connected to all the computers in the house, and it backs up all the data on those computers. • I have finished building my parent’s computer • I have their main computer set up in a Raid 0 configuration • I installed Windows 7 professional • I also put virtual box with windows XP on it so they could use their old tax software on their new computer.

  21. RESULTS • Tied in the home server and the computer I built with Windows Media Center • saved all of their movies, pictures, and music to the server so that they can access all of that from any computer connected to the network. • I also have it set up so they can virtually connect to the server to access their documents while they are on the road.

  22. CONCLUSIONS • Expanded my knowledge base of how to set up file servers, while helping my parents become more organized with their music, movies, pictures, and games • This will bring a more enjoyable home entertainment experience. • My project solved the stated problem of my parents’ disorganization by backing up their movie, music, and document files on multiple drives rather than only one drive on their home computer.

  23. FUTURE WORK • Possible extensions • More research into tunneling (Hamachi) • Implementing controls on the home through home automation (motion sensors)

  24. FUTURE WORK • Are there any suggestions about Hamachi or Home Servers? • Thank you so much for you time and attention • Permanent email contact: •

  25. REFERENCES • Conte, A., Kerboeuf, S., & Thomas, L. (2008). Network-hosted avatar: user-terminal virtualization in the network. Bells Labs Technical Journal 13(2), 117-126. • Swann, J. (2008). Smart homes: intelligent buildings. International Journal of Therapy and Rehabilitation, 15(6).  • Viswanathan, H., Van Leeuwen, T., Liekens, W., Van Bogaert, B., & Acke, W. (2009). Network and service architecture for emerging services based on home sensor networks. Bell Labs Technical Journal, 14(2), 235-250.