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Quotes from…
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Quotes from…

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  1. Quotes from… • “I got so drunk last night I don’t remember what I did. I know I got sick, and I think I had sex – I’m not really sure, though.” –Girl, 14 How did she get here?…

  2. Quotes from… ‘I got drunk at a party. I don’t remember having sex, but my friends say I did. Now this girl is saying she is pregnant and its mine’ – Boy, 14 How could this have been avoided?…

  3. Quotes from… • “I’m pregnant and I need your advice. I had sex when I was drunk. I don’t know the father. I feel like a slag.” – Girl, 12 Why did she do it?…

  4. Quotes from… • ‘I got drunk and had sex with a 17-year-old at a party. I’ve just taken the pregnancy test and it’s positive. The boy has said it isn’t his. I want to do my A-levels, but I’ve ruined my life. I’m so ashamed.’ – Girl, 16 What should they have done different?…

  5. Objective… To use advertisements, beer goggles and group work to understand the consequences of having sex under the influence of alcohol.

  6. outcomes Outcomes… All Will be able to list how alcohol effects us physically. • Will be able to list how alcohol effects us the decision we make. Will be able to describe some consequences (either physical, social or emotional) of having sex under the influence of alcohol Most Will be able to describe 2 considerations a person might have before they make the choice to have sex and be able to explain how these may be influenced by alcohol.

  7. Starter… • 1. We need 1 boy and 1 girl. • Put on the goggles and spin around 3 times • Make your way to the back of the room – collect the pen and paper. • Come to the front of the room – copy what is written on the board. • Post the paper into the box • Lets do a test... The goggles aim to create the physical effects of alcohol though they cant help you experience all the effects they can give you an idea.

  8. How does alcohol affect the body physically (short term)? Decreased/ poor mobility Lack ofspatialawareness Sick/vomiting Lack of co-ordination Lack of balance Slower reactions Disorientation Slurred speech Blurred vision Drowsiness List as many ideas as you can on your sheet...

  9. Are we affected in any other way than physically? It also affects our choices! Mentally, emotionally and socially!

  10. Drinking How does affect our choices?...

  11. What choice will you make?... a

  12. Watch the following clip… • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7F5o3NSHMoM • How can alcohol affect the choices/ decisions people make? List as many ideas as you can on your sheet... Loss of inhibitions Consciousness Lack of reality Increased confidence Easily persuaded Don’t think of consequences Cant reason Lack of understanding Vulnerable Depression/upset Hyperactivity Feeling indestructible

  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hba3clJ9XWw Watch the following clip carefully…

  14. What point is this film maker trying to get across? • Is his portrayal of drunken people accurate? – WHY/WHY NOT?

  15. When making a decision what do we consider? Experiences Is it right? Beliefs ? Parents Pros/Cons Peers Consequences

  16. What do people consider when making a decision about sexual activity? List 2-3 ideas on your sheet. Did you have any of the following? Consequences Responsibilities Am I being pressured? Do I trust my partner? Do I love my partner? Am I ready? Do I want to have sex? Will my morals, religion or family be affected by my decision? Will I feel guilty or bad afterwards if I have sex? Protection (against pregnancy and STI’s) Do people consider these things when drunk? Next to your ideas write how these considerations might be effected if a person was under the influence of alcohol. For example would they consider protection if you were drunk?

  17. When people are drunk they may not necessarily make the same decision as when they’re sober. They are more likely to make decisions they regret, less likely to practice safer sex, and more at risk of sexual assault.

  18. One of the main ways that alcohol affects safe sex is not being able to put on a condom correctly. That is assuming you know how to do that properly in the first place….

  19. Condom Quiz

  20. Condom Quiz • What should you check for on a packet of male condoms?

  21. Answer to Q1 • Expiry date • Packet not pierced or ripped

  22. Condom Quiz • How should you store condoms when not in use?

  23. Answer to Q2 • A cool, dry place • Not in direct sunlight– causes the latex to go dry and perish (tear easily)

  24. Condom Quiz • When should the male condom be put on?

  25. Answer to Q3 • Male: once the penis is erect • Female: at any time before sex • Both: before any genital or anal contact has taken place

  26. Condom Quiz • How many times can you use a single condom?

  27. Answer to Q4 • Once!

  28. Condom Quiz • Does using two condoms at a time make them stronger or safer?

  29. Answer to Q5 • No. Two condoms will cause friction and make the condom more likely to split 

  30. Condom Quiz • What sort of condoms are best for oral sex?

  31. Answer to Q6 • Any but flavoured condoms are not lubricated and come in a range of flavours

  32. Condom Quiz • What sort of condoms are best for anal sex?

  33. Answer to Q7 • Extra strong if you have them. • If not, standard strength condoms if used with plenty of WATER based lubricant.

  34. Condom Quiz • What type of lubricant can you use with a condom?

  35. Answer to Q8 • Female – any. • Male – never use OIL based products such as body oil, baby oil, creams or lotions. They attack the latex and make the condom more likely to split.

  36. Condom Quiz • How should you dispose of a condom?