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Chapter 4

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Chapter 4. Cultural Sensitivity in Crisis Intervention. Stages of Becoming a Multiculturally Sensitive Therapist. 1. Unawareness of cultural issues. Does not take into consideration an individual’s cultural, ethnic, & religious background as related to the problem.

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chapter 4

Chapter 4

Cultural Sensitivity in

Crisis Intervention

stages of becoming a multiculturally sensitive therapist
Stages of Becoming a Multiculturally Sensitive Therapist

1. Unawareness of cultural issues. Does not take into consideration an individual’s cultural, ethnic, & religious background as related to the problem.

2. Heightened awareness of cultural issues but feels unprepared to utilize this knowledge with a client.

3. The burden of considering culture. Able to utilize knowledge of cultural diversity but feels overwhelmed with the task and how to implement. Perceive all problems as relating to culture.

4. Toward cultural sensitivity. Able to be sensitive to cultural diversity yet also able to view problems as universal issues as well.

issues faced by three ethnic groups
Issues Faced by ThreeEthnic Groups


  • Enmeshed family structure
  • Language Barriers
  • Different Levels of Acculturation
  • Strong Catholic Religion Focus


  • History of racism dating back to slavery
  • Group with the most salient differences from mainstream group
  • Distrust of Mainstream Institutions
  • Clergy as traditional support system when in crisis


  • Shame and Obligation
  • Rigid family roles and structures
  • Counseling should be problem focused and formal
people with disabilities
  • Physical or mental impairment that substantially prevents or restricts the ordinary course of human development and accomplishments.
  • Often viewed as weak, dependent, abnormal and inferior.
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) challenges discrimination against disabled
subgroups within the disabled population
  • Disabled elderly:intervention must be holistic. Alzheimer’s dementia are stressful for entire family
  • About half of the elderly suffer from at least one severe disability
Mentally disabled people
  • Also protected by the ADA
  • Include disorders such as major depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, panic disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, anxiety disorders, and PTSD.
Developmentally disabled people
  • Mental retardation, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, autism
  • Rights are a big issue
  • Living to be elderly now
  • Need extensive and complex treatments
  • Crises occur because helpers often do not know what to do
  • Need support systems
  • Case management
  • Collaboration
  • Must change societal reactions from fear, repulsion, anxiety, embarrassment and avoidance to meaningful relationships
gays lesbians bisexuals and transgenders glbt s
  • Gay: typically refers to male homosexuals
  • Lesbians: female homosexuals
  • Bisexuals: male or females who are attracted to same sex and opposite sex partners
  • Transgenders: People who feel that they were born the wrong gender and change from male to female or female to male
  • Suicide
  • Fear of being discovered
  • Family crises because expectations won’t be met
  • Coming out
  • Sex-change surgery