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  1. Oceans By Laura and Marshall

  2. Introduction • You will learn facts like that Black Beard the pirate threaded rope through his beard and set it on fire. • Also that the squid can shoot through the water. • So sit down, be quiet, and learn. • We are going to take you on a journey to the ocean.

  3. Size • The ocean covers twice as much earth than land. • They’re four oceans. • The Pacific ocean is the biggest ocean. • If you put the three of the smaller oceans together it won’t even come close to the size of the Pacific ocean. • The Pacific ocean reaches half way around the world. • In the deepest parts of the oceans the pressure would be like ten elephants sitting on top of you.

  4. Salt in the Sea • Seawater contains a lot dissolved minerals, but the most common is sodium chloride, or common salt. • Salt in water is harvested by salt pans. • This technique has been practiced for centuries and still supplies roughly 1 third of the world’s salt. • Sand and gravel are dredged from the seabed. • There are plans to harvest more valuable minerals from the deep ocean floors. • About 1 third of the world’s oil and gas occur beneath the costal seas.

  5. Sea floor • The ocean is not just where the land happens to be covered by water. • The sea floor is geologically distinct from the continents. • It is locked in a perpetual cycle of birth and destruction that shapes the ocean and controls much of the geology and geological history of the continents.

  6. Fun facts • The artic ocean is the coldest ocean. • If you hang out sea weed it will tell you the weather. • There are over a million earthquakes in the ocean each year. • Squids can shoot through the water by pushing air out of their bodies. • Black Beard is the most evil of the pirates to look even more mean he would thread rope through his beard and set it on fire.

  7. Closing • Thank you for listening to our ocean facts. • Remember don’t go swimming in the Artic Ocean. • Also don’t swim to the bottom of the ocean because of the pressure will crush you. • Oceans can be fun (or DEADLY)