high quality research on c ritical issues seven n.
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High-Quality Research on C ritical Issues (Seven) PowerPoint Presentation
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High-Quality Research on C ritical Issues (Seven)

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High-Quality Research on C ritical Issues (Seven) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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High-Quality Research on C ritical Issues (Seven)
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  1. High-Quality Research on Critical Issues (Seven) • Sediment and Dredging • Monitoring of HABs • The Deadzone

  2. High-Quality Research on Critical Issues (Seven) • Nutrient management issues…..related to harmful algal blooms and the dead zone • Climate Change (Heidelberg’s data)

  3. High-Quality Research on Critical Issues (Seven) • Coastal and Economic Development (relationship with Ohio tourism) • Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS)

  4. High-Quality Research on Critical Issues (Continued) • ALSO…….Inform fisheries managers • e.g., trawl data (AIS / recruitment) • Recently trawl calibration • retrieving DNR receivers

  5. Resources Available • Four vessels: Gibraltar III (42’), BioLab (37’), and Erie Monitor (25’), and Buckeye I (25’) • Lab space (lake water and numerous tanks) • “New” Water Quality Lab • State-of-the-art sampling equipment (Sonar, Sondes, SCUBA, light meters, scopes, various sampling equipment)

  6. Current Projects Being Funded • Steelhead and white perch movements in Erie; Miner and Farver at BGSU • Smallmouth bass and round goby interactions; are round goby a benefit or a hindrance? (Winslow)

  7. Current Projects Being Funded • Lake Erie Water Snake Recovery; Stanford at OSG • Copper in Marina sediments; Orlando (OSG Extension agent) and Winslow • Methane release associated with hypoxia/anoxia vs. natural underground deposits (Townsend at UC)

  8. Current Projects Being Funded • Socio-economic impacts of bird watching along Great Lakes; Xie; of BGSU • Leveraging natural amenities for sustainable development in the Great Lakes region;Partridge and Irwin of OSU

  9. Current Projects Being Funded • Rick Stumpf and NOAA….forecasting ability • Improving H2O quality monitoring in Western Basin; Adem (College of Charleston) and Ortiz (Kent State) • Goblerand Harke (SUNY Stony Brook) have NOAA grant to study Lake Erie Microcystisblooms • Working with Thomas to sample 8 sites in W. Basin

  10. Current Projects Being Funded • Identification of microcystin degrading bacteria in W. Basin; The role of sediment in controlling the fate and toxicity of microcystin(Walker and Lenhart at OSU) • Hypoxia in the W. Basin of Lake Erie: Winslow and Thomas • Sampling on the Toussaint; Pre and Post dike removal: Gabriel, Thomas, and Winslow

  11. Current Projects Being Funded • Growth under Lake Erie Ice and Glyphosate in round-up ready plants; Bullerjhaun and McKay at BGSU • Environmental tolerance of waterfowl-origin Influenza A Virus from marsh substrates; Slemons and Gates at OSU (College of Veterinarian Medicine…great new relationship)

  12. Current Projects Being Funded • Sonochemical Degradation of Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products (PPCP) in Municipal Systems. Research is testing the ability of ultrasound to degrade individual PPCPs observed in municipal water supplies and to identify PPCP degradation products • Turbo perch: Developing a fast-growing line of yellow perch via marker-assisted cohort selection; Wang and Wallat at OSU

  13. Current Projects Being Funded • Bench-scale evaluation of in-situ ultrasonic remediation of contaminated sediments; Weavers at OSU • Temporal and spatial analysis of walleye and yellow perch genetic stock structure: a high resolution data base for fisheries management; Stepien at University of Toledo

  14. Current Projects Being Funded • Development of a novel technique for analysis of phosphate (Spieseat Ohio Northern University) • Development and validation of a high-resolution near shore model for Lake Erie; Kubatko of OSU • Accurate measure of bathymetry and shoreline coupled with a hydrodynamic and transport model

  15. Formal EDUCATION of 4-12 students, undergraduates, graduate students, teachers, and the public from around the region and state • 20 courses this year • REU program….9 students this summer • Teach techniques to managers (field workshops; algal identification and Fish-Sampling Techniques Workshop)

  16. OUTREACH to Inform Coastal Decision Makers • Legislative Day (Ohio Senate, Ohio House of Representatives, and Ohio Congressional Delegation) • Mayors / Governors Day • Report to and assist many agencies and programs: • International Joint Commission • Ohio Coastal Management Program • Ohio Environmental Protection Agency • Ohio Department of Agriculture • Ohio Department of Natural Resources