erik svensson block 1 caruthers n.
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Erik Svensson Block 1 Caruthers. Sports Agent. Why does this interest me?.

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erik svensson block 1 caruthers
Erik Svensson

Block 1


Sports Agent

why does this interest me
Why does this interest me?
  • A sports agent plays an active role in monitoring their clients life. A great part of being a sports agent is that you have multiple fields to work in. You may pursue a career in baseball players or perhaps football players. This career allows you to follow athletes of your favorite sports, so for me I can pursue a career in representing NFL players or professional soccer players. I would excel in this career because I like to keep active in the sports world. This job would allow me to keep in touch with clients and also the sporting world itself.
history and future
History and Future
  • Sports agent became an increasing profession in the 80’s. Most NFL players did not use agents before the 90’s. As professional sports league increase, so does the demand for sport agents. This job is expected to increase by 7 to 13% by 2016, but fierce competition also increases the educational background needed for this occupation.
salary benefits and perks
Salary, Benefits, and Perks
  • Sport Agents have no defined salary because they make a portion of how much their clients make. This means they make up to 10% of some players contract depending on the league they play in (NFL is 3% and NBA 4%). Benefits include tickets to games and attending parties such as the Madden release party held in Los Angeles.
career ladder
Career Ladder
  • Most Sport Agents start off as in internship to a company. They shadow a worker and watch as they meet with players to discuss contracts and future. If liked, you move on as an employee to that firm. Sport Agents usually work in groups and are run by firms. Becoming the top salesman will lead you to CEO of that company, where you designate who will work with each player that represents that firm.
educational requirements
Educational Requirements
  • Syracuse University
    • 1270 SAT score (minus the essay)
    • 37,667$ for tuition, room and board, meal plan, transportation
    • Classes: Accounting, Statistics, Sports Marketing
  • Salary: None
  • Location: Washington DC
  • Description: This is an 8 week program located in Washington DC. Work among peers in various professions among professionals. There is no salary, but tuition pays for housing and your meal plan.
  • Around 50k salary for average agent
  • No degree is needed but for top clients, a masters is recommended
  • Should be skilled in communication and finances. Negotiation skills is recommended as well.
  • Ideal location: New York, NY
dream job info
Dream Job Info
  • Ideal location is New York, NY. Strong business background.
  • Rent for an apartment: 2,000$ a month
  • Car Insurance: 900$ a year
  • Food, Gas, Living: 2,000$ a month
  • With the average salary of 50k a year. A tight budget with limited activities can be used to live in this city.