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  1. Southwest Created By: Dakota Galloway Jessica Evans Brittany McCoy Kristanna Stockton Native American TribesNavajosHopis

  2. Hopis: Pueblos One room Built with stones, sand and, mud They sat on blankets and benches The homes had holes in the roof 500 people could live in one home Their home was like an apartments People had to climb ladders to enter Navajos: HOGAN Hogan homes were built with sticks, earth, hides, or what ever was available Houses

  3. Navajos Nomads Hopis Anasazi were their ancestors Men: Hunters Women: prepared food People

  4. Navajos Religious leader was the Shamans Believe in gods called the Holy People Had special services called ceremonies Hopis Believed in the Kachinas Had special services called ceremonies Religion

  5. Navajos Lived in Utah , Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona Hopis Land: Dry and Arid Houses were built on top of high, flat mesas Land: Four Corners

  6. Hopis CORN, BEANS, SQUASH Food Navajos CORN Corn was apart of almost every meal

  7. Navajos -Wore deer skin -They traded their deer skin for cotton shawls. Wore woolen dresses made of two blankets stitched together at the shoulders Hopis -They grew cotton and wore clothes made of cotton. -They made clothes of sheep wool, that was brought to the land by Spanish. -They wore different types of clothing for each season. Clothing

  8. Fried Corn Ingredients 1 large onion(white or yellow) Bacon,(half a pound) Corn(about 8 ears) Salt and black pepper to taste Directions First you shuck the corn and wash, then cut it with a real sharp knife, you want to skim the top of the kernels off. Then you fry the bacon real good, leave the grease in the pot(black pot works best). Cut and sauté the onion in the grease till it is clear Add the corn and the salt and pepper. Simmer over a low heat and stir often so it doesn't stick. Black Birch Tea Ingredients Black Birch twigs, fresh or dried inner bark - about ¬ container Very hot water to fill container One sick child or old man with fond memories. Directions Steep twigs or fresh or dried inner bark in water, or preferably, birch sap. Very mild wintergreen essence Sweeten to taste, prefer Birch, Maple or other natural tree sap syrup. Wild honey is nice also but some are a bit to strong, tea infusion is very mild. The longer it seeps the more syrup you will need. Recipes

  9. Hopi means “Peaceful One” Pueblo organize and carry out revolt against Spaniards, driving soldiers, settlers, and missionaries from New Mexico Some Pueblo are still farmers and ranchers They cooked on an inside fire Navajos were know for their silverwork: turquoise and silver jewelry Navajos made rugs and blankets, they probably learned the art of weaving from the Pueblos who joined them when they were fleeing from the Spanish. Navajos wore their babies strapped to their backs Interesting Facts

  10. Thank You Jessica, Brittany, Kristanna, & Dakota