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The Great Kapok Tree

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The Great Kapok Tree. By: Nissi. Book Summary.

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book summary
Book Summary

The Great Kapok Tree is about a man with an ax that tries to cut The Great Kapok Tree! When the rainforest had lulled the man by the shade and the rainforest animals quietly came to the man and said don’t cut down The Great Kapok Tree. When the man woke up he saw animals that live in the Great Kapok Tree and left the rainforest in peace. Find more about different animals in the story of the Great Kapok.

the great kapok the giving tree
The Great Kapok-The Giving Tree

The Giving Tree and The Great Kapok Tree are books that are similar because both trees give things like a home. In The Great Kapok Tree the tree was a home for the animals and the boy from the Giving Tree used the tree’s branches to make a home. Also The Giving Tree and the Great Kapok Tree are special because The Great Kapok Tree gives the man shade and so the man fell asleep. The Giving Tree gives the man shade and rest too.

the great kapok the salamander room
The Great Kapok – The Salamander Room

The Salamander Room and The Great Kapok Tree are books that are the same because the boy from The Salamander Room wants a friend. So he finds a salamander and gives the salamander friends. He gives the salamander wet leaves to play on, brings bolders to creep in, and moss for a pillow. The Great Kapok Tree also gives animals a home, food, and place for shade. Like the man in the Great Kapok Tree fell asleep from the shade. The Salamander Room and The Great Kapok Tree are special because the Great Kapok Tree is special to the animals and in The Salamander Room the boy is special to the salamander.

the great kapok tree nissi
The Great Kapok Tree- Nissi

The Great Kapok Tree is in a rainforest which reminds me of where I live because I live in the woods where big trees are like the Great Kapok Tree. Sometimes animals come to my home like deer, squirrels, chipmunks and snakes because we have big trees. In the Great Kapok Tree animals had shelter just in one tree like the squirrels that are in my woods they always are on one tree.

the great kapok tree world
The Great Kapok Tree-World

The Great Kapok was a home for many animals and so one day a man who had carried a ax tried to cut The Great Kapok. But when the man fell asleep from the shade. Then the rainforest animals come to the sleeping man’s ear said don’t cut the Great Kapok Tree. In the real world trees have been cut down to do farming things like beef ,timber paper and palm, oil. We can help the animals that are in danger by not cutting down trees anymore.