The great kapok tree by lynne cherry
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The Great Kapok Tree by Lynne cherry. Jenna. summary.

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The great kapok tree by lynne cherry

The Great Kapok Tree by Lynne cherry




I just read The Great Kapok Tree. Can you guess were this story took place? If you said forest no and yes because it is in a forest, but what is the name of the forest ? If you said rain forest you are correct ! In entered two men one found a tree , pointed then left . What the man did not know was, he was walking to the great kapok tree.Soon he picked up his ax and wackwackthe man started cuting with all his mite . The tree did not fall . Soon he was fast asleep . Then a snake slitherd down and saw the dent the ax had made . Then said to the sleeping man ,”Senohr this tree is a tree of miracles .It is my home where generations of my antsisters have lived.Do not chop it down. When he awoke he saw all the animals looking . He piked up his ax like he was going to strike the tree and…….I don’t want to tell you the rest but I can tell you it was a great book.

Text to text


I made some text-to-text connections when I read the book The Great Kapok Tree and Our Tree named Steve because in both stories they had big fat trees with lots and lots and lots of leaves . Also, in The Great Kapok Tree the fellow wanted to cut down the tree but the animals tried to convinice the man not to cut down the tree. In the book Our Tree Named Steve they told the people not to cut down the tree so they did not but it did get distrorid in a bad, bad, bad, bad , baaadstorm.The kapok tree did not get ditroid because the animals.That is how I made my conections.

Text to self


I made a text-to-self connection when I read The Great Kapok Tree by Lynne Cherry because I always see people in my neigh boor hood . In the story the fellow wanted to cut the rain forest tree . Going back to me now, I am right, right about to jump out of the school bus and say ” Stop cutting down the trees . I don’t care if you are trying to build something , I reallydo not care . If you do , WOW you will make all the children in the neigh boor hood very, very mad . Trust me . Now in the story the animals tried to persuade the man not to cut down the tree and that what I’m right about to do in my neigh boor hood.

Text to world


I made some text-to world connections when I read the book The Great Kapok Tree. Did you know there arefive layers of the rain forest ? There is the emergent layer , the canapy layer, the understory , and …………I forget the others but lets stop facts shall we ? I made some connections because in the story the tree gave lot and lots of things to the animals and in the real world the trees give us lots of stuff . For us they give us shelter , paper , and rain to water our plants. Also, in the story the fellow wanted to cut the tree down but for the animals it was really bad because it will afect their life and for us it will afect our life and our climat . That’s all the connections I made!