Computed tomography scan ct scan
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Computed Tomography Scan (CT Scan). Reid Coulombe. Brief Overview. CT Scan is used for diagnostics Doctors can ’ t always make a diagnosis CT scan use radiation to take X-Rays (slices) of the body CT scans take slices and turn into 3D images. History.

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Computed tomography scan ct scan

Computed Tomography Scan(CT Scan)

Reid Coulombe

Brief overview
Brief Overview

  • CT Scan is used for diagnostics

  • Doctors can’t always make a diagnosis

  • CT scan use radiation to take X-Rays (slices) of the body

  • CT scans take slices and turn into 3D images


  • (early 1900’s) Alessandro Vallebona (Italy) had the idea of taking slices of the body for imaging (Tomography)

  • (1971) First CT Scan performed

  • (1974) CT Scanners installed

  • The inventors of the CT scan are credited as Godfrey Hounsfield (Britain) and Allan Comrack (South Africa).

State of the art
State of the Art

  • Widely prevalent

  • Over the past 20 years their use has increased greatly

  • Unnecessary CT Scans?

  • 3D imaging, and better clarity

Ct vs mri

  • CT Scans are usually cheaper

  • CT Scans are typically better at showing bones than MRI, but less effective at showing the soft tissue

  • CT scans take around 5 minutes, MRI’s usually take 30 minutes

  • CT scans can be harmful to the patient, while MRI’s have no known biohazards

  • Both used for for detecting cancer


  • In order for better clarity, more exposure to radiation is necessary

  • Human error in reading scans

  • Not very good at depicting soft tissue

  • In order to change the image plane you have to move the patient, unlike with MRI.

Future of ct scans
Future of CT Scans

  • Discovery CT750

  • Clearer Imaging due to Garnet detector material

  • Less radiation exposure

  • Faster


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