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Online Math Assessment Using WAMAP PowerPoint Presentation
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Online Math Assessment Using WAMAP

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Online Math Assessment Using WAMAP - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Online Math Assessment Using WAMAP
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  1. Online Math AssessmentUsing WAMAP David Lippman, Pierce College WAMAP webmaster IMathAS lead developer Transition Math Project Summer Institute August 23, 2006

  2. What is WAMAP / IMathAS IMathAS: Internet Math Assessment System • Web-based math assessment engine • Algorithmically generated questions • Computer grading of numerical and math expression questions • 1500+ existing questions from arithmetic through calculus • Accurate math and graph display • Light course management system features WAMAP: Washington Math Assessment & Placement • Free IMathAS web hosting for Washington schools • Funded by TMP

  3. Uses For Courses: • Homework • Quizzes • Tests • Take-home tests • Practice tests • Beginning/end of quarter diagnostics Other: • Diagnostic assessments • Placement testing

  4. Benefits • Instant feedback • Students can self-identify areas of weakness and do immediate additional practice or review • Encourages students working together while discouraging cheating

  5. Student Demo Username: demo Password: demo • Registration • Enrollment • Forums • Take Test • Question Types

  6. Diagnostic & PlacementCustomizations • Pierce Diagnostic login • Pierce Placement login

  7. Feedback “As we move to mandatory skills-based assessments for our below college-level courses, we will be able to easily administer, monitor, and assess how students are doing across the discipline and, if other schools participate, across multiple schools” -David Whittaker Cascadia CC

  8. Instructor Demo • Create new course • Add text item w/ math & graphs • Add assessment • Categorization • Grade book • List Students • Copy course items • Shift course dates

  9. Comparisons • Blackboard Blackboard contains more advanced course management features, but lacks user-friendly math and graph display, has limited ability to ask randomized questions, and cannot automatically grade math expression answers. • iLrn, MyMathLab, etc. WAMAP’s assessment system is very similar to many of these systems, but does not include tutorials or links to textbook materials. • Webassign WAMAP is very similar to Webassign, but is free, and (in my opinion) is a bit easier to write custom questions in. Webassign does include a much larger existing question set, but many of the questions are not randomized.

  10. Primary Advantages • Cost It’s free! • Updates and improvements WAMAP is continually updated and improved based on user input, and is not locked to a vendor’s update cycle. The smaller user base also allows quicker response to problems and requests. • Customization Because WAMAP is open-source, it can be easily customized to meet your needs at a much lower cost than commercial solutions.

  11. Want to use it? • Log in to • Click on the “Information for Instructors” link • Click on the “New Instructor Account Request” and send in your info. Your account will be set up in a few days or less. • Read the Getting Started in IMathAS guide to get familiar with the system.