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The Latehomecomer

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The Latehomecomer

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  1. The Latehomecomer Background Presentation Assignment

  2. Getting into Groups... • Choose a partner to work with on this presentation. • Please come up and write your partner names down. • I will be putting your partner groups together to make groups of 4.

  3. Purpose and Objectives of Research The purpose of this research project is to better understand the physical, political, and cultural context of The Latehomecomer, which you will be reading at the beginning of 2nd semester.

  4. Topics • Physical and Political Geography of Region • History of Hmong: In Search of a Home • Hmong Ties to U.S. Military • History of Hmong: Options Following Vietnam War • Hmong Culture: Family Structure and Gender Roles • Hmong Culture: Rituals and traditions • Hmong traditional Beliefs and Ancestry • Refugee Camp Life • Immigration • Hmong and Education

  5. General Requirements • Completion of Individual Source Sheets (3) • 1 book source • 2 online/internet sources • Creation of Powerpoint (key points on ppt) • Majority of information for presentation must be written on notecards • Information must answer bullet points underneath your topic (on assignment sheet) • Powerpoint should be a minimum of 10 slides (about 5-7 minutes for presentation time) • Powerpoint must be proofread-- No errors! • Include at least 1 image or visual aid per slide

  6. General Requirements Continued... • Participation • All group members must be involved in presentation • Divide up who says what so it's an even distribution • Be sure to PRACTICE your presentation BEFORE your presentation to the class--- (practice reading your notecards!!!) • MLA Citations • must be included within presentation (parenthetical references) • MLA works cited page must be turned in on day of presentation

  7. Individual Requirements • Individually, you will research 3 different sources (1 book-- 2 internet sources). • Your individual research will be done in class Tuesday and Wednesday in the library. • You must complete your 3 source sheets before meeting with your group on Thursday.

  8. Group Requirements • Beginning on Thursday this week (once everyone is completed with their individual research) you will come together and evaluate everyone's individual findings. • You will then determine as a group which parts of research you will include in your presentation to the class.

  9. Presentation Requirements • Once you identify what to include in your project, you will need to figure out what to put on your powerpoint. • REMEMBER: you should only have key points and details on your slides (the majority of your information should be written on note cards that you will read from when presenting) • In other words, you will be docked points for reading off of the powerpoint.

  10. MLA Citation Requirements • On your presentation, you must include in-text or parenthetical citations (on each slide). • In other words-- you must cite any information you take on every slide by including parenthetical citations. • You must create an MLA works cited page that you will turn in (hard copy) when you present your research to the class.

  11. Grading You will be graded on the following: • Individual Participation and Group Participation • Completion of Source Sheets • The overall ppt • Did you include information on EACH bullet point on assignment sheet? • Did you only include key pts on ppt and read off of notecards? • Do you have 10 slides-- images on each? • MLA Citations • Do you have a works cited page? • Do you include parenthetical citations?

  12. Timeline For Work Days Monday, January 7th: • Introduction to Project Tues/Wed, January 8th-9th: • Research Time in the library-- • must finish 3 source sheets before working with group on Thursday. Thurs/Fri/Mon/Tues January 10th-15th: • Group Work Days in the library • Note: Save 1 day for practicing your presentation! Wed/Thurs/Fri January 16-18th: • Presentations-- You will sign up for these