buildings more then just bricks n.
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Buildings -more then just bricks! PowerPoint Presentation
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Buildings -more then just bricks!

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Buildings -more then just bricks! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Buildings -more then just bricks!. By: Melinda Barath. A building being constructed. A colonial house. This is a two-story house. Believe it or not, the Romans built the first two-story house. A new-fashioned high-rise building. . Not a house, a school. City buildings…. More buildings.

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the essay
The essay…

Buildings have been around forever! Buildings have come a long way. They hold life. They are shelter.

They could be made of logs, glass, bricks, iron, lime mortar, sun baked mud bricks (a dobe), and stone.

More importantly, buildings hold life. They are shelter to many people. People have many lovely memories and things that happened to them in their homes. People depend on their buildings at certain times. In rain, storm, hail, snow, precipitation, you name it! Buildings are there.

Not only do buildings make shelter, they are happiness.

Perhaps one of the most important reason is: buildings hold life.