Robert Lauri : Single "Oh No" Now Available
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Robert Lauri : Single "Oh No" Now Available

« Oh No » is the new single from Robert Lauri's new album scheduled for release in summer. In this single, with lyrics by Mitch Miller, Robert Lauri unveils a mysterious world.

This is not the first time that Robert Lauri and Mitch Hiller have joined forces. They have known each other for a long time and decided to pool their talents and creativity once again to bring us Oh No. This is the first track of a series of new songs on the album which will be out in summer.

On this album, Robert Lauri is the composer, arranger and performer, and Mitch Hiller the lyricist. Their pooled talents have yielded pure magic. Very present, almost spellbinding, Robert Lauri's voice is like a key that opens the door to an authentic and original world created by Mitch Hiller's lyrics. Furthermore, Robert Lauri's look in the video by Anna Clara Passarelli bolsters the overall effect. The mystery and suspense emanating from the clip empower « Oh No » to move the soul.

The gritty and rustic vocal stylings of France's Robert Lauri are exemplified by a classic throwback to Euro-Country pop and rock. The latest single, "Oh No", sung in English, showcases Robert's musicianship in an appropriate and engaging manner.Robert Lauri's "Oh No" is a unique musical composition that draws upon Euro and Country pop and rock with a dose of alternative folk thrown in for good measure, writes Matthew Forss.

The « Oh No » clip was created by a talented Italian artist, Anna Clara Passarelli. All the music videos by Anna Clara Passarelli cover the songs featured on Robert Lauri's websites in harmony.

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The single « Oh No » is now available on the download stores. The music video « Oh No » will be available in the category music videos on Itunes as of February 25th.

To discover the single « Oh No » :