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History of Architecture 47 Week 01. Textbook. Textbook. Textbook. What is ‘modernism’?. Most of us will agree that a modernist work is perceived as ‘difficult’ , and that this difficulty is related to its newness and difference from what we have seen before.

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What is modernism l.jpg
What is ‘modernism’?

Most of us will agree that a modernist work is perceived as ‘difficult’ , and that this difficulty is related to its newness and difference from what we have seen before.

D.H. Lawrence “… to read a really new novel will always hurt, to some extent. There will always be resistance. The same with new pictures, new music (new architecture – emphasis added). You may judge of their reality by the fact that they do arouse a certain resistance.”


The word MODERNISM dates to 1737 in the sense of "deviation from the ancient and classical manner" [Johnson, who calls it "a word invented by Swift"].

Week 2 architecture for revolution neoclassical developments l.jpg
Week 2 – Architecture for RevolutionNeoclassical Developments





English vs French Approach to Neoclassicism

Theory of Types in Architecture


Week 3 structural engineering and rationalism l.jpg
Week 3 – Structural Engineering and Rationalism

Iron Industry Developments

Evolution of Bridge Engineering in Iron

Relationship to Railroad Development

Crystal Palace – Paxton

Thomas Telford

Brooklyn Bridge – John Roebling

Split between Architecture and Engineering Widens

Philosophical Underpinning of Rationalism

Eiffel Tower

The Cement Age - Hennebique


Frank Lloyd Wright early use of Concrete

Week 4 an american architecture thomas jefferson victorianism h h richardson l.jpg
Week 4 – An American Architecture: Thomas Jefferson;Victorianism; H.H. Richardson

Jefferson’s Classicism

University of Virginia Campus Design

Virginia Statehouse

Development of Washington D.C.

Benjamin Latrobe

The Roman Idiom: Instrument of Progress

The Industrial Revolution and Victorianism

H.H. Richardson

Week 4 victorianism and the triumph of the superficial h h richardson l.jpg
Week 4 - Victorianism and the Triumph of the Superficial;H.H. Richardson

Period of reign of Queen Victoria 1837 – 1901

Height of INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION in Britain and apex of British Empire.

Gothic Revival Movement in Architecture

Mechanization Takes Command Sigfried Giedion

Growth of Railways

Steam Press = Mass Market for Pulp Fiction


H.H. Richardson

Week 5 arts and crafts movement guimard horta gaudi futurism adolf loos l.jpg
Week 5 – Arts and Crafts Movement; Guimard, Horta, Gaudi; Futurism; Adolf Loos

William Morris


English Free Architecture Movement



Sant ‘Elia


Adolf Loos “Ornament is Crime”

Week 6 mackintosh the glasgow school adler and sullivan chicago school frank lloyd wright l.jpg
Week 6 – Mackintosh , the Glasgow School;Adler and Sullivan / Chicago SchoolFrank Lloyd Wright

Charles Rennie Mackintosh

The Glasgow School



Frank Lloyd Wright’s Early Work

Week 7 german developments van de velde garnier perret l.jpg
Week 7 – German Developments; Van de Velde;Garnier; Perret;





Van de Velde

Tony Garnier and the Cite Industrielle

Auguste Perret

Week 8 werkbund and german expressionism l.jpg
Week 8 – Werkbund and German Expressionism


Peter Behrens and AEG

Philosophical Underpinnings of Expressionism

Bruno Taut

Architecture of the Spirit

Week 09 bauhaus l.jpg
Week 09 – Bauhaus

Walter Gropius

Relationship to Cubism

Peter Behrens (?)‏

Bauhaus Industrial Design

Bauhaus Costume Design

Week 10 gropius and bauhaus the new objectivity l.jpg
Week 10 – Gropius and Bauhaus;The New Objectivity

Philosophical Underpinnings of Objectivism

Week 11 de stijl le corbusier l.jpg
Week 11 – De Stijl. Le Corbusier

Piet Mondrian

Gerrit Rietveld


Le Corbusier

Esprit Nouveau (New Spirit)‏

Regulating Lines

Golden Section

Machine Aesthetic of Purism

Grounded in Neo-Platonic Philosophy

Maison Domino

Villa Stein at Garche

‘Five Points’

Villa Savoye