umbrella expository paragraph n.
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Umbrella Expository Paragraph PowerPoint Presentation
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Umbrella Expository Paragraph

Umbrella Expository Paragraph

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Umbrella Expository Paragraph

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  1. Umbrella Expository Paragraph

  2. Thesis Statement – a general statement about a subject, hinting at blueprint but no points are named. - a key word is used as a discussion point. - avoid beginning your thesis statement with “There is…” or “There are…”

  3. Umbrella Thesis Statements • Examples: • Over the years Jekyll Island has had a variety of visitors. • Madeleine L’Engle describes several mythical creatures in her fantasy novel Many Waters. • Many Waters, by Madeleine L’Engle, is a fantasy novel that involves several unusual creatures.

  4. First Subtopic • First Subtopic Sentence – tells first point with a key word from the Thesis Statement (uses a transitional word) • Support of First Subtopic – • at least 3 sentences

  5. First Subtopic with support (Remember theThesis Statement: Over the years, Jekyll Island has had a variety of visitors.) The first visitors to Jekyll Island were the Europeans. Europeans were exploring the New World and many groups landed near Jekyll Island. The Spanish were the first to discover the island and set up a fort there. When the British began to settle the colonies, they fought the Spanish for the right to use this beautiful island as their own fortress. 

  6. More First Subtopic Examples • One of L’Engle’s unusual characters includes the manticore.  • Support to follow… • The firstmythical creature to appear in Many Waters is the unicorn. • Support to follow…

  7. Second Subtopic • Second Subtopic Sentence – tells second point with a key word from Topic Sentence (begins with a trans. word) • Support of Second Subtopic – at least 3 sentences

  8. Second Subtopic Examples • Other visitors that came to this island paradise were the elite. • Anotherunusual character in L’Engle’s novel is the mammoth. • The nextmythical creature to surface in this story is the seraph.

  9. Third Subtopic • Third Subtopic Sentence – tells third point with a key word from T.S. (begins with a trans. Word) • Support of Third Subtopic – at least 3 sentences

  10. Third Subtopic Examples • Today mostvisitors to Jekyll Island are tourists. • Finally, the scariestmythical creature in Many Waters is the manticore. • Last, L’Engle describes the human Japheth as an unusual character.

  11. Clincher – analyze, ask why!! • Begin with a transitional word:Examples: In conclusion…Finally…As one can see from… Altogether… EXAMPLE: • Example: As one can see, all groups who have visited Jekyll Island have been impressed by its beauty and accessibility. • Altogether, L’Engle included these mythical creatures in her novel so that…