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Sewing Safety PowerPoint Presentation
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Sewing Safety

Sewing Safety

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Sewing Safety

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  1. Sewing Safety 7thGrade FACS

  2. Sewing safety • When we are doing our sewing units there are many safety aspects we will have to abide by.

  3. Machine Use • When sewing on the machine, you should never push the pedal to the floor. • Always use slow, controlled speeds. • If you consistently go too fast on the sewing machine, you may lose the privilege of using it!

  4. Using the Machine • Always place you hands on either side of the presser foot. This will eliminate sewing over your finger. This is a very important safety precaution!

  5. Using the machine • You should never pull the fabric through the machine. This could result in breaking the machine’s needle. The feed dogs will slowly guide you fabric through.

  6. Using the machine • When sewing, take out the pins before sewing over them. This is very bad for the machine and can be very dangerous.

  7. Safety tips • When you are not sewing, take your foot that is normally on the pedal and place it on the floor. This will prevent you from accidently pressing the pedal and begin sewing. • When unplugging the machine, do not pull from the cord. • Always be sure cords are not in the path for walking. This will prevent tripping.

  8. Pins • When using pins and hand sewing needles, always put them back in a pin cushion. • Please do not throw them on the floor. People may hurt themselves if they step or sit on them.

  9. Scissor and shears • When walking with scissors or shears always hold with the blade down towards the floor. • If you are handing scissors or shears to another person, pass with the handle first.

  10. Ironing • Irons are very hot, please do not touch the iron to test if it is hot. • Never leave it laying down on the ironing board. • Always use an ironing board!

  11. Sewing is fun! • REMEMBER: Sewing is fun but safety comes first. • Use good judgment and we should not have a problem! • If you are not acting appropriately you will visit Mr. Packer. • If an accident happens, immediately tell Miss Kakela!