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Sewing Tools

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Sewing Tools - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sewing Tools. Sewing Machine. They are made by Bernina in Switzerland They are computer machines. Seam gauge. Seam gauges are Small metal rulers Used to measure small areas. Seam Ripper. A small sharp tool Used to remove stitches. Seam Ripper. A small sharp tool

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Sewing Tools

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  1. Sewing Tools

  2. Sewing Machine • They are made by Bernina in Switzerland • They are computer machines

  3. Seam gauge Seam gauges are Small metal rulers Used to measure small areas

  4. Seam Ripper A small sharp tool Used to remove stitches

  5. Seam Ripper A small sharp tool Used to remove stitches

  6. Bobbin Bobbins are small spools of thread That are used in the bottom part of the machine These cost $50- don’t lose them or You have to pay for it.

  7. Straight Pins Sharp pins used to hold fabric while sewing

  8. Safety Pins Often used to thread elastic or drawstring

  9. Hand Needles Needles uses when sewing by hand

  10. Machine Needles Needles used in sewing machines. Each brand of Sewing machine requires a certain needle. Make sure you have the right needle for your machine


  12. Irons Irons are used in sewing to remove wrinkles, flatten seams, and crease hems.

  13. Ironing Board A padded surface where you press while sewing

  14. Tape Measure Long plastic or fiberglass strip with marks for measuring Fabric, patterns, and People.

  15. Yard Stick • Wooden measuring stick. • Usually a yard or a meter long

  16. Marking Pencils Special pens or pencils that are used to mark fabric when sewing

  17. Pincushions There are many kinds of pincushions Fabric: are little stuffed pillow Magnetic: contains a magnet Wrist: fits on your wrist

  18. Rotary Cutter Used to cut fabric Looks like pizza cutter For fabric

  19. Rotary Ruler and Mat The ruler is used with the rotary cutter To cut straight. The mat is a special Mat that protects the table.

  20. Measure carefully before cutting Pay attention! Never goof off by the rotary cutter Keep fingers out of the way! Never cut through pins Don’t cut things you shouldn’t Always use a mat Replace blade cover when finished Put the rotary cutter away when finished Clean up area 10 Rules for Using the Rotary Cutter Safely!

  21. Danger! If you cannot use the rotary cutter safely, you will not be able to use it any more • You can be seriously hurt by the blade of the rotary cutter! • The blade is a razor blade and very sharp!

  22. Scissors All purpose General cutting in the home

  23. Sewing Scissors Used for sewing only!!! Cutting paper makes them dull!

  24. Shears Larger scissors Over 6” long Handles are different shapes

  25. Pinking Shears Pinking shears cut A special edge VVVVVVVVVV

  26. Embroidery Scissors Small sharp scissors for trimming threads And cutting in small places

  27. Buttonhole Scissors Special scissors that help you cut the slit for the button hole

  28. Thread Clips Used to clip the threads as you sew

  29. Scissor Rules • Cut only fabric • Never cut pins • Don’t drop • Get sharpened when dull • Dull scissors will not cut fabric!