8 th grade sewing safety n.
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8 th Grade Sewing Safety

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8 th Grade Sewing Safety - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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8 th Grade Sewing Safety. Cornell Notes (Start on “safety in the sewing” room side). Fill in name, class and date. Complete the topic/objective. Complete the essential question. Safety in the sewing Room. Work quietly

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cornell notes start on safety in the sewing room side
Cornell Notes (Start on “safety in the sewing” room side)
  • Fill in name, class and date.
  • Complete the topic/objective.
  • Complete the essential question.
safety in the sewing room
Safety in the sewing Room
  • Work quietly
    • Too much talking will distract you and your neighbor causing you to make a mistake or hurt yourself.
    • When talking at your table, use a quiet voice
  • Use your time wisely
    • Projects are to be completed in the FACS room
  • Always walk in the sewing room, never run.
organizational safety
Organizational Safety
  • Keep your supplies in your assigned tote tray
  • Return any borrowed sewing supplies to the proper supply tray/place.
  • Always pick up after yourself
  • Throw away all unusable scraps
  • Recycle all paper
  • Trim usable scraps and put them in the scrap box
safety with scissors and shears
Safety with Scissors and Shears
  • Don’t make gestures with scissors or shears
  • Cut only fabric with shears
  • Cut paper or fabric with scissors
  • Pass scissors and shears with handles towards the other person
  • When carrying scissors and shears, walk with points down
safety with pins and needles
Safety with Pins and Needles
  • Never put pins and needles in your mouth or your skin
  • Never stick another person or tables with pins or needles
  • When not in use, pins and needles should be stored in a pin cushion or on a magnet (don’t leave them loose)
  • If you spill pins, use a large

magnet to pick them up

safety with the irons
Safety with the Irons
  • Always set the iron on its heal
  • Never pull the cord to unplug the iron
  • Always turn off or unplug the iron when finished using it
  • Always use an ironing board
  • Use caution!
safety with the machines
Safety with the Machines
  • Remove broken needles and put them into the RED sharps container
  • Make sure the sewing machine is OFF when threading it.
  • Make sure that your foot pedal is underneath YOUR machine!
  • Work quietly with your partner
  • Use caution! These machines can be dangerous.
a and b days
A and B Days
  • A and B days
    • A Days: A’s sew at machines and B’s work at their desk (bag stuff or checking packets).
    • B Days: B’s sew at machines and A’s work at their desk (bag stuff or checking packets).
sewing license
Sewing License
  • Cut out sewing license.
  • Decorate/make it your own.
  • Get it stamped by the teacher.
if you finish early
If you finish early…
  • Incentive to work hard everyday!
    • IPod/Camera/Cell Phone case
  • Label tote with tape.
    • First and Last name
    • Write down your assigned number and letter