The formation of europe
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The Formation of Europe - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Formation of Europe. On the back of the handout coming around , copy the questions you see below. Be sure to leave space for your answers. When you are done you may get a green World History Patterns of Civilization textbook from by the window. .

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The formation of europe

On the back of the handout coming around, copy the questions you see below. Be sure to leave space for your answers. When you are done you may get a green World History Patterns of Civilizationtextbook from by the window.

  • According to the timeline when did Feudalism develop and why was it necessary?

  • When was Charlemagne crowned as emperor?

  • Why did farming change dramatically during the Middle Ages?

  • Who did Charlemagne order to set up schools in 800s?

  • About how many years were there between when the Vikings invaded Europe and the Crusades began?

Warm up
Warm Up

On a new page in your notebooks, create the KWL Chartandfill in the “Know” and “Want to Know” sections. You have 5 minutes to complete this activity.

Living history living in medieval europe
Living History – Living in Medieval Europe

Directions: While you watch the video complete the video guide that has been handed out to you.

Kwl chart middle ages
KWL Chart – Middle Ages

Know Want to Learn Learned

| |

| |

| |

| |

| |

Map invasion activity
Map Invasion Activity

  • Which group invaded from North Africa?

  • Which group invaded from Northern Europe?

  • Which group invaded from Eastern Europe?

  • Which two groups invade by both land and water?

Terms and definitions
Terms and Definitions

Feudalism– a system of rule where local lords were bound to kings through their loyalty

Serfs – a poor person attached to a section of land andunder the control of a lord

Manor – the village and surrounding lands that were controlled by a lord

Knight – lesser noble who served as a warrior on horseback

Lord– powerful person who controlled the land but followed the orders of the king

Noble – a person in the upper social classes during medieval times

Important people
Important People

Charlemagne – Frankish king who conquered most of Europe and was crowned emperor of the Romans by Pope Leo III

Magyars – nomadic group of people from Asia who would become the Hungarians

Franks – a group of Germanic tribes during the middle ages