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BELLONA From Protest to Solution PowerPoint Presentation
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BELLONA From Protest to Solution

BELLONA From Protest to Solution

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BELLONA From Protest to Solution

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  1. “Advances and Challenges in Promotion of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in the Baltic Sea Region”

  2. BELLONA From Protest to Solution


  4. ABOUT ERC BELLONA Strategic Goal: • To influence the state through society, using instruments of civil politics in order to advance and defend environmental and social interests. Activities : • Legal- environmental law in defense of environmental rights • Expert Assessment- research and expert assessment in the field of atomic energy use, energy efficiency, renewable energy resources and the petroleum industry • Informational - environmental and human rights information

  5. Why Development of Renewable Energy Sources is Important for Bellona Development of renewable energy sources is one of the effective approaches in the fight against global climate change. Other means are energy saving, energy effectiveness and Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS). The Bellona Foundation is working to promote all of these mechanisms.

  6. Renewable Energy Sources in North-West Russia

  7. Wind Energy Who works on the wind energy projects in the region? • St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University, Department of Renewable Sources Energy Department (prof. V. Elistratov) • «Elektrosphera», Group of companies • «Krasnoe», LTD. • «Vetro-svet», LTD • «Elektropribor», Researched Institute • «Azimut», State Organization

  8. Wind Installations in the Region • Krasnoe Selo , 2001, “Wind Matic”, 75 kW, 1500 hours and 80-110 000 kW per year • Krasnoe Selo, 2003, “Vestas”, 95 kW • Farm Alkalyul 2’ 2008 (8km from the coast of the Gulf of Finland) – 500 kW

  9. “Krasnoe” LTD., Krasnoe Selo

  10. Proposed Windmill Park Project on the Island Kotlin • Six installations , 500kW each • Goal – additional supply for residential area • No investment The project was developed by the St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University.

  11. Elektrosphera Pilot model “Musson FZO”, 15/30 kW Production Model “Briz 5000”, 5kW

  12. BIOENERGY: Projects Supported by STEM

  13. Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving Reasons: • The manufacturing industry has developed inefficiently over the course of many years • Energy production and home-building industries are lagging technologically • Under-priced energy, esp. gas, does not encourage energy-saving practices Steps that can be taken to improve the situation: • Reasonable increases on domestic energy prices • Reform of home-building practices • Creation of incentives for businesses to save energy • Using the media to increase awareness about energy-saving

  14. State Energy Policy • Focus on large-scale energy-generation systems, enormous energy-generation projects undertaken without assessing how efficiently they deliver and/or transfer energy • Forced application of outdated, inefficient, and environmentally unsound technologies in the delivery and transfer of energy • Expensive nuclear technology and materials - originally intended for military use - applied to power generation in order to hide the true size of the nuclear military-industrial complex • Capacity increases at nuclear power plants undertaken without regard to the storage, transport, and treatment of resultant radioactive waste

  15. Obstacles for Development of RES and Energy Efficiency RES

  16. GOOD NEWS! • Legislation regulated qualification RES installation has started to work since October 1st 2008 • A document “ About New Directions of State Policy in the Sphere Promoting Energy Efficiency Based on Using RES” is under consideration at the Government

  17. Methods Bellona Uses to Promote RES &Energy Efficiency • Negotiations with regional and municipal officials aimed at optimizing the systems supplying consumers with heat and electricity, reduction/stabilization of the volume of energy used by consumers and ultimately the closure of inefficient power stations, as well as the application of RES and other new technologies • Initiating and/or assisting in the creation of regional RES development programs • Initiating and/or assisting in the creation of regional energy-saving programs aimed at consumers • Raising awareness about RES and energy-saving practices (via seminars, study trips, exhibitions, demonstrations, and publications in the mass media)

  18. Bellona is a Scientific-Based Foundation