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NSGINST 2450.1 CHAPTER 4 PowerPoint Presentation
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NSGINST 2450.1 CHAPTER 4 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  1. NSGINST 2450.1 CHAPTER 4

  2. Q The ability of equipment and systems to function as Designed without degradation or malfunction in their Intended operational environment? A EMC Question Source

  3. Q Internally or externally generated noise, man made or Natural, that masks or otherwise interferes with a Systems ability to receive or process signals of interest? A EMI/RFI Question Source

  4. Q Earth-bound or terrestrial noise generated by natural Phenomena. Generated by electrical discharges in the Atmosphere (lightning strikes, etc)? A Atmospheric Noise Question Source

  5. Q Noise generated by transmitters, power lines, Electrical devices, arc welders, relays, diathermy Devices, gasoline, engines, etc? A Man-made noise Question Source

  6. Q Investigate specific site interference problems, Develop noise measurement procedures and Applications and enact interference mitigation techniques? A SNEP Question Source

  7. Q System incorporated into AN/FRM-19 and Measures the minimum RMS noise power and Voltage deviation ratio on all monitor and omni beams? A ANMS Question Source

  8. Q What frequency range does ANMS test? A 2-32 Mhz Question Source

  9. Q What courses provide on-site awareness training To NSG personnel? A PEACS Question Source

  10. Q What is the required area around NAVSECGRU Receiver sites to ensure adequate protection from Electromagnetic noise and interference sources. Noise Or producing activity must be prohibited or restricted And are in concentric circles centering around the Antenna system or field? A Encroachment Zone Question Source

  11. Q What circular zone (first) beginning at the outer Perimeter of antenna field and extending outward for One mile? A Prohibited Area Question Source

  12. Q What is the antenna clearance angle for obstruction for the AN/FRD-10 and AN/FRD-13? A 3 degrees and 2 degrees Question Source

  13. Q How many lowband elements in CDAA? Inner or Outer array? A 40 Folded monopole Inner Question Source

  14. Q How many highband antennas in CDAA? Inner or Outer Array? A 120 Sleeve monopole Outer Question Source

  15. Q What is the size of the low band reflector screen? A 90 feet 27.4 m Question Source

  16. Q What is the size of the high band reflector screen? A 24 feet 7.31m Question Source

  17. Q How large is the reflecting ground mat? A 200 feet circular outward beyond high band elements Question Source

  18. Q A preamplifier with a single input and multiple Outputs which distributes RF signals to a group Of receivers? A multicoupler Question Source

  19. Q Can multicouplers be cascaded? A NO Question Source

  20. Q How many ouputs for a CU-1382 and a CU-2289? A 8 and 16 Question Source

  21. Q Device into which RF signals are injected and combined Using precise phase shifts to make the selected antenna Elements form a directive array? A Beamformer Question Source

  22. Q Circuit that takes the in-phase signals produced by the Beamformer and combines(sums) them together and Produces a resultant signal which is delivered to the receiver? A Adder Question Source

  23. Q Device that takes signals from many or all antenna Elements and provide at its output a “rotating” beam? A Goniometer Question Source

  24. Q What is the impedance of coaxial cable in the Majority of NAVSECGRU RF Distribution and Mission equipment? A 50 Ohms Question Source

  25. Q Is cable used for RFED phase matched or non-phase matched? A Non-phase matched Question Source

  26. Q When there is an impedance mismatch in the RFD (HF) should impedance matching devices be utilized And if so, where? A Not used Question Source

  27. Q RF Cables within a NSG facility should be of what type? A Double shielded coaxial Question Source

  28. Q Coaxial Cable Color Codes: -50 ohm RFD -75 ohm RFD -BT/NP -Ref. Frequency Distribution -Time Code Distribution Stripe -Digital Communication? A -Black -Magenta -White -yellow -yellow/black helical -Orange or Blue Question Source

  29. Q RF Cables in NSG facility will or will not be spliced? A Will not Question Source

  30. Q Conduits for power will not be filled in excess of what percent? A 40 percent Question Source

  31. Q Signal cable duct/tray will not be filled in excess Of what percent of it’s capacity? A 80% Question Source

  32. Q RF input to the receiver is considered red or black? A black Question Source

  33. Q IF, audio, digital and video are considered red or black? A red Question Source

  34. Q What book contains “TEMPEST” or “RED/BLACK” criteria? A MIL-HDBK-232A Question Source

  35. Q Duct or tray system for red signal cable? A Duct Question Source

  36. Q “Red” duct must be marked with red tape or paint Approximately every __________? A 1.5 meters Question Source

  37. Q Can red and black fiber cables be run in a common Duct system? A Yes, in separate cable access facilities Question Source

  38. Q If an equipment cabinet or rack is to be installed On non-computer floors, how is it installed? A On 4x4 or 4x6 wooden foundations (sleepers) treated with fire retartdant and MIL-L-1914E requirements Question Source

  39. Q NAVSECGRU Lighting systems within NSG facilities Must meet the requirements of what MIL-HDBK? A 1190 Question Source

  40. Q What type of lighting will be used at NSG facility? A 4 tube fixtures (luminescent) with RF suppressed Standard magnetic ballasts Question Source

  41. Q What type of lighting dimmers are not permissable? A SCR type Question Source

  42. Q For raised flooring what percent additional floor tiles Will be purchased to provide for spare tiles? A 10 % Question Source

  43. Q Connecting stringers for support of raised flooring Systems must be of bolted-in type of clipped type? A Bolted in Question Source

  44. Q Elevation of raised flooring will be _______, unless Restricted by design limitations? A 18” – 30” Question Source

  45. Q What is the incline of portable ramps? A 10-15 degrees Question Source

  46. Q Permanent ramps will have _______” run for _______” rise (____ degrees) incline and be the Full width of service door. Handrails required? A 6, 1, 9.5 degrees Question Source

  47. Q Computer room temperature and relative humidity? A Temp: 72 degrees +/- 2 degrees RH: 45 +/- 5% Question Source

  48. Q Temperature/humidity for receiver RMS/BLDGS, Electronic equipment in RMS/BLDGS, telephone switch rooms, RDF? A 75 +/- 5 degrees 50 +/- 5 % Question Source

  49. Q Transmitter buildings/rooms temperature and Relative humidity? A 90 degrees F 50 +/- 10 percent Question Source

  50. Q What is the static pressure that must be maintained In the underfloor air plenum? A 62.2 pascals .25” water Question Source