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Happier, Healthier Students PowerPoint Presentation
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Happier, Healthier Students

Happier, Healthier Students

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Happier, Healthier Students

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  1. Happier, Healthier Students To introduce more vegetarian/vegan options to all UWE students.

  2. Objectives. • To make more vegetarian/vegan options available to students. • To offer new/creative options to students. • Raise awareness of students of why it is important to eat healthy options. • To insure student participation on choosing what is being served in the canteen. • To improve upon the relationship between students and UWE catering.

  3. Why do we need access to a greater variety of Veggie/Vegan foods? • Health benefits - reduces the likelihood of Heart Diseases; as many fatty red and processed meats are high in saturated fats which raises LDL, the bad cholesterol. It shrink the cancer risk; that foods with high levels of fat artificially boost the hormones that promote cancer. A large scale 2010 from Imperial College London found that those who ate meat or chicken constantly gained more weight over five years than those who ate less meat, even if they consumed the same amount of calories overall. • Animal rights - stand up for animals; these animals suffer greatly in tiny cages, pens, crates before enduring frequently cruel slaughter practices. • Something New and creative to the menu • Environmental reasons - raising cattle for beef and milk spews more greenhouse gases (2006 U. N Food & Agriculture Organization report) livestock industry wreaks havoc on our land & water taking up vast amounts of scarce resources and polluting the waterways more than probably any other industry. • Ethical reasons • It came from the student voice (feedback cards and survey) student on glenside raised an item on the agenda at SQC in regards to the lack of vegetarian food at Glenside.

  4. Examples of other universities Nottingham Trent University achieved a “Silver catering mark”: gaining 150 points for silver by completing all of its criteria: Environmentally sustainable and ethical food, championing local food and making healthy eating easy. For example, changing to local suppliers, communicating with customers, eliminating health issues by freshly preparing foods etc. Nottingham University nominated for PETA2 US’s first most vegetarian friendly UK Universities list. Edinburgh University – each semester they put on regular potlucks to discover fantastic recipes, share culinary talents and meet a diverse crowd. They organise meal out at vegetarian restaurants etc., the Vegetarian society also has vegetarian and vegan cooking workshops. University of Bristol vegetarian society hold regular social events, activities, restaurant tips, cooking events and so much more. Once join students get discounts at local veggie restaurants and outlets.

  5. We composed a survey that was taken by 147 students. This survey produced a range of interesting statistics. 58 out of the 147 students said they would be more inclined to eat in the catering unit if there were more vegetarian and Vegan options on offer and 78 people said it was ‘very important’ that catering provided vegetarian and vegan options.

  6. Another important find was- 121 out of the 147 students said they ate meat and 99 of them said if there was a better variety of vegetarian and vegan food on offer they would choose to have it.

  7. Student feedback ‘’more sushi, more low calorie food, clear calorie content in the food, more healthy food like salads etc’’ ‘’more mix and match / build you own meal kinda thing’’ ‘’Sushi, falafel, more salads..’’ ‘’would like to see more sushi and more exciting veggy options. A cheese or egg sandwich/pie just doesn't cut it. i would like to see vegetable tagines or Mediterranean veg lasagna. chickepea and butterbean stews/currys. Falafals and world food too-especially asian are usually meat free and yummy.’’ ‘’Asian food, fusion food. Sushi and Caribbean food. More citing salad rather than boring usual’’ ‘’Good warm sushi, chinese chicken, thai and indian food’’ ‘’More world food’’ ‘’Traditional foods from many different cultures. Low fat, sugar etc with traditional foods and provides education and inspiration into food.’’ ‘’less heavy food with less bread eg use wraps instead.also lots of veggie food is eggs and cheese - why not feg elafel and chilli sauce and salade , more humous and so on’’ ‘’Homely world food for overseas students, things that are comforting and nice. Food like Matzo ball soup would be great and other traditional foods for different groups like traditional Pakistani foods that would be good for Hala students’’

  8. What do we want? • To provide more veggie/vegan food options at Frenchay and satellite campuses • To provide more creative healthy options • To involve students in Catering decisions. • To Raise student awareness of the health, environmental and ethical values of eating less meat. • To promote the good work the catering unit are doing already and intend to do • Win an award for also being a vegetarian friendly UK University

  9. How do we achieve our objectives? • Set up an action group of students and catering unit staff to meet regularly and brainstorm ideas for improvement. • Promote vegetarian food at Freshers by engaging with students and offering free tasters and cooking demonstrations • subsidising the price of vegetarian food or offering bigger portions than meat alternative • Taking inspiration from restaurants such as roll for the soul and cafe Kino. Having meat as the alternative rather than vegetarian. • Meat free mondays • Having different themed weeks/days • Entice people to choose vegetarian/healthier option by advertising the calorie fat count. • Provide a free vegetarian taster with the meat option • Have a ‘green’ loyalty card. Get a stamp when they choose a veggie option - offer incentives such as 8th meal free or a free drink. • Make the options fun and creative • Insure what the catering unit is doing is visual to build up a good repertoire with students • Fun and creative ideas - Having competition every week and base on the best dish students come up with, could be on the university’s menu for that week. This is getting everyone to participate. This is building up a good relationship between students and the canteen.


  11. References (6 reasons to eat less meat by Amy Deusen)