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Live healthier live happier PowerPoint Presentation
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Live healthier live happier

Live healthier live happier

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Live healthier live happier

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  1. Live healthier live happier

  2. What do we treat? • We at clinicounselor keep researching and updating our technology to treat even serious health issues. • Our high quality service serves patients online or in personal both in terms of counseling by our health counselors and treatment by our clinicians.

  3. What all we serve for? We serve for most pathetic and chronic health issues that are rarely treated, some of these are – • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy • Biomedical therapy • Stem cell therapy • Strokes • Brain injury • Autism • Cerebral palsy and many more……

  4. Top 2 in detail ……. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy – • When a deep sea diver comes up at a fast speed, blood pressure in his body gets imbalance as compared to that of the outer environment. Due to which divers suffer from severe pain, brain damage and tissue damage. • Divers are kept under therapeutic condition of pressure same as of under sea and is adjusted slowly.

  5. How does hyperbaric oxygen therapy works? • Swollen tissues causes damage of blood capillaries that results in to cell death. • An increase amount of oxygen is necessary to heal these damaged blood capillaries. Thus, oxygen is passed under increased pressure that heals up the damaged blood capillaries. • Adding to these, regular exercise and therapeutic treatment can restore functions of the dead cells.

  6. Hyperbaric oxygen treatment in India • Hyperbaric oxygen treatment in India are available mostly in Metropolitan cities. • These are done under the supervision of experts that takes maximum of 2 hours in total.

  7. Biomedical therapy • Biomedical therapies are physiological interventions that focus on the reduction of symptoms associated with psychological disorders. Three procedures used are drug therapies, electroconvulsive (shock) treatment, and psychosurgery. • Autism is one of the incapacitating biomedical disorder that develop generally between 1 to 3 years of age. • Children began to deteriorate up to 18 months that includes poor eye contact, speech disorder and pervasive ignoring.

  8. What undergoes in biomedical therapy? • Drug therapies – • Anti anxiety drug • Anti psychotic drugs • Anti depressant drugs • Lithium • Elctroconvulsive therapy – • The shock is administered to one side or sometimes to both sides of the brain through electrodes placed over the temporal lobes. The electric current produces a brief convulsive seizure during which the patient becomes unconscious.

  9. Continued……. • Psychosurgery - a surgical procedure designed to change psychological or behavioral reactions (also developed in the 1930s), is more controversial than ECT and is rarely used today. It is known aslobotomy.