christmas customs and traditions in the czech republic n.
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Christmas customs and traditions in the Czech Republic PowerPoint Presentation
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Christmas customs and traditions in the Czech Republic

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Christmas customs and traditions in the Czech Republic - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Christmas customs and traditions in the Czech Republic. Carols.

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Christmas customs and traditions in the Czech Republic

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    1. Christmas customs and traditions in the Czech Republic

    2. Carols NESEM VÁM NOVINY POSLOUCHEJTE...... Theinherent traditions include singing carols at Christmas time. Without carolswe can not even imagine Christmas. Wehavegot a lot ofcarolsandthebest-known and most popular are: Nesem vám noviny ( We are carryingthenews to you),Narodil se Kristus pán ( Jesus Christ was born), Jak si krásné neviňátko( How beautiful are youinnocent) or Rolničky (Jingle bells).

    3. Letter for Baby Jesus One of many traditionsis writing a letter to the Baby Jesus. Mostlysmallerchildrenwritetheletters. The letter looks like this: ,, Dear Baby Jesus, this year I was verygood,.. I want to get a doll under the Christmas treeand a ballso much.,, Letter can beleftbehindthewindow. Children don´t have to do anythingelsebuttheyhope that Baby Jesuswilltaketheletterand he willbringthepresents under the Christmas tree.

    4. Golden pig Christmas Eve ( December 24th) with fasting. People who lasts from morning to Christmasdinnerwithouteating, they can see a goldenpig. It symolizes good luck and harvests.

    5. Christmas meal Typical Christmas Eve meal is fish- mostly carp with potato salad. Some people evenstretch an extra plate on thefestive table for a casualguest.

    6. Christmas day Wecan´t imagineCristmas without a tree. When 24th Decembercomesprobablyno childcansleep. In themorningchildrenwiththeir parents decoratetheChrismastree . They use gingerbreads, lights, angels, bells, stars, glassballs as a decoration. Afterthatpeople go to visit relatives, to a cemetery, for a walkandthentheyreturnhome to eat . Kids are eagerlywaitingforthe bell ringingwhichreports that Baby Jesusishere! They allmove to theChristmastree, theysingcarolsandunpackpresents. In theeveningChristians go to thechurch to a midnightmass. Peoplealsowatchfilmsorfairytales in theevening.

    7. Cutting apple On Christmasdaywealsocutapples. If there is an asteriskafterthecuttingtheappleintotwohalves, itwillbringyougoodluck. But if there is a cross orgood or badshapeeither, youwill have bad luck.

    8. WewishyouMerryChristmas Created by Hana Přikrylová and Michaela Menšíková

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