Unt media class media planning march 27 2008
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UNT Media Class Media Planning March 27, 2008 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Asher Media, Inc. The Difference is Strategic Vision. UNT Media Class Media Planning March 27, 2008. Purpose. ● How written media presentations are developed - Outline the structure of the traditional media plan - Propose questions to assist in brainstorming for the plan. Agenda.

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Unt media class media planning march 27 2008

Asher Media, Inc.

The Difference is Strategic Vision

UNT Media Class

Media Planning

March 27, 2008


● How written media presentations are developed

- Outline the structure of the traditional media plan

- Propose questions to assist in brainstorming for the plan

Asher Media, Inc.


  • Purpose

  • Agenda

  • Background

    • Media planning overview

    • Anatomy of a Media Plan

    • Situational Analysis

    • Steps in Plan Development

    • Getting ready to develop a media plan

  • Media Objectives

  • Media Strategies/Rationale

  • Media Tactics

  • Summary

  • Appendix

Asher Media, Inc.

Media planning overview
Media Planning Overview

  • Media planning flows out of marketing and communication problems that require solutions

  • A good media person is first a good marketing person- with an expertise in media


  • Ask questions…lots of questions.

    • Who, Where, What, Why, When, How

  • Designed to make you knowledgeable about client’s products and problems.

Asher Media, Inc.

Media planning overview1
Media Planning Overview

  • When all questions have been answered and decisions made, recommendations and rationale are organized into a written document, or a “media plan”

  • The plan becomes a blueprint for selection and execution

  • Plan also acts as a guide for the actual purchase of the media

Asher Media, Inc.

Media planning overview2
Media Planning Overview

  • Media planning is more than finding answers to a list of questions about media

  • Media planning is a process or a series of decisions that provide the best possible answers to a set of problems

  • Media planning is an art; not a science

Asher Media, Inc.

No one right media plan
No One Right Media Plan

  • There is no one right media plan, it depends on

    - Company philosophy

    - Competition

    - Size of advertising budget

    - Relationship of advertising, sales promotion and

    personal selling effort

    - Marketing and communication tasks to be


Asher Media, Inc.

Anatomy of media plan
Anatomy of Media Plan

  • Purpose

  • Agenda (Table of Contents)

  • Background/Situation Analysis

  • Recommendation

    • Objectives

    • Strategies

    • Tactics

    • Rationale

  • Flowchart

  • Budget Recap

  • Next Steps

  • Appendix

Asher Media, Inc.

Media plan
Media Plan

Situation Analysis

  • History

  • Market trends

  • Marketing considerations

  • Target audience

Media Strategies

  • Target audience

  • Timing and scheduling

  • Geography

  • Media mix

  • Reach and frequency

  • Sales promotion (if needed)

  • Budget breakdown

Asher Media, Inc.

Situational analysis
Situational Analysis

  • Marketing Facts

    • Competition

    • Creative/Brand history

    • Target audience

    • Geography

    • Timing and purchase cycle

    • Media mix – facts about target’s use of the media

Asher Media, Inc.

Steps in plan development
Steps in Plan Development

  • Understand the Marketing Plan

    - Information provided by Account Service or Client

    - Defines the Marketing Goals

  • Develop Media Objectives

    - Based on input received in the Marketing Plan

  • Determine Media Strategies

    - Based upon Media Objectives

  • Determine Media Tactics

    - Based on strategy

    - Serve as a basis for implementation

  • Implementation

    - Based on Media Tactics

  • Stewardship

    - Post Buy analysis

    - Did the buy deliver as projected?

    - Did the plan achieve its objectives?

Asher Media, Inc.

Getting ready
Getting Ready

The Marketing Plan

- Plans activities which will address one or more of

the marketing opportunities

“There is no such thing as a marketing problem, only an

opportunity” *

- Should include specific goals to serve as a basis for the

Media Objective (s)

● Example: Increase share by 2% by converting users of Brand X

- Also includes:

● Marketing Objectives

● Spending Strategy

● Distribution Strategy

● Which elements of the marketing mix are to be used

● Identification of the best marketing segments

Asher Media, Inc.

*Dr. Tom Ingram, University of Texas at Arlington

Getting ready1
Getting Ready

Interpreting the Marketing Plan

- Recognize various Marketing information needs

● Market size and share of all major players

● Distribution practices

● Sales history, forecasts, costs, and profits

● Methods of selling

● Identification of specific prospect markets

● The product- brand character, purchase and usage habits

Take the time and effort needed to think about how you are going to develop the plan before getting started.

Asher Media, Inc.

Media objectives
Media Objectives

- Translates the marketing plan into goals that media

can accomplish

  • Should be one or 2 sentences

    - Should be specific

    ● Example: Delivery against the secondary target should

    be at least 80% of the delivery (%) of the primary target

    - Can include the following

    ● Target Audience

    ● Timing (seasonality)

    ● Creative Considerations

    ● Geography

    ● Communication Goals (Reach and Frequency)

    ● Budget

  • Example: Enjoy an evening out with friends

  • Who? What? Where? When? How? How Many?

    Asher Media, Inc.

    Target audience analysis
    Target Audience analysis

    • Define the target audience by MRI, Simmons, Scarborough or Media Audit analysis

      • Demographics

        Age, Gender, Education, Income, etc.

      • Psychographics (Simmons or VALS)

        Attitudes, beliefs and opinions

      • Geographic (if necessary)

      • Product usage or usage levels

        Sales-oriented segmentation

        (i.e.) Airline target 25 trips per more

    Asher Media, Inc.

    Mri target audience
    MRI Target Audience

    Asher Media, Inc.

    Example target audience
    Example Target Audience

    • Target customers who frequent bars/restaurant and/or play pool/billiards once a week

      • Demographics

        • Primarily Men (67%)

        • Age 21-39

          • Secondary Age 21-49

        • High School graduate plus (37%)

        • Primarily never been married (47%)

        • Employed (63%) with IEI $15,000+

    Asher Media, Inc.


    • Psychological characteristic of consumers

      • Differentiate among prospects with the same demographic characteristics

    • Psychographic measures

      • MRI has Lifestyle research (VALS)

        • Values and Lifestyles Study

      • Simmons

    Asher Media, Inc.

    Media plan development who
    Media Plan Development-Who

    • Who we are trying to reach

      - Customer profile

      ● Sex

      ● Age

      ● Income

      ● Family Size

      ● Occupation

      ● Education

      ● Marital Status

      - Influenced by

      ● Product User

      ● Actual Purchaser

      ● Frequency of Purchase

      ● Amount of Purchase

    Asher Media, Inc.

    Media plan development where
    Media Plan Development-Where

    ● Where we want to advertise

    - Nationally

    - Regionally

    - Metro/Urban-Suburban

    - County Size

    ● Influenced by

    - Market Volume

    - Share of Market

    - Distribution

    - Business Development

    - Competitive Activity

    - Need for Timing of Advertising

    - Creative Support

    Asher Media, Inc.

    Media plan development what
    Media Plan Development-What

    ● What we want to advertise

    - Product/Brand

    - Price Points

    - Promotion

    ● Sweepstakes

    ● Premium Items

    ● Influenced by

    - Product volume

    - Competitive pressure

    - Sales pressure

    - Pre-determined factor from marketing objectives

    Asher Media, Inc.

    Media plan development why
    Media Plan Development-Why

    ● Why we want to advertise

    - Increase sales

    - New product introduction

    - Account support

    - Promotion tie-in Partnership

    - Awareness

    ● Influenced by

    - Inventory

    - New account demands

    - New product introduction

    - Sluggish sales

    Asher Media, Inc.

    Media plan development when
    Media Plan Development-When

    ● When we want to advertise

    - Weekly/Monthly/Annually

    - Weekends/Weekdays

    - Holidays

    - Mornings/Midday/Evening

    ● Influenced by

    - Seasonality

    - Promotional windows

    - Product consumption

    - Holiday push

    - Length of offers

    Asher Media, Inc.

    Media plan development how
    Media Plan Development-How

    ● How we want to advertise

    - Media Choices (see appendix for media strengths/weakness)

    ● Television

    ● Radio

    ● Newspaper

    ● Outdoor

    ● Magazine

    ● Programming

    ● Editorial Environment

    - Influenced by

    ● Creative

    ● Marketing

    ● Timing

    ● Product (visual)

    ● Budget

    Asher Media, Inc.

    Media plan development
    Media Plan Development

    • Strategy: Ways to achieve the objective(s)

      - Media strategies develop out of the objectives and are

      a series of actions selected from several possible

      alternatives to best achieve the media objectives

      ● Cover such decisions as which kinds of media

      should be used

      ● Whether national or local advertising should

      be used

      ● How many ads should be scheduled

      • 1-2 sentence overviews of each media type

        Example: Invite friends to meet at Chili’s Friday night

    Asher Media, Inc.

    Quintile analysis
    Quintile Analysis

    • Cluster of population into groups of fifths

    • Population is ranked from high to low on particular characteristics

    • Tile groups analyzed based on media usage

    Asher Media, Inc.

    Example – M21-39; Bar/Restaurant or Play Pool

    Television viewing quintiles










    20 %


    35 %

    20 %


    25 %

    20 %


    18 %

    20 %


    12 %

    20 %


    10 %

    100 %

    100 %

    Asher Media, Inc.

    Interpretation of Quintile

    • 35% of bar consumers in the heaviest group (Index: [35/20] x 100 = 175)

    • Indicates TV is good to reach bar/restaurant goers

    • Quintile 1 is always the heaviest usage group

    • Quintile 2 is next heaviest

    • Quintile 5 is the lightest usage group

    • Look for high index numbers in the first two quintiles

    Asher Media, Inc.

    Vals plus media quintile
    VALS plus Media Quintile

    Asher Media, Inc.


    • What kinds of vehicles Match this target? Why?

    • Justify with Index numbers, Percentages from MRI and/or Simmons

      • Magazines- which titles?

      • Radio-which formats

      • TV- which programs types; which specific programs

      • Cable- which specific channels

      • Newspapers – National- which ones? Local- Why?

      • Internet, OOH, Direct Mail – get secondary sources

    Asher Media, Inc.

    Media research rationale
    Media Research rationale

    Source: MRI, Doublebase, 2006

    Asher Media, Inc.

    Media plan development1
    Media Plan Development

    • Tactics: Fine-tuning actions to be taken

      - After strategy is determined, the implementation

      of the media plan begins

      ● These subsequent decisions are referred to as tactics

      - Selection of vehicles in which to place ads

      - The number of ads to be placed in each vehicle

      - The size of each ad

      - Specific positioning

      Example: Make reservation; Meet at 8:30 at Chili’s;

      Check for specials

    Asher Media, Inc.

    Media plan development2
    Media Plan Development

    • Objective

    • M21-39

    • Market (s)

    • June Launch

    • Reach 50% 5+times

    • Budget

    Who, Where, When, How Much


    Television, Radio, Internet, Out-of-Home



    Relevant programming, Prime, Sports Adj., Cable TV, All Day radios, Banners, email blasts, non traditional OOH


    Negotiate & Implement

    Asher Media, Inc.

    Media plan development3
    Media Plan Development

    • Make specific media recommendations

      - The specific plan should show

      ● Media to be used

      ● Length/Size of commercial units

      ● Amount of each medium

      ● Costs

      ● Specific scheduling of the media (flowchart)

      ● Budget recap

      ● Next steps

    Asher Media, Inc.

    Advantages disadvantages network television


    ● National coverage (Regions Available)

    ● Visual-Audio demonstration

    ● In-Program positions

    ● More efficient than spot TV (more impressions per advertising dollar), depending on geographic comparisons/objectives

    ● High attention levels

    ● Easily implemented

    ● Both selective and mass markets may be reached

    - Sports: primarily male

    - Saturday mornings: children

    - Special event, comedies, etc:

    many age groups

    - Day: woman


    ● High total cost

    ● Short life messages

    ● Early commitments required

    ● Clutter

    ● Not flexible

    Advantages/Disadvantages-Network Television

    Asher Media, Inc.

    Advantages disadvantages spot television


    ● Visual-Audio demonstration

    ● High Reach/Impact

    ● Efficient (but not as efficient as

    network TV)

    ● Easily implemented locally

    ● Heavy-up availability

    ● Spending can be related to sales


    ● Flexible in terms of varying weight


    - Timing/Programming

    ● Scheduling/Program alternatives

    - End of week (heavier shopping



    ● High total cost

    ● Short life messages

    ● Commercial placement adjacent to


    Advantages/Disadvantages-Spot Television

    Asher Media, Inc.

    Advantages disadvantages cable television


    ● Visual-audio demonstration

    ● Efficient (Network Cable)

    ● Lower out-of-pocket cost

    ● Greater demographic selectivity

    ● Geographic flexibility (spot cable)

    ● High frequency


    ● Local cable is not measured

    - High cost per prospect

    ● Low reach (65% penetration)

    Advantages/Disadvantages-Cable Television

    Asher Media, Inc.

    Advantages disadvantages television dayparts


    ● Daytime TV

    - Efficient delivery of women

    - Coverage of the full-time, large family


    - Frequency of message weight

    - Relatively high concentration of female viewers,

    indicating interest in programming specifically

    for women

    ● Fringe TV

    - Provides coverage of working women

    - Delivers the prime prospect when she is paying

    greater attention (particularly late fringe)

    - Frequency of message weight

    ● Primetime TV

    - Provides broad awareness/reach quickly

    - Provides an attentive audience

    - Coverage of working women

    - Provides desirable program environment

    - All-family audiences


    ● Daytime TV

    - Relatively low potential reach when used


    ● Fringe TV

    - Expensive

    ● Primetime TV

    - Expensive

    - High Clutter

    Advantages/Disadvantages-Television Dayparts

    Asher Media, Inc.

    Advantages disadvantages radio


    ● High frequency

    ● Efficient

    ● Demographic selectivity

    ● Local personalities for

    commercials/implied endorsements

    ● Good support medium

    ● Excellent for mobile populations due to car radios

    ● Low out-of-pocket cost

    ● Good for price offers

    ● Immediate availability

    ● Promotional


    ● Not visible

    ● Limited reach potential/many

    stations in market

    ● Fleeting messages

    ● Cluttered medium

    ● Background medium


    Asher Media, Inc.

    Advantages disadvantages consumer magazines


    ● National coverage

    ● Demographic selectivity

    - Diversity of editorial formats

    ● Geographical flexibility available

    ● Visual presentation

    ● Superior reproduction (4-color)

    ● Prestigious/Authoritativeness

    ● Longer life

    ● Higher readership/Issue (pass-along


    ● Coupon vehicle (pop-ups/on page)

    ● Can offer compatible editorial


    ● Merchandisable

    ● Controlled circulation may pinpoint a


    - Profession/Occupation


    ● Longer lead time (generally 1-3


    ● Lack of immediacy

    ● Slow build of audience

    ● Regional positions (usually back of


    Advantages/Disadvantages-Consumer Magazines

    Asher Media, Inc.

    Advantages disadvantages outdoor


    ● Broad reach/impact

    ● Visual presentation of product to consumer

    ● Good support/reminder medium

    ● Localized advertising through the use of snipes

    ● High frequency

    ● Geographic flexibility

    ● High summertime visibility

    ● Around the clock exposure (lighted panels on

    main thoroughfares)

    ● Good for simple copy/product identification

    ● Point of retail medium

    ● Immediate

    ● Strategic board locations

    - Ethnic coverage

    - College students

    ● Merchandising services

    ● Often longer exposure than contract period


    ● Limited to simple message

    ● Recall questionable

    ● A relatively high cost medium

    ● Production costs are high

    ● Competes for attention with other things

    such as traffic, scenery, etc…

    ● Zoning restrictions

    ● No target ability


    Asher Media, Inc.

    Advantages disadvantages newspaper


    ● Immediate/Timely

    ● Coupon vehicle

    ● Visual presentation of product

    ● Local impact

    ● Environment (Travel section)

    ● Longer copy platform

    ● Opportunity for retail tie-ins

    ● Color availability

    ● Easily implemented locally

    ● Merchandisable

    ● Offers scheduling alternative

    - Best Food Day

    ● Short lead time

    ● Price/message medium

    ● Reach


    ● Reproduction limitations, particularly


    ● Short life

    ● Cost of buying national coverage is


    ● Small pass-along

    ● National rates are higher than retail


    ● Standardization of newspaper


    ● Limited target ability

    ● Difficulty in controlling position


    Asher Media, Inc.

    Advantages disadvantages sunday supplement


    ● Local market impact with a

    magazine format

    ● High readership

    ● Visual presentation of product

    ● Coupon vehicle

    ● Environment

    ● Color availability

    ● Longer copy platform

    ● Reach


    ● Longer lead time (generally 6 weeks)

    ● Difficult/Expensive to implement


    ● Higher CPM

    ● Small pass-along

    Advantages/Disadvantages-Sunday Supplement

    Asher Media, Inc.

    Advantages disadvantages transit


    ● Mass coverage of large

    metropolitan areas

    ● High frequency medium

    ● Relatively efficient

    ● Point of purchase medium

    ● Strong ethnic and income


    ● Merchandising support


    ● Message space is limited

    ● Competes for attention with

    other things such as traffic,

    scenery, etc…

    ● Recall questionable


    Asher Media, Inc.

    Advantages disadvantages direct mail


    ● A very select medium

    ● Response to advertising is easy

    to check

    ● A personal medium

    ● Geographic and production


    ● Savings possible when direct

    mail is inserted with bills (retail)


    ● Can be very expensive

    ● Accuracy and completeness of

    mailing list

    ● Delivery date may vary from

    person to person

    Advantages/Disadvantages-Direct Mail

    Asher Media, Inc.