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BFR URBAN NYC The 100 Day Report *April - July, 2004* Prepared by Buzztone, Inc. Tuesday, A PowerPoint Presentation
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BFR URBAN NYC The 100 Day Report *April - July, 2004* Prepared by Buzztone, Inc. Tuesday, A

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BFR URBAN NYC The 100 Day Report *April - July, 2004* Prepared by Buzztone, Inc. Tuesday, A - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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BFR URBAN NYC The 100 Day Report *April - July, 2004* Prepared by Buzztone, Inc. Tuesday, August 3, 2004. Table of Contents. BFR Urban NYC: April 1 – July 31, 2004 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY..……………………………………. ……………………………..7 Objective Strategy

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The 100 Day Report

*April - July, 2004*

Prepared by

Buzztone, Inc. Tuesday, August 3, 2004

table of contents
Table of Contents

BFR Urban NYC:April 1 – July 31, 2004

  • EXECUTIVE SUMMARY..……………………………………. ……………………………..7
    • Objective
    • Strategy
    • Program Development Recap
    • Top Line Summary
      • Events
      • Tastemaker Reach / Seeding
      • Bartender Team
      • Product / Premiums
      • Press
  • PROGRAM EXECUTION RECAP…………………...........................…………………..17
    • Tastemaker Reach / Seeding
    • Bartender Team
    • Bartender Education
    • Bartender Rewards
    • Product/Premiums
    • Press
    • Harlem Initiative
table of contents3
Table of Contents

BFR Urban NYC:April 1 – July 31, 2004

  • PROGRAM REPORTING RECAP ….……………………………………….…………..24
    • WIP (Work-in-Progress) Site
    • Video Recaps
  • PROGRAM ASSESSMENT - FIRST 100 DAYS ……………………………………….27
    • What Has Worked
    • Metrics
    • The Biggest Challenges
    • Areas for Improvements
  • PROGRAM IMPROVEMENTS – 2ND 100 DAYS…….………………………………..33
    • Bartender Ambassador Program
    • DJ Network
    • Harlem / Retail Component
    • Product Placement
    • Product Seeding
    • MTV VMA Miami

BFR Urban NYC:April 1 – July 31, 2004

  • Position Bacardi Flavors: as “Sophisticated Fun” with in the Urban ‘Chic’ communities within New York’s Manhattan and the outer boroughs
  • Position Bacardi Flavors: as the “clear spirit drink” of choice against this important psychographics' and lifestyle segment:
    • Create credible long term brand connection - between Bacardi Flavors and the Urban consumer + lifestyle
    • Develop a deep + lasting relationship - between the brand, Urban consumer target “tastemakers” and “influencers” that can be “validated” through liquor retail participation
    • Utilize Urban “Chic” influence: as the lead catalyst for brand growth among all urban “connector” consumers

BFR Urban NYC:April 1 – July 31, 2004

  • Map out the Urban “Chic” Epicenter of New York City: as the launch platform for the eventual national Urban ‘tastemaker+ “influencer” roll out:
    • Locate and Identify: the important New York Urban “tastemakers” and “influencers”, then create and deliver the appropriate communication vehicles to impact them
    • Leverage Key Buzztone “Celebrity” Leaders: and credible ‘nightlife” relationships to turbo-charge Bacardi Flavor assets being given first-ever attention and curiosity
    • Create the BFR Urban NYV Marketing + Communication Platform: that creatively reaches this urban segment at a variety of quantifiable touch points through targeted activities driven by passion-point based initiatives
    • Create, Deliver BFR Brand Ownership: of key Urban trend setting nightlife programs with event, on-premise, off-premise and newly crafted ‘consumer impact’ deliverables
program development recap
Program Development Recap

BFR Urban NYC:April 1 – July 31, 2004

  • BFR Urban NYC Program: presented (March 25, 2004) to Bacardi, USA NYC Sales Team for comprehension, cooperation, participation
  • BFR First Round of Eleven (11) BFR Urban NYC bartenders: selected, trained by Tony Pujala, Joe Plana and Kelly Brewster (of Charmers) on April 7th
  • BFR Kick-Off Event: Q-Tip Birthday Party – April 9th
  • BFR Calendar Build-out: commenced in April, POS procurement from Bacardi USA BFR Team, operating processes established
  • BFR First Execution Focus: creating, securing, executing BFR Urban NYC events with the lead initiative to reach out, then target the “Chic” downtown urban crowd + venues
  • BFR Tastemaker Seeding: began informally through inclusion in very specific, yet high-profile event ‘invitation only” experiences, both one-off and celebrity driven personal events
program development recap8
Program Development Recap

BFR Urban NYC:April 1 – July 31, 2004

  • BFR Outer Borough Drive: explored the opportunities with Bacardi USA/ NYC Off-Premise Team (through Al Bruni) – lead to agreement for a first-strike concentration on Harlem in Summer 2004
  • BFR Harlem Summer 2004 Initiative: Began in June seeking event opportunities and forging new partnership relationships
  • BFR Hampton Summer 2004 Initiative: Began in June to reach out to Urban “Chic” in their NYC vacation playground, Hamptons, New York, on Long Island for a series of weekend pre-during parties activities
  • BFR MTV’s VMA Miami 2004 Awards: Bacardi USA BFR Brand Team requested Buzztone define, secure and orchestrate a very select grouping of pre-post MTV VMA private hospitality events during the first-ever Miami telecast
  • BFR Urban NYC reaches outside Manhattan: Four ‘Out-of-NY’ events were set-up and executed showing coverage and ability to bring BFR Urban “Chic” influence to Los Angeles as well
  • BFR Bartender Team: recruited, trained ethnically diverse group of eleven (11+) bartenders for specific downtown, outer borough BFR Urban NYC staged events
summary events
Summary: Events

BFR Urban NYC:April 1 – July 31, 2004

  • BFR Event Delivered:Seventy-Three (73)
  • BFR Event On-Site Event Attendance:26,712
  • BFR Off-Premise (non-liquor retail) Events: Forty-five (45) @ 8,465 attendance
      • Signature Events: 3 events / 1,400
      • Trendy Parties: 14 events / 5,150
      • Private Dinner/Cocktails: 12 events / 455
      • Social & Networking Events: 9 events / 1,190
      • Happy Hours: 4 events / 260
      • Bartenders Awards: 1 events / 10
  • BFR On-Premise Events: Twenty-Eight (28) @ 17,647 attendance
      • Club Nights: 10 events / 4,900
      • Private Events: 18 events / 12,747
  • Out-of-NYC Events:Four (4) @ 1,450 attendance (Los Angeles)
      • Social & Networking events: 4 / 1,400
summary tastemaker reach seeding
Summary: Tastemaker Reach / Seeding

BFR Urban NYC:April 1 – July 31, 2004

  • Musicians: 63
  • Music & Video Producers/Directors: 4
  • DJ’s: 7
  • Music Executives: 35
  • MTV VJ’s: 5
  • MTV Talent: 5
  • Film/TV Actors: 24
  • Athletes: 4
  • NYC “Key” Influencers: 19
  • Recording Studios: 3
  • Barbershops: 13
  • Fashion Designers: 5
  • Stylists: 7
summary bartender team
Summary: Bartender Team

BFR Urban NYC: Bartenders

  • Twenty-one (21): dedicated BFR Bartenders/Servers secured:
    • Eleven (11): recruited + trained on April 7th
    • Ten (10): additional recruited + trained on July 13th
    • Performed: Sixty-three (63) of Seventy-three (73) BFR Urban NYC Events
    • Brand Ambassadors: working on thefront-line of contact and consumer influence, telling the story, getting connected
    • Becoming Highly Knowledgeable: and passionate spokespersons to spread the BFR brand heritage gospel, BFR flavors taste sensation, demonstrating BFR value over Vodka, and many other communication components
summary product premiums
Summary: Product / Premiums

BFR Urban NYC: Product & Merchandise

  • BFR Product: 475 cases
  • BFR Premiums: 4,827 pieces
    • Baby T’s: 1,452
    • Men’s T’s: 547
    • Poly Shirts: 55
    • Bar Shirts: 41
    • Visors: 1,613
    • Key Chains: 1,000
    • Branded Shakers: 59
    • Tic Tac Toe Games: 30
    • COCO Watches: 10
    • Limon Pocket Watches: 20
summary press
Summary: Press

BFR Urban NYC: Press Coverage

  • Outlets:
    • Magazines: Three (3)
    • Newspaper: Five (5)
    • Broadcast: Two (2)
    • Online: Ten (10+)
  • Events Covered:
    • Q-Tip Birthday Party
    • Missy Elliott Party
    • Patti La Belle 60th Birthday Party
events off premise
Events: Off Premise

BFR Urban NYC:Off-Premise “Signature Events”

  • 3 Events / 1,400 attendance
    • Q-Tips Birthday / BFR Urban NYC Launch Party / 500
    • Patti Labelle’s Surprise 60th Birthday Party / 150
    • Bacardi Limon Presents Missy Elliott’s Really Really Hot Party / 750
events off premise16
Events: Off Premise

BFR Urban NYC:Off-Premise “Trendy Parties”

  • 14 Events / 5,150 attendance
    • Graffiti Exhibit at the Marco Art Gallery / 200
    • Syrup Design Studios Launch Party / 300
    • VP Records 25th Anniversary NYC Concert / 300
    • Victoria Keen Summer 2004 Collection Party / 300
    • Shawna Stone Concert & Party / 200
    • Yin Magazine Launch Party / 400
    • The VS. Project artist opening at Triple 5 Soul Boutique / 400
    • Sounds of Venezuela Charity Event / 250
    • Studio Museum of Harlem AIR (Artist in Residence) Show / 800
    • The Ludlow Residency Gallery opening @ Triple 5 Soul Store / 375
    • Vice Magazine Photo Issue Party / 450
    • Stitch Magazine Launch Event / 600
    • Buckler Fashion Preview Event / 300
    • Rock and Republic In-Store Event / 175
events off premise17
Events: Off Premise

BFR Urban NYC:Off-Premise “Private Dinner/Cocktails Parties”

  • 12 Events / 455 attendance
    • VP Records 25th Anniversary Press Conference / 150
    • Hamptons Friday Night Pre- Party / 40
    • Hamptons: Memorial Day Weekend BBQ / 60
    • Denzel Washington Boys & Girls Club Award Reception / 200
    • Hamptons: Summer / Share Pre-Party / 60
    • Bad Boy private reception for P. Diddy / 30
    • Hamptons: Montauk BBQ / 75
    • Hamptons: Share House Pre Party / 45
    • Seth Friedman B-Day Party (BEP Manager) / 50
    • Hamptons: Share House Pre Party / 65
    • Hamptons: Share House Pre Party / 40
    • Hamptons: Share House Pre Party / 45
events off premise18
Events: Off Premise

BFR Urban NYC:Off Premise “Social & Networking Events”

  • 9 Events / 1,190 attendance
    • Hamptons: Thursday Throwback Bowling Event / 200
    • Dashing Diva Salon Social Hour / 125
    • Afro-Punk Film Screening w/Director James Spooner / 125
    • Blue & Cream Store Opening / 150
    • Kill Bill: Vol. 2: Advanced Screening / 225
    • Dashing Diva Salon Series / 100
    • Dashing Diva Salon Series / 85
    • Dashing Diva Salon Series / 100
    • Dashing Diva Salon Series / 80
events off premise19
Events: Off Premise

BFR Urban NYC:Off-Premise “Happy Hours”

  • 4 Events/ 260 attendance
    • Atlantic Records Happy Hour / 75
    • Atlantic Records Happy Hour / 75
    • Atlantic/ Elektra Office Happy Hour / 60
    • Atlantic/ Elektra Office Happy Hour / 50
events off premise20
Events: Off Premise

BFR Urban NYC:Off-Premise “Bartenders Awards”

  • 1 Event / 10 attendance
    • BFR Bartender Rewards Night / 10
events on premise
Events: On Premise

BFR Urban NYC:On-Premise “Club Nights”

  • 10 Events / 4,900 attendance
    • The Den – BFR Tasting / 250
    • BFR Bartender – Karaoke Night / 100
    • Kurtis Blow Spins Thursday Night Event / 200
    • Hamptons: Star Room Summer Kick Off Party / 1,000
    • The Den – BFR Tasting / 250
    • Hamptons: Dragon Bar / 200
    • The Den – “Sugah comes to Harlem” / 200
    • METRO SOUL (new hip hop night) / 150
    • Hamptons: Star Room Club Night / 1500
    • Hamptons: Boutique Club Night / 900
events on premise22
Events: On Premise

BFR Urban NYC:On-Premise “Private Events”

  • 18 Events / 12,747 attendance
    • Amy Balsam’s Birthday Dinner / 12
    • African-American Hurry Date / 40
    • Kill Bill: Vol. 2: After-Party / 700
    • N.E.R.D. & Black Eyed Peas Concert After Party / 600
    • David Dyer’s Birthday Party / 70
    • Fuel For Truth / 700
    • City NY Magazine Award Celebration / 400
    • 40/40 Club 1-Year Anniversary / 1,000
    • America Magazine June Issue Party / 800
    • Spin Magazine Prom Party / 350
    • Brandy Album Release Party / 2,000
    • Butter 2-Year Anniversary / 500
    • Def Jux Artist Showcase / 250
    • Beenie Man Album Release Party / 1,200
    • Hamptons: Star Room Birthday Event / 1,200
    • Donnie Darko Re-release After-party / 275
    • Vice Magazine Photo Issue After-Party / 300
    • SPIN Magazine – DEVO, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah’s After-Party / 500
events out of nyc
Events: Out-of-NYC

BFR Urban NYC:Out-of-NYC Events

  • 4 Events / 1,450 attendance
    • LA: MTV Movie Awards: Luxury Suite /200
    • LA: Young Hollywood Party / 400
    • LA: Syrup Design Studio Event /600
    • LA: D12 Listening Party /250
events value
Events: Value

BFR Urban NYC: Event “Value”

  • Ability To Secure: participation in/creation of high-image events with true Urban “Chic” celebrity and tastemaker attendance
  • Exposure: to over 26,000 tastemakers, influencers, target segment consumers
  • Challenged Conventional On-Premise Practices: to provide inroads to event involvement and execution in alternative, more cost-effective manner
  • BFR Urban NYC Team: of dedicated, educated and enthusiastic bartenders who successfully create positive BFR experience for consumer
  • Smart Urban “Chic” Coverage: crafted and executed through a variety of creative event experiences
  • Quantifiable BFR sampling: engaging 100% of the BFR Urban NYC target profile delivering positive, pro-active brand experience
  • Creating A ‘first’ BFR Urban Buzz: to bring new brand recognition, setting brand preference and change about rum as less than sophisticated
tastemaker reach seeding
Tastemaker Reach / Seeding

BFR Urban NYC: Tastemaker “Seeding Recap”

  • Seeding:
      • Invite Packaging: to high-profile events
        • Patti La Belle
        • Q-Tip
        • Missy Elliott
      • Private Events: BFR drink specials, VIP Bottle service
      • Gift Bags: signature, private events
      • Harlem: first BFROn-Premise + Off-Premise (non-liquor retail) environments
      • One-offs: birthday parties, BBQ’s, Private Small Social Gatherings
  • Tastemaker + Influence Captured (color designated):
      • Black = BFR Urban NYC initial target list – no contact
      • Red = BFR Urban NYC initial target list – reached/seeded
      • Green = BFR Urban NYC reached/seeded - not initial target list
tastemaker reach seeding26
Tastemaker Reach / Seeding

BFR Urban NYC: Tastemaker “Musicians”

  • Dwele
  • Elephant Man
  • Enrique Iglesias
  • Eve
  • Foxy Brown
  • Ghostface Killa
  • Jay Z
  • JC Chasez
  • Jermaine Dupri
  • Jessica Simpson
  • Joe
  • Juelz Santana
  • Kanye West
  • Kelis
  • Kelly Osbourne
  • Kelly Rowland
  • Kurtis Blow
  • Lil’ Kim
  • A Simple Plan
  • Ali Shaheed
  • Ashanti
  • Ashford & Simpson
  • Ashlee Simpson
  • Beenie Man
  • Black Eyed Peas
  • Busta Rhymes
  • Brandy
  • Carl Thomas
  • Camp Freddy
  • Cam'ron
  • Chingy
  • Chino XL
  • Chuck D
  • Craig Mack
  • Da Band
  • LL Cool J
  • Loon
  • Macy Gray
  • Mariah Carey
  • Maroon 5
  • Mase
  • Mario Winans
  • Maxi Priest
  • Maxwell
  • Missy Elliot
  • Mya
  • Nas
  • Nelly
  • N.E.R.D
  • Nick Lachey
  • Nona Hendricks
  • Outkast
  • P. Diddy
  • Patti La Belle,
  • Pete Yorn
  • Petey Pablo
  • Pink
  • Q-Tip
  • Ryan Cabrera
  • Sleepy Brown
  • Snoop Dogg
  • Talib Kweli
  • The Diplomats
  • Truth Hurts
  • Tweet
  • Wayne Wonder
  • Wyclef Jean
  • Young Gunz
tastemaker reach seeding27
Tastemaker Reach / Seeding
  • Alex Rodriguez
  • Derek Jeter
  • Eric Lindross
  • Jason Kidd
  • Jerry Stackhouse
  • Kenyon Martin
  • LeBron James
  • Penny Hardaway
  • Richard Jefferson
  • Stephon Marbury
  • Tiki Barber
  • Tim Thomas

BFR Urban NYC: Tastemaker “Directors + Athletes”

  • Aaron Fishbein (Producer)
  • Andrew Fromm (Producer)
  • Benny Boom (Video Director)
  • Charles Infante (Video/Art Director)
  • Damon Elliott (Producer)
  • Dave Meyers (Video Director)
  • Neptunes (Producers)
  • Paul Hunter (Video director)
  • Raphael Saddiq (Producer)
  • Smith & Borin (Video directors)
  • Spike Jonze (Director/Producer)
  • The Alchemist (Producer)
  • Trackstarz (Producers)
  • Wade Robson (Choreographer)
tastemaker reach seeding28
Tastemaker Reach / Seeding
  • DJs:
  • Adam 12
  • Beverly Bond
  • Cassidy
  • DJ AM
  • DJ Five Starr
  • DJ Skribble
  • DJ Salaam
  • Green Lantern
  • Juske
  • Marc Ronson
  • Ralph McDaniels
  • Samantha Ronson
  • Skye Nellor
  • Todd Mallis
  • Tony Touch
  • MTV Talent (RR/RW):
  • Abe
  • Adam King
  • Adam Larson
  • Blair
  • Elka
  • Eric Nies
  • Sophia
  • Syrus
  • Theo K.
  • MTV VJs:
  • AJ
  • Free
  • Dan Levy
  • Gideon Yago
  • Suchin Pak
  • Sway
  • Quddus
tastemaker reach seeding29
Tastemaker Reach / Seeding

BFR Urban NYC: Tastemaker “Music Executives”

  • Adam Lowenberg
  • Andre Harrell
  • Andrei McQuillan
  • Blue Williams
  • Brian Greenspoon
  • Camille Hackney
  • Chris Lighty
  • Craig Kallmen
  • David Lee
  • Emile Wakbnin
  • Gihan Salem
  • Guy Pham
  • Harve Pierre
  • Ian Alexander
  • James Cruz
  • Jeremy Geffen
  • Jeremy Larner
  • Jon Shapiro
  • Justin Shukat
  • Kevin Liles
  • LA Reid
  • Lyor Cohen
  • Marc Gunn
  • Marcus Logan
  • Meredith Israel
  • Mike Kyser
  • Nigel
  • Paul Rosenberg
  • Phil Robinson
  • Rob Love
  • Rob Walker
  • Russell Simmons
  • Seth Friedman
  • Slam
  • Steve Leiberman
  • Theo Seddlemeyer
  • Tone
  • Vincent Carroll
tastemaker reach seeding30
Tastemaker Reach / Seeding

BFR Urban NYC: Tastemaker “Film/TV Actors”

  • Aisha Tyler
  • Ali Larter
  • Andy Dick
  • Brad Alesi
  • Carmen Electra
  • Cedric The Entertainer
  • Chloe Sevingy
  • Christina Milan
  • Claire Danes
  • Cuba Gooding Jr.
  • Denzel Washington
  • Donald Faison
  • Drea Dematteo
  • Mekhai Phifer
  • Nicole Eggert
  • Nicole Richie
  • Paris Hilton
  • Rashumba
  • Rosario Dawson
  • Sean Penn
  • Topher Grace
  • Traci Bingham
  • Tyson Beckford
  • Vincent Gallo
  • Will Smith
  • Wilmer Valderamma
  • Esai Morales
  • Farnsworth Bentley
  • Jamie Kennedy
  • Jason Lewis
  • Jeff Beacher (comedian)
  • Jimmy Fallon
  • Johnny Depp
  • Jonathan Silverman
  • Justin Berfield
  • Kiko Ellsworth
  • Luis Garcia
  • Mark Ruffalo
  • Matt Dillon
tastemaker reach seeding31
Tastemaker Reach / Seeding

BFR Urban NYC: Tastemaker “NYC Influencers + Barbershops + Studios”

  • Alex Lasky
  • Andrew Simon
  • Damon Degraff
  • Dana Weiss
  • Danny A.
  • Derek Axelrod
  • Fabian Basabe
  • Ivy Supersonic
  • Jamie Murphy
  • Jarrett Fein
  • Jive Jones
  • Jason Strauss
  • Jeff Burroughs
  • John MacDonald
  • Jonathan Cheban
  • Lizzie Grubman
  • Cut Above Barbershop
  • Fresh Barbershop
  • Jerry's Den
  • Jimmy Luv
  • Lenny Da Barber
  • Mike Daddy
  • Music Hut
  • Revival
  • Salon DKD
  • The Den Barbershop
  • Triple Platinum Barbershop
  • Ultimate Barbershop
  • Noah Teppenberg
  • Nitro
  • Richie Akiva
  • Sari Lampert
  • Sasha Tcherevkoff
  • Scott Sartiano
  • Recording Studios:
  • D&D
  • Daddy's House
  • Hit Factory
  • Stretch Armstrong Studio
  • Temple Of Sound
bartender team
Bartender Team

BFR Urban NYC: Bartender “Program”

  • Profile:
    • Eleven (11) BFR Bartenders: recruited & trained on April 7th
    • Ten (10) BFR Bartenders: recruited & trained on July 13th
    • BFR Bartenders serviced: sixty-three (63) out of the seventy-three (73) events
    • BFR Bartenders have worked: high-profile events, top of the pack lounges, clubs, restaurants
  • Responsibilities:
    • Assisting: with load in/out of supplies, bar/event set-up, bartending/serving duties, clean/pack up of equipment and unused product
    • Educating: consumer on the BFR brand, persuade trial, influence decisions, encourage exploration and provide positive experience
    • Feedback: on consumer preferences, BFR drink recipes that work, don’t work, and how to covey BFR brand communication
bartender teams
Bartender Teams

BFR Urban NYC: Bartender “Program”

  • Reward:
    • One Reward Event: A Night at The Royalton
      • A penthouse suite used as a private ‘focus group” to gather informal information on camera
      • Learned about what works best at:
        • Dinner parties,
        • BFR swag
      • Rewarded grand prize flight/hotel for two to Miami or LA
      • Reward program to be instituted on a bi-monthly basis to consist of:
        • Shopping Discounts
        • Spa Treatments
        • Designer label merchandise
        • Hot concert/sport event tickets

BFR Urban NYC: BuzzPR

  • Buzztone Not Originally Tasked: with overseeing and managing BuzzPR:
    • Buzz PR Captured: to date, which has been through very low-key efforts exuded by the internal BFR Urban NYC team
    • Buzz PR Secured: through a few of the BFR Urban NYC events:
      • Q-Tip Birthday: NY Daily News, US Weekly
      • Missy Elliott: NY Post, host of online sites
      • Patti La Belle: NY Daily News, NY Post, Philadelphia Daily News, Access Hollywood, Jet Magazine, BET Award Show Post show, US Weekly, People
      • MTV Movie Luxury Suite: KTLA News Spot
    • The Baddish Group: and Buzztone have recently discussed ways to leverage BFR Urban NYC event opportunities--recommended working closer together to identify best BuzzPR opportunities and plan of attack to increase press interest and coverage
harlem summer initiative on premise
Harlem Summer Initiative – On-Premise

BFR Urban NYC: Harlem Summer Initiative

  • Buzztone initiated: exploratory visits to Harlem to build valuable strategic relationships for event execution with a variety of on-premise and off-premise venues
    • On-premise accounts: worked with top bartenders on “new” cocktail ideas for execution.
      • Fresh raspberry and mango mojitos
      • Fresh Razz Lemonade
      • The “Evelyn” cocktail (from the Den)
    • Have had success: with a few selected on-premise (liquor) accounts where the “new” BFR cocktails are now becoming popular calls. The style of the cocktails have been elevated to fit the upscale trendy feel of the Harlem consumers impacted
    • Harlem On-Premise Venues:
      • The Den – led to Tuesday night impact of BFR cocktails on list
      • Sugar Hill Bistro – getting more reception on BFR flavors
      • Sugar Shack – just opening the BFR flavors potential
      • Revival – forwarded list of new BFR cocktails for inclusion to menu
      • Londell’s – Bartenders pushing COCO to customers
      • Bayou – discussion going on
      • Native – Two BFR cocktails on list
      • Lennox Lounge – working to hold private events
harlem summer initiative off premise
Harlem Summer Initiative – Off-Premise

BFR Urban NYC: Harlem Summer Initiative

  • Buzztone Initiated: visiting off-premise (non-liquor retail) accounts to explore upcoming event opportunities.
    • In addition to brief BFR brand overview, each location received a bottle of BFR COCO with customized recipes for brand introduction and trial.
      • Barber Shops:
        • Triple Platinum Barber Shop
        • Ultimate Barber Shop
        • M Reyes Barbershop (East Harlem)
        • Rob’s Place
        • Fresh Barbershop
        • The Den Barbershop
        • Cut Above Barbershop
      • Harlem Fashion Designers / Boutiques:
        • Sistahs of Harlem: BFR to host August small venue show to be the exclusive spirit sponsor for Fall Fashion Week event
        • Pieces: BFR to host grand opening of new boutique in Harlem in August 2004, working with team on Fall Fashion Week event held in Harlem or Manhattan Meat Packing district
        • Montgomery: BFR invited to pour at in-store fashion show in early August
        • B. Oyama: Owner planning upcoming fashion show to be held at Harlem account, Mo-Bay requesting BFR participation
        • Hats by Bunn: Very interested in support with BFR COCO for Harlem Week event
        • MAC of Harlem: Initiated meeting on supporting in store events at MAC Boutique Harlem branch
harlem summer initiative cultural
Harlem Summer Initiative - Cultural

BFR Urban NYC: Harlem Summer Initiative

  • Buzztone Initiated: some creative, untraditional on-premise and off-premise (non-liquor retail) outreach, meeting for the first time cultural and iconic leaders to explore impactful BFR brand and event opportunities.
    • Harlem / East Harlem Art World Artists / Museums:
      • Museo Del Barrio
      • Studio Museum of Harlem
      • Brett Cook
      • De La Vega
      • Triple Candy
    • Harlem Week Organizers:
      • Reviewed landscape – best action for BFR is to be present at the hippest, most upscale events available – many events bought out by corporate sponsors well ahead of time
    • P. Diddy:
      • Multiple events planned through Puffy relationship at his Harlem based music studios and other related pro-active events
    • Rucker Park:
      • On Tuesday evenings to host Rucker ‘b-ball’ players and post Rucker game festivities
harlem initiative events
Harlem Initiative - Events

BFR Urban NYC: Harlem Summer Initiative

  • Buzztone initiated: and conduced eight (8) events in the Harlem borough since the initiative soft June program launch
    • Off-Premise (non-liquor retail):
      • Studio Museum of Harlem AIR (Artist in Residence) Opening
        • 800 attendees
        • Impacted a core group of Harlem Renaissance artists, fashion and civic leaders
        • Invited to take part in Fall opening (pushed aside long standing relationship w/ Scheiffelin brands)
    • SHOP Events:
        • A high-end Harlem caterer who only conducts private events for Harlem glitterati and a variety of clientele that ranges from Media Executives, Music Industry VIPs, Doctors, Lawyers, Brokers, etc.
        • Four (4) events executed to date – Dinner and Cocktail parties, Bridal showers
        • Each event features four (4) exclusive BFR cocktails with recipes provided by Buzztone, working in conjunction with caterer
    • On-Premise:
      • The Den (2150 5th Avenue @ 131st)
        • Three (3) event nights
        • Four (4) BFR cocktails exclusively featured on Tuesday evenings, with Music Industry Mixer at new hot Harlem night spot
        • BFR POS distributed to key attendees
        • Two (2) BFR cocktails added to permanent menu
wip site
WIP Site

BFR Urban NYC: WIP “Work in Progress” URL

  • WIP Site was launched on April 26th
    • WIP Site address:
      • User Name: cstone
      • Password: miami
    • WIP Site created to serve as central communication center for all program elements:
      • Program Overview
      • Calendar
      • Events Recap
      • Tastemaker & Influencers
      • Press
      • Communication Center
      • Market Research
      • Multimedia (Video/Audio)
      • Contacts
    • WIP Sections Housing Content:
      • The Program,
      • Calendar,
      • Events Recap,
      • Contacts
    • WIP Sections To Be Added:
      • Tastemakers & Influencers
      • Press
      • Bartender Section

BFR Urban NYC: Video “Sound Bites”

  • BFR Urban NYC Videographer: contracted to record five (5) key events for each month of the BFR Urban NYC Program
    • Video “Sound bites”:
      • Capture the event “energy”
      • Event action & reception
      • Audience profile
      • BFR presence & acceptance
      • Audience interaction + feedback
    • Twenty Video “Sound Bites”:
      • Have been shot, condensed to provide the BFR Urban 100 Day Report wrap up:
        • Executive summary of the BFR Urban NYC Program
        • Footage from twenty select events including:
          • Q-Tip Launch Party
          • Missy Elliot Event
          • Marco Art Gallery Event
          • VP Records Press Conference
          • Bartender Training Session
          • …others
what has worked well why
What Has Worked Well? Why?

BFR Urban NYC: Buzztone Program Assessment

  • Strong Internal Process:
    • Creation and use of consistent internal documentation and procedures for the BFR Urban NYC team to keep updated and ahead on all planned/executed programs
    • What each program entails includes:
      • Time
      • Date
      • Pertinent ‘brand’ information
      • Supplies needs + usage
      • Ability to share ideas
      • Branding + messaging continuity
      • Accurate reporting
      • Appropriate staffing
      • Correct event turn-around
      • Confer, assess each event opportunity against set BFR brand criteria
      • Ensures BFR isn’t compromised in any manner.
what has worked well why44
What Has Worked Well? Why?

BFR Urban NYC: Buzztone Program Assessment

  • Dedicated Bartender Team:
    • Delivers Ability: to recruit, educate a private, dedicated network of BFR bartenders
    • Properly Showcasing: the BFR brand personality and commitment
    • Creates an honest, true brand ambassadorship campaign in the urban sector
    • Effective front-line Communicators: for BFR brand messaging with credible product attribute impact
    • Enthusiastic + Staunch Evangelists: who understand the commitment required to showcase the BFR brand properly
    • Have Created: “usable” BFR drink concoctions
    • Have Positively: influenced Urban “Chic”consumer to tell their friends and order BFR by name
    • Presenting BFR: to non-BFR bartenders to get ‘with it’ and “pour it”
what has worked well why45
What Has Worked Well? Why?

BFR Urban NYC: Buzztone Program Assessment

  • Brand Event Exposure:
    • BFR product displayed, mixed, served and showcased
    • Organic + relevant brand exposure is key to BFR acceptance by finicky consumers
    • Delivers authentic, credible brand interaction + new drink experience
  • Brand Event Production:
    • Taking leadership by producing the most targeted Urban “Chic” events
    • Being involved in every aspect
    • Ensures BFR is seamlessly integrated into each program/opportunity
    • Providing effective branding, consumer experience, to maximize brand exposure
    • Ability to properly monitor quality control over the look and feel of the brand
    • Handle each and every detail, A to Z, controlling the entire experience including the look, the feel, the presentation and how the product and bartenders connect with the consumers
what has worked well why46
What Has Worked Well? Why?

BFR Urban NYC: Buzztone Program Assessment

  • Key Industry Relationships:
    • Important relationships have materialized with:
      • Record labels
      • Music artists
      • Graffiti artists
      • Producers of profile events
      • Promoters
      • Private and exclusive clubs
      • Private lofts
      • Caterers
      • Party planners
      • Special events in
        • Offices
        • Homes
        • Art Galleries
        • Barber Shops
      • Product placement (music video)
what has worked well why47
What Has Worked Well? Why?

BFR Urban NYC: Buzztone Program Assessment

  • Invaluable Industry Resource:
    • BFR Urban NYC: has begun to impress it’s brand personality on Urban artists, record labels, fashion designers and magazines to “live like you mean it”
    • BFR Urban NYC: must continue to offer it’s high smart services to make each event a really great place to be seen and heard
    • BFR Urban NYC: must continue to partner in key events as the brand will constantly be challenged to produce each event that stymies the competition, where other brands might offer greater funding and willing to throw anything into the mix, BFR becomes “the life of the party”
    • BFR Urban NYC: will continue to bring in the lead production element on top of providing great product, brand credibility, which add to the overall posture and strengthen of the ongoing BFR value proposition
    • BFR Urban NYC: is just beginning to be recognized as producing and hosting some of the best Urban “Chic” events in the business

BFR Urban NYC: Buzztone Program Assessment

  • Metrics:
    • Attendee Profile: is the audience suitably comprised of the target psychographics'
    • Attendee Feedback: what was the response to the BFR drinks and other brand offerings, such as giveaways, branding swag, etc.
    • Brand Exposure: was their relevant visibility at the venue to extend presence
    • Product Pour: were a significant amount of consumers exposed to the product
    • Product Quality: were the drinks poured in a high-quality manner, did the specialty featured drinks fit the attendee preferences
    • Brand Messaging: are the brand attributes being effectively communicated
    • Bartenders/Servers (non-BFR Team members): are they receptive to our pre-event training and do they represent the brand in the manner they are instructed

BFR Urban NYC: Buzztone Program Assessment

  • Metrics:
    • Brand Conversion: were we able to effectively influence non-rum drinkers to trial BFR with hopes of impacting and driving brand preference
    • Press: are we able to garner press coverage for BFR at signature and other high-profile events
    • Consumer Feedback: does the consumer feedback translate into positive experiences
    • Brand Recognition: do consumers get excited when there is BFR present
    • Event Opportunities: do event opportunities present themselves because a Urban leader has had a positive experience at a BFR event
the biggest challenges
The Biggest Challenges

BFR Urban NYC: Buzztone Program Assessment

  • Challenges:
    • Availability: of Bacardi Flavors in key on-premise accounts where the Urban “Chic” congregate and will ask for the brand
    • Competitors: often times have larger budgets and seem more lucrative to event producers which poses initial challenges for securing BFR involvement
    • On-Premise Personnel: can, at times, be difficult to deal with, often attempting to alter the original event agreement just prior to an event start
    • Celebrity Talent: and their managers/agents can, on occasion, be challenging to work with us on all levels
    • Appropriate Branding Tools: for high-profile events that convey the right and proper message
    • Ability To Manage: an event and successfully capture the proper event recaps, photos, quotes and overview for client reporting
    • Time Dedicated: to high-profile and large-scale events can be intensive but necessary to guarantee that BFR control the experience, means having to be involved in every step of the planning
areas for improvement
Areas for Improvement

BFR Urban NYC: Buzztone Program Assessment

  • Improvement:
    • Set Up Event Accounts: with necessary grocery & supply vendors to streamline BFR Urban NYC event execution
    • Train Teams: of the bartenders/servers to be event managers on the evenings with multiple events
    • Maximize Press: opportunities by working with The Baddish Group on a consistent basis
    • Work Bacardi USA/NY: to devise tactics that drive back to liquor retail to include a series of impactful retail events
    • Increase Event Opportunities in outer boroughs, building on momentum of outreach to Brooklyn and Harlem
    • Bacardi USA/NY: borough strategy that leverages more on-premise account participation and support before and after a BFR Urban NYC event
    • Provide Bacardi USA/Miami: Sales & Distribution with creative ways to leverage the BFR Urban NYC BFR events for maximum benefit
    • BFR Urban NYC Weekly Event Alert: to all team agencies for greater activity, awareness, partnerships

BFR Urban NYC: Buzztone Program Improvements

  • 2nd 100 Day Focus:
    • Establish more depth in bartender ambassador program
    • Establish DJ Network
    • Define retail component
    • Identify + secure more product placement (i.e. Dilema Music Video)
    • Expand formal tastemaker seeding program
    • Deliver seamless MTV VMA Event Series Production
    • Identify additional BFR showcase opportunities
bartender ambassador program
Bartender Ambassador Program

BFR Urban NYC: Buzztone Program Improvements

  • BFR Bartender Ambassador Program: to expand engagement that continues to educate more on-premise Urban specific bar talent to BFR brands equities that will serve to support and influence their peers in their place of work
  • BFR Bartender Informal Training: to extend sessions for on-premise bar staff who won’t necessarily be a consistent work force for the BFR Urban NYC program but can be educated to support the brand:
    • Sessions to be fun, interactive and creative
    • Rewards to include menu tasting at new restaurant, spa session or retail discount with training to follow, etc.
    • Key is to introduce the brand in a non-intrusive manner for an organic experience and acceptance
dj network
DJ Network

BFR Urban NYC: Buzztone Program Improvements

  • BFR DJ Network Program: that looks to define a strong + supportive music and club influence with the lead Urban “Chic” influencers
    • Create working list of DJ participants
    • Finalize BFR Urban NYC DJ Promotional Kit Vendors for production
      • DJ Promotional Kits contain:
        • DJ Record Bags,
        • CD Cases,
        • Slip Mats
    • BFR Urban NYC Kits will be co-branded and distributed exclusively to select DJ’s who have real ‘power’ in the Urban clubs and lounges
    • Devise Timeline for BFR Urban NYC DJ Network Program development and Implementation
retail component
Retail Component

BFR Urban NYC: Buzztone Program Improvements

  • Bacardi USA + Buzztone: to executive produce a credible, “new” hot street buzz-worthy DJ mix tape (CD) to be made exclusively for the BFR Harlem / Urban Summer 2004 initiative:
    • Delivered exclusively at specific Harlem off-premise (liquor retail) top priority accounts (four to a maximum of eight) to drive and stimulate BFR product association and influence through tastemaker urban influencers:
      • Sales goal: Move up to 1200 bottles (100 cases) over a concentrated time period (August-September)
      • Initial effort: Identify four (4) lead Harlem liquor retail accounts where one event will to be planned for each
        • then expanded to more days or locations (TBD) during the remaining summer season
    • Impact Bacardi’s top BFR accounts in Harlem and surrounding areas
      • List forwarded by Bacardi USA/NY team
      • Working with the BFR ongoing Harlem initiative
product placement
Product Placement

BFR Urban NYC: Buzztone Program Improvements

  • BFR Urban NYC: will look to discover and find suitable BFR brand placement in a variety of communication environments:
    • Music videos
    • Lifestyle print ads
    • Fashion retail displays
    • Artist photo shoots
    • Film location shoots
product seeding
Product Seeding

BFR Urban NYC: Buzztone Program Improvements

  • Update and expand: current Urban “Chic” tastemaker and influencer list to expand BFR product seeding opportunities
    • BFR product seeding will continue with inclusion in:
      • High-profile invites
      • Innovative gift pack deliveries
      • Grassroots outreach
      • Media presentations
mtv vma s miami
MTV VMA’s Miami

BFR Urban NYC: Buzztone Program Improvements

  • BFR rock’s MTV’s VMA’s (Video Music Awards in August 2004: presenting the most significant (…and soon to be respected) parties at this year’s ceremonies.
    • BFR has charged Buzztone: to define and then produce a variety of prestigious pre and post VMA award activities that will place BFR front-and-center to the attending music community who will be descending upon Miami for MTV’s first telecast from this market.
    • BFR will be presenting: it’s ‘experience’ at some of South Beach’s respected Establishments:
      • The Delano
      • The Shore Club
      • The Whitelaw
      • Private Mansion on Star Island
    • BFR will be positioned: as the VMA’s lead ‘event party’ destination, accomplishing this without having to go through a lot of broadcaster ‘red tape’ to create and then execute an event experience that will become the envy of the VMA’s.
    • BFR’s VMA events: designed to be the hub of the music industry’s most influential rock, pop and hip hop artist communities, where everyone from Usher, D12, Queen Latifah, Missy Elliott, Good Charlotte and the trendsetter royalty elite will be attending.
mtv vma s miami60
MTV VMA’s Miami

BFR Urban NYC: Buzztone Program Improvements

  • BFR VMA Event calendar: is built around highly themed efforts that will capture important media and press attention:
  • Friday August 27, 2004:
    • Rock the Vote:Board of Directors cocktail Reception @ The Whitelaw Hotel
    • Roc Digital:Launch Party @ The Shore Club
  • Saturday, August 28, 2004:
    • Queen Latifah:hosts a star studded beach cookout in honor of her new comedy “The Cookout” by Lion’s Gate Films in theaters Labor Day Weekend @ The Delano pool area and private beach
    • Dave Meyers:hosts “The Night Before” in conjunction with Stuff Magazine @ Private Mansion on Star Island
    • Pharrell & N.E.R.D:VMA Pre- Party @ The Shore Club
  • Sunday, August 29, 2004:
    • Spin Magazine, Rock the Vote, D12:(3 time 2004 VMA nominees for their smash video hit “My Band”) @ The Delano
    • Blender Magazine and Usher: host VMA After Party @ The Shore Club