implementing gfebs in michigan
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Implementing GFEBS in Michigan

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Implementing GFEBS in Michigan - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Implementing GFEBS in Michigan. Michigan Department of Military and Veterans Affairs – State Operations. Mission, Vision & Values. Values: Loyalty Duty Personal Courage Selfless Service Honor Integrity Respect Integrity First Service Before Self Excellence In All We Do. Mission:

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implementing gfebs in michigan

Implementing GFEBS in Michigan

Michigan Department of Military and Veterans Affairs – State Operations

mission vision values
Mission, Vision & Values




Personal Courage

Selfless Service




Integrity First

Service Before Self

Excellence In All We Do


Provide relevant and ready operational military forces, consistent with our values, in support of our state and nation.

Provide support to military personnel, civilian employees, families, retirees, and veterans.


Acknowledged as a premier military and veterans organization meeting state and national requirements. Recognized as the destination of choice for full spectrum operations and four-season joint training.

military and civilian employees
Military and Civilian Employees

Civilian Personnel – 1,231

State Employees: 876

Federal Workforce: 355

Military Personnel - 11,704

  • Army Guard: 8,976
    • Full Time: 1,215
  • Air Guard: 2728
    • Full Time: 803
  • Total Full Time Personnel 2,018
Army National Guard


  • Two Army National Guard training sites
  • 43 State-owned Armories
  • 8976 Soldiers
  • 6 Major Commands, 14 Battalions
Michigan Air National Guard

Alpena CRTC

  • 3 Bases
    • Selfridge ANGB
    • Battle Creek ANGB
    • Alpena CRTC
  • 2728 Airmen
  • 3 Aircraft Types
    • A-10
    • C-21
    • KC-135
  • 1 Command & Control Group

Selfridge ANGB

Battle Creek ANGB

Lansing Headquarters


Discuss the implementation of GFEBS in Michigan from a State’s perspective

Provide opportunity to discuss issues, concerns and best practices related to GFEBS

briefing outline
Briefing Outline
    • Purpose & Related Information
  • Implementation in Michigan
    • Roles & Responsibilities
    • USPFO Training
    • SF270 Processing
  • Discussion
gfebs purpose
GFEBS - Purpose

GFEBS is a commercial-off-the-shelf financial management system built by SAP to replace the Army’s legacy Standard Financial System (STANFINS) to serve as the Army’s enterprise resource planning system.

  • Will bring the Army in compliance with the CFO Act and the Federal Financial Management Act
  • Replaces 80% of overlapping interface requirements and functionality.
  • Replaces 75 Army systems/interfaces and 48 others
gfebs purpose cont
GFEBS - Purpose (Cont.)
  • Provides standardized and real-time financial asset, and accounting data and information; integrates financial systems and functions
  • Over 79,000 Army users Worldwide
  • More than 200 locations
  • A Million Transactions A Day
  • Used by Active Army, USARNG and USAR
  • Annual Budget $140 Billion
  • GFEBS Training Provided for User Roles Within the System (Program Managers, Budget Analysts and Activity Directors)


  • Training – Online for Program Managers (PM) and Federal Personnel
  • Planned to run both STANFINS and GFEBS because SMD received Advance Payments
  • SMD decided to forgo advance payments
  • Allowed to fully implement GFEBS
  • There were many stops and starts before funding was in place
  • PMs were told to load funds in both systems
  • PMs had to move FY12 Funds to GFEBS
  • Lack of Available Training for State Employees
    • We didn’t know what we didn’t know (preparation difficult)
  • Lack of Reimbursements
    • No GFEBS account coding, No funds letters, No STANFINS
    • Did not start receiving reimbursements until March 2012
  • We made the decision to make the conversion and not “Kick the can” down the road
    • States with advances don’t have to make the conversion until October 2012
    • Mississippi is 1 of 5 test State for advance processing in GFEBS
    • In Nebraska GFEBS is used for all transactions except for cooperative agreements
    • Hampers management of MCA regarding advances and other payments to State Military Departments
    • Cash Management and the Single Audit

We made the decision to make the conversion and not “Kick the Can” down the road

uspfo training
USPFO Training
  • Routing & Changes (Flow of Paper)
    • Funds Commitment Sheets/Line of Acctg (LOA)
    • State Certifying Official – Block 13
    • Federal Program Manager Responsibilities
  • Grant Officer Representative
    • Validates compliance with MCA
  • USPFO Commercial Accounts
    • Process SF270
roles responsibilities
Roles & Responsibilities
  • USPFO-Michigan
    • Comptroller – Provided training, Set up accounts, Process vouchers
    • GOR – Track SF270, recently received access to GFEBS
  • Federal Program Managers
    • Provide to State the Funds commitment sheets
    • Load accounts with Commitment Lines of Accounting (LOA)
    • Approve SF270
    • Must keep State up to date on changes to the funding levels and new lines of accounting
roles responsibilities1
Roles & Responsibilities
  • State Military Department
    • Correctly bill SF270 with the new requirements
    • What is reported on the Face of the SF270 changed
    • Cage codes; Running totals; Match requirements and Program income – Reported on SF270
sf270 processing
SF270 Processing
  • Ability to process transaction didn’t occur until February 2012
  • February we submitted “test” SF270 to get a understanding of the flow and make sure it worked
  • Established template for each funds commitment sheet
  • The order of the Lines of Accounting (LOA) of the SF270 must match the order of the LOA on the Funds Commitment Sheet otherwise…
sf270 processing1
SF270 Processing
  • Pen & Ink Changes No Longer Allowed
  • Slower reimbursements (Avg 23 days compared to 7)
  • Bundled Payments
  • Must track by Point Accounts
  • All Expenditures for 1 appendix are reported together - An appendix may have 2 PMs, 2 FCS (#5 and #7)
how s it going
How’s It Going?
  • Communication, Coordination & Cooperation (USPFO, PMs and SMD)
  • Continue to Strengthen Relationships
  • Revenue is starting to flow in on a regular basis

How did the Conversion to GFEBS work in your State?

  • States with Advances – Have you found the solution to Advance Payments in GFEBS?
  • GFEBS Year-End Close
  • How to perform year-end close functions/reconciliations in GFEBS?
  • Training provided for new employees?