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  1. Somalia Brendan Airey & Justin Corbett

  2. Where is this area?

  3. Why is Somalia making news? • Spreading of Infection • Sex Trafficking • Civil War • Youth Soldiers • Peacekeeping Missions • Terror and Torture • Piracy

  4. Spreading of Infection • Many people live in the streets without access to clean water • Hospitals caseload increased 27 percent in one week in Mogadishu Sex Trafficking • 29 people in the last decade charged Civil War • No national government in Somalia • Since early 90’s there have been an estimates 350,00+ deaths Youth Soldiers • Previous American money that was aimed to help fight off insurgents is now helping to finance the training of underage children in Somalia What are the issues surrounding these events?

  5. Peacekeeping Missions • More than 6,000 African Union Peacekeepers are stationed in the capital of Somalia • Transitional government is pleading for more support from the international community • 6 peacekeepers arrested for killing 2 civilians • 4 peacekeepers killed by Islamic insurgents in front of presidential building Terror and Torture • Roadside bombs and suicide bombs an major issue • Kidnapping and brutal torturing of foreign reporters reporters Piracy • Rob and hijack vessels in the high sea • Resolution allows ships being hijacked to engage in combat

  6. Who are the players involved? Somalian Transitional Federal Government Union of Islamic Courts • Vs.

  7. Time Frame September 2009 – January 2011

  8. Have events from the past contributed to what is currently going on? • Somalia was still structurally stable until the 1990’s, but some aspects of a crumbling nation were in effect; mistrust of its people, resentment, and inflation. • Somalia hasn’t had a functioning government since 1991 • Piracy started roughly 10-15 years ago to combat tuna fishers • In 1995, the UN left Somalia failing to achieve their mission • Somalia has been hit by drought on many occasions – 1974-1975 and 2001

  9. As a result of the war in Somalia, many international fishing protocols have been avoided resulting in ecological damage. • Piracy off the coast of Somalia has increased protectionism of many ships that travel off the coast of Africa. • Nearly 20% of all trading ships travel through Indian Ocean and Gulf of Aden, as a result of piracy, International affairs are greatly affected due to robbery and hijackings. How do these events impact our world?

  10. Canadians role in Somalia United Nations Operation in Somalia (UNOSOM) and Unified Task Force (UNITAF).

  11. Are there any strategies that we can use here to help the situation? Red Cross/Red Crescent • “Aim to contribute to saving lives, protecting livelihoods and strengthening, recovery from disasters and crises, health living and promoting social inclusion and a culture of nonviolence and peace” Help Somalia Foundation • “unite our refugee community and improve the quality of life in our new homeland, here in the UK by providing such refugees with free and confidential advice, assistance, counseling, translation and interpreting services in matters such as asylum, immigration, money, debts, welfare benefit, housing, education, training and employment and the promotion of Somali arts, culture and traditions, as well as our native Somali language. ” UNHCR – United Nations Refugee Agency • “focus will be on providing emergency shelter kits and non-food items to people of concern in IDP settlements and elsewhere.”

  12. Somalia By: Brendan & Justin