Day 1
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DAY 1. I can : U nderstand the concept of number position on a number line. Understand the greater than, equal to, and less than signs. R elate the rational numbers to real life situations . OH NO! I OVERSPENT!.

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Day 1


I can:

Understand the concept of number position on a number line.

Understand the greater than, equal to, and less than signs.

Relate the rational numbers to real life situations

Oh no i overspent

If I have 5 dollars in the bank, but I overspent and bought a video game for 7 dollars, how many dollars did I go over?

I over spent again help
I over spent AGAIN!! HELP

I had 5 dollars in the bank and bought a dress for 9 dollars. How much did I over spend???

Day 2



Understand rational statements.

Write rational statements.

Students will be able to relate the new information to real life situations.

Day 1

Dear banker Ms. Booker,

I am writing you because I just received my checking and savings account comparison statement in the mail. I cannot decipher what some of the signs mean that are written on my statement. I know you explained it to me last month, but I am 80 years old and can’t remember. Can you help me???

Ms smith s bank statement
Ms. Smith’s Bank statement


10/3/11 *Blue number shows amount in checking and red shows amount in savings






Day 3

Day 3 statements means!

I can:

Define absolute value.

Understand representations of numbers less than or greater than others using account balances

Day 1

What is absolute value?? statements means!

It is the distance from 0 on a number line.

The symbol for absolute value is lnl

Day 1
Since -4 is four units from 0, l-4l =4. Since 2 is two units from 0, l2l =2.*REMEMBER the absolute value of a number cannot be negative!

Find l-4l and l2l

Lets practice
Lets practice from 0, l2l =2.

Turn to page 517 in your text book.

Check your understanding 1-6

for # 2 use a banking situation.