civil war
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Civil War

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Civil War. Alexis Castillo, Fabricio Meza, Flor Romero, Jordan Rodriguez. Nature of 20th Century Wars . 1) Nature of 20th century wars •Technological developments , tactics and strategies, air, land and sea: Revolutions would include : Cavalry, artillery, Machine Guns, tanks

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civil war

Civil War

Alexis Castillo, Fabricio Meza, Flor Romero, Jordan Rodriguez

nature of 20th century wars
Nature of 20th Century Wars

1)Nature of 20th century wars

•Technologicaldevelopments, tactics and strategies, air, land and sea: Revolutions would include : Cavalry, artillery, Machine Guns, tanks

•Homefront: economic and social impact (including changes in the role and status of women): Women would assist by aiding soldiers with medical care or with nutrition. Also, women would fight with the men

20th Century Civil Wars tended to be short (exception: Chinese Civil War and Mexican Revolution)

Two major ideologies led to civil war: monarchism and democracy, ethnicity, class system.

•Resistance and revolutionary movements used guerilla warfare

Example ofCivilWar (Mexican Revolution): Women fought with men and gave medical care, Pancho Villa used American funded weapons like: machine guns and artillery. This was a civil war brought up by a great class division and racism.

causes of the 20th century
Causes of the 20th Century

-to take control of the country or a region

-to achieve independence for a region

-to change government policies

  • The dictatorship-like rule of Pofirio Diaz for over 30 years


-made reforms that undid all the work done by leaders such as Juarez

  • Exploitation and poor treatment of workers
  • Great disparity between rich and poor
  • Basic rights to things such as land and water were restricted/taken away
effects and results of wars
Effects and results of wars
  • Different Ideologies, ethnic, religious and/or political issues.
  • Change in government
    • Economic and Social
  • Property divided
    • Hacienda land