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-Don’t get B oared, get Viking Explorer- PowerPoint Presentation
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-Don’t get B oared, get Viking Explorer-

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-Don’t get B oared, get Viking Explorer- - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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-Don’t get B oared, get Viking Explorer-. Cyborg Alligator. James Thorpe – Project Manager, Lead Programmer, Deputy Graphics Designer Dom Sweeten – Lead Graphics Designer, Audio Producer Chris Sparkes – Audio Producer, Deputy Graphics Designer

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-Don’t get B oared, get Viking Explorer-

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Presentation Transcript

Cyborg Alligator

James Thorpe – Project Manager, Lead Programmer, Deputy Graphics Designer

Dom Sweeten – Lead Graphics Designer, Audio Producer

Chris Sparkes – Audio Producer, Deputy Graphics Designer

Owen Ennis – Cut scene visionary, Lead storyboard artist

Nathan Scase – Designer, Lead Researcher

Thomas Baxter – Chief Slacker

game graphics


Game Graphics

Viking Explorer

What an RPG is

Character & Item Design

Level Design

Target Audience’s



Current state of

the games market




Game Demo


Viking Explorer

What is this game?

Viking Explorer is a unique RPG experience. It provides in depth historical insight into the “Viking Way of Life”.

Viking Explorer allows players to fully experience what it means to live and breathe as a Viking Warrior.

Why should you care?

  • “This game provides an experience that you can not get anywhere else. It IS a cheap time machine!”
  • -EDGE

What an RPG is

To be a top RPG, games have to have an immersive storyline which grips the player.

Top games such as Oblivion are well known also for their

amazing audio effects and artwork.

Our game follows a Viking called ‘Hogni’ and his amazing venture to prove he is a worthy Viking warrior.


Target Audience’s Needs

The Target audience of the game is 8 – 10 year olds and has an age certificate for 7+

The game provides an educational experience to the player.


Current state of the games market

Research has found current market has switched over to using RPG’s for educational purposes.

Reason for this is

because of the

success of 3D

actions games.



The process of creating the cutscene for the game went through four steps:

First draw the images by hand through use of storyboards

Next scan the images into Photoshop where they are edited further to look a better quality

Then the images are animated in Flash in order to create the cutscene

Finally the Flash animation is converted into a video format for use of play outside of Flash

game graphics1
Game Graphics

Viking Explorer showcases cutting edge game graphics and designs from some of the industries

newest, up and coming

animation specialists

character item design
Character & Item Design

The maps are all populated with interesting items

to interact with and collect

Hi contrast, stunning characters populate the levels

level design
Level Design

Players of Viking Explorer are immersed in challenging maps that require cunning and skill to master

Combat screens with depth and texture


Industry standards have been followed for the packaging design



There are many different ways to advertise a video game; TV, Internet, Magazines and Billboards are some examples.

By using televised media the target audience will see the product being used, however they won’t see much of the game, therefore they won’t get an idea about what the game play is like.

Advertising our game in magazines would allow the reader to find out more about the game, what it looks like and what other people think about it, and they can do this at their leisure. Using the Internet would also allow the reader to find out about the game, but also to view videos of the game play.

To ensure our game reaches the target audience it needs to be advertised on TV channels, magazines and any other media that targets children.

By using Covert Advertising we can draw children’s attention to the game if they see it being used by a character on a TV program. This will associate the game with that character and will make the game more desirable.



Why you want this game.

Viking Explorer offers a totally new experience. It successfully fuses together the desirable elements of an epic RPG with an educational system that engages players.

  • By successfully blending these elements Viking Explorer has carved its own niche gap in the market and sets to take the games industry well and truly by the tusks.