relative clause n.
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Relative clause

Relative clause

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Relative clause

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  1. Relative clause Defining / non-defining

  2. Sentences can be divided into parts called clauses. A relative clause is a part of a sentence that describes the person or thing we are talking about and is connected to other clauses in the sentence via a ‘relative pronoun’, who, which or that. Relative pronouns replace the subject or object of the verb:

  3. examples • Where is the new boy? He was in class yesterday. • Where is the new boy that was in class yesterday? • Can I borrow the CD? You bought the CD. • Can I borrow the CD that you bought?

  4. I told you about the woman who lives next door. • Do you see the cat which is lying on the roof? • He couldn’t read which surprised me. • Do you know the boy whose mother is a nurse? • I was invited by the professor whom I met at the conference. • I don’t like the table that stands in the kitchen.

  5. Defining/non-defining(difference) • My sister who lives in Istanbul is pregnant • My sister ,who lives in Istanbul , is pregnant

  6. Defining relative clause • I congrutulated the student.He got the highest mark. • I congrutulated the student who gaot the highest mark. • Can you repair the chair?It is in the study room. • Can you repair the chair which is in the study room.

  7. More examples(asa subject of the clause) • There is someone at the door.He wants to see you. • There is someone at the door who wants to see you. • I want to see the person.he deals with the customer complaints • I want to see the person who deals with the customer complaints

  8. The person who lives next door is an engineer. • The plate which is on the table is dirty. • The milk which is in the bottle is for the baby. • Why did you buy this car which is older than the previous one.

  9. More examples(as the object of a verb) • The applicant who(whom-that) we interviewed yesterday is suitable for the job. • The book which(that) I bought last week is very interesting • The man (who)(that-whom) we met yesterday was a sales representative. • The woman whom I I bought this car from is a doctor.(object of a preposition)

  10. Whose-where • The girl whose father is a doctor is my girlfriend.(def.) • My classmate Susan,whose parents are both doctors,dosn’t want to be a doctor.(non-d.) • The house whose garden is full of flowers is my grandmum’s. • The city where I was born is my hometown. • Istanbul,where more than en million peole live,has many problems to solve.

  11. exercises • The girl is my best friend.I go to school with her………………… • The man wants to do business with you.he will come tomorrow………….. • The film was very interesting.I watched is last week…………….. • The I can’t find the book.It is about pollution……………….

  12. Non-defining relative clause • Ataturk, who is the great commender, died in 1938. • That green book,which is on the table,belongs to me. • Turkey,which is surrounded by the sea on three sides,has strategic importance. • My father,whom you met yesterday,in Germany.