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Business Etiquette In Brazil PowerPoint Presentation
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Business Etiquette In Brazil

Business Etiquette In Brazil

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Business Etiquette In Brazil

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  1. Business Etiquette In Brazil Jacob Milliron Davison BPA

  2. Preparing For Your Meeting Do not schedule a meeting around Carnival, Christmas, and New Year’s Dress code: Business Casual Expect a personal greeting Address people by first names, but understand who holds leadership positions Allow 10-15 minutes prior to the actual start of the meeting for late arrivals Provide coffee and pastries to snack on during meeting Business cards may be exchanged prior to the meeting Learn a few business phrases as they appreciate the effort in learning their language (Portuguese)

  3. Languages of Brazil

  4. Gift Giving Gift giving is not a tradition in Brazil but helps to build relationships Gifts are not expected at the first meeting however buying a meal would be greatly appreciated Expensive gifts may be thought of as a bribe Flowers are normal gifts for women Avoid buying purple or black flowers Watches or pens are normal gifts for men You should also avoid gifts such as perfume or cologne Brazilians sometimes enjoy U.S. sports teams apparel

  5. Understanding the Culture Developing Personal Relationships is key to successful communication Family is of greater importance than work Brazilians consider themselves Southern European not Latin American nor Hispanic Brazilians speak in close proximity, using eye contact, physical communication and gestures Brazilians speak indirectly and are conscious of hurting peoples feelings Foreigners are welcome in Brazil as they are comfortable with diversity Expect to treated to a nice meal after business has been concluded

  6. Presenting Information During Your Meeting • Make sure you speak slowly for your interpreter (If one is present) • If possible provide your meeting notes prior to the meeting to the interpreter for their advanced analysis or review of the information • Be mindful that having an interpreter will affect your meeting time • Your meeting should be directed towards a small group of people especially when conveying important information • Your information should be presented in an informal manner • Be brief, clear, charming, and personable with your information • Visual aid such as charts and graphs are well received presentation tools • Encouraging audience participation will contribute to a successful presentation • At the conclusion of your meeting make a formal statement indicating your departure

  7. Negotiating Business Process Brazilians are very open to continuous improvement initiatives Be receptive to constructive criticism and feedback Meetings are preferred to be held in person rather than electronically Patience is recommended while overcoming language and cultural barriers Expect long working hours or slow negotiation Do not attempt to rush, nor pressure others in the decision making process Do not criticize nor embarrass someone in a group setting Know that the highest ranking person makes the decisions

  8. Brazil’s Import Partners 4.1% 6.4% 15.4% 7.4% 14.7%

  9. Brazil’s Work Force

  10. Conclusion Thank You For Listening! Any Questions?