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How to create a Blog PowerPoint Presentation
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How to create a Blog

How to create a Blog

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How to create a Blog

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  1. How to create a Blog By Leah Doughman

  2. Where do I start? Go to Look at the tool bar options across the top. Click on Gmail to start creating your Gmail account and address. Web Images Maps News Shopping Gmail more

  3. Creating your Gmail Account: Click on “Create an Account” which is located on the lower right hand side of the screen.

  4. Now you’re ready to start! Now you are ready to start creating your blog. Go to to get started. Then click on “Create A Blog”

  5. Step One: Complete the following steps on this page: Email address (that you just set up in Gmail) Retype email Enter password Retype password Display Name Email Notification Box Word Verification Acceptance of Terms Click big orange arrow that says “Continue”

  6. Step Two: Follow the steps on this page: Type in the name of your blog. What do you want it to be called? Next, type in the blog URL and click on “Check Availability” Complete the word verification box. Then, click on the orange arrow that says “Continue”

  7. Step Three: Pick a Template that is located on this screen. If you decide later that you do not like it, you may come back at a later time and pick a new one.

  8. OH YEAH!!! Your blog has been created! Click on the orange “Start Blogging” arrow to go to your first blog posting!

  9. First Blog Posting: After you have created your blog. This screen will pop up. This is called a “Posting”. It is the message or body of your blog. When you finish your message, click on the orange box located on the bottom left that says “Publish Post”. It is now posted on your blog. Click “View Blog” to see your Blog and posting.

  10. Celebrate! You did it!!! Your blog posting should look something like this! Any questions?