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How to Customize a Blog

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How to Customize a Blog - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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From design to content presentation, everything matters in blog customization.

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Blogs are a great source of information; the internet is filled with blogs on different subjects. While some bloggers only want to share their knowledge with the world, some aim to make profit and increase page rank in SERPs. However, attaining readers’ attention is always a challenging task. Blog visitors not only notice the articles, but presentation as well.

Quality Content- People visit a blog to find helpful information. Therefore, write articles on various topics and provide latest information. If you want to use other blogs as resource, put excerpts in quotes and provide a source link.

High Resolution Images - Whether you use stock images or create personalized graphics, make sure that its high quality.

Relevant Categories - Don’t form too many categories as it can confuse readers. Create categories that are relevant to your blog’s subject and organize the articles properly.

Customize Icons - Show your designing prowess by customizing the Facebook, Twitter and RSS feed icons.

Customize the Header - Banner is one of the most noticeable elements of the homepage. The banner of your blog should reflect its genre to hook the readers immediately.

Create an About Page - Nobody likes to read a faceless blog. Give some personal and professional data to establish a friendly relation with the readers.

Give a Search Field - Readers should be able to find an article immediately. Don’t compel them to check all the pages to find one article. Install an auto complete search box for faster navigation.

Place Ads Properly - Ad revenue is a major source of income for some bloggers, but make sure that ads don’t obstruct the viewers anyway. Place ads in right or left sidebar to keep articles clutter free.

Highlight Popular Posts and Recent Comments - It not only proves the popularity of your blog, but reshuffles the archive as well, and as a result search engines find the blog quickly.

Create a Contact Page - You never know why some visitors may want to contact you – it could be a new project, some advice or anything else. Therefore, create a short but interesting contact form.


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