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Perfect Header Bidding Strategy for Publishers | Adapex. PowerPoint Presentation
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Perfect Header Bidding Strategy for Publishers | Adapex.

Perfect Header Bidding Strategy for Publishers | Adapex.

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Perfect Header Bidding Strategy for Publishers | Adapex.

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  1. Perfect Header Bidding Strategy for Publishers | Adapex Advertisements are undergoing a phase of the tech revolution, and the latest and most sought-after child of such a great evolvement is the header bidding. The header bidding algorithms being quite complex, pose a serious challenge in front of even the giant players before they can curate a perfect header bidder strategy. Irrespective of how rapidly the advertisement spectrum is changing, 70% of the publishers are preferring header bidding ad technology. The publishers are fond of the numerous pros of header bidding viz, large revenue collection, and getting in touch with a superior advertiser base.

  2. For the confused publishers, who want to take advantage of such a surging AdOps strategy, here are four essential steps that will take you to the height of success. 1. Know What It Is Before getting your feet wet by the powerful technology, you must get yourself familiarized with the nitty-gritty of how header bidding works and how the technology benefits. This step shall enhance the practical application knowledge, and so the strategizing and implementation part becomes a lot easier. 2. Gear Up for the Challenges Degraded user experience is the biggest challenge that comes in way of header bidding. A header bidding enabled website slows down incredibly. Consequently, the visitors return even before the landing page loads completely. 3. Choose the Companies Wisely Choosing the best Header Bidding Companies is the most crucial step for the entire strategy to succeed. Before making any choice, you should always carry out good research about the top companies in your vertical and location. Special precautions should be taken before getting in touch with any such companies so that the webpage does not suffer any load-time delay.

  3. 4. Implementation The final stage of the entire header bidding strategy is the implementation one. Halt! Don’t risk your strategy against any haste. You should always test before implementing any header bidding strategy. Though the bidding pays larger revenue to the Ads Publisher against their inventory, testing is extremely crucial before implementation. The wonderful mechanism of header bidding is not easy, and this latest Ad Monetization Strategy requires deep knowledge in the niche, some experience, and a lot of research and skill. Team of Adapex just offers that. We bring the experienced ad ops consultants and cutting edge technology to give your site the partner it needs to take your revenues to the top.

  4. Though the process is a large revenue rewarding mechanism, still some amount of cautiousness is expected so that the unwanted challenges as webpage loading delay are avoided, and the visitors do not return disappointed. Keeping these words in mind the header bidding strategy which Adapex provides is sure to become a big hit.